Has anyone tried Oxandrolone?


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Hey guys,

Just to update you, I went on a 2-3 weeks use of Oxandrolone (10mg twice a day) , and wanted to report back that I felt better in the gym definitely, but it sadly had little effect on my actual PFS symptoms. Definitely fun for a boost of confidence though. This is of course not say that it might help others, but reports that I read where people we’re claiming it entirely cured them seem to not apply to me. Not sure if I’ll be trying it again or if I need to go longer. But considering it’s an anabolic I think this something I’ll only try a few times at most.

Let me know if you have any thoughts.


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I finished a cycle of a 100mg bottle 1 week ago, I must say that times during the cycle I felt very different regarding for example how you feel when I girl come pass and some DHT feeling in the brain. I was trying Oxandralone for 2 reason 1 is that it could be upregulating cortisol receptros that I think we have them downregulated (lots of inflamation) and 2 because there is a theory that we have androgen receptors upregulated so much that they dont work. Well I definetly felt more manly and more secure during the trial so I dont know the upregulated recetors are true or not (anyway body is very complex), I got some muscle mass gains and some water bloating from it. Also 1 night that I went for 5mg pills I felt I was more atractive to girls and more manly never happened to me in PFS (3 very hot girls said I was beautifull) and I noticed that my feelings for everything were more alive and I was more me somehow and I think I enjoyed music also more. Anyways after ending the cycle I coudl be noticing more cortisol action lower inmune system activity but I cant say im cured yet… Will report back if anything changes.


Do more cycles.


Trying R-Andro out now.


Me too


Hey @Trump_1776 I’m having the following issue when taking pro-androgen supplements: I take them the first 1 or 2 times and get really excited as there is an immediate androgenic effect and they are clearly working. Then times 3,4,5… onward, I get nothing - no effect at all. It’s like my body just doesn’t even recognize the substance anymore.

I keep going with the cycle of course, but feel like it’s pointless because my body is no longer responding to the drug. I keep going through it in the hopes that the substance is still doing its job, it’s just not as noticeable. I also will increase the dosage thinking this might be the problem, but really don’t notice any further effect.

Does this happen to you? I feel like most reports on here never mention this effect; it sounds like most who take these substances are feeling the effects throughout the duration of the cycle?

I’m referring to Oxandrolone, Tribulus, R-Andro, Tongat Ali, Yohimbine. All of these seem to only work for a few days at most, then nada.


Yes I do understand. It could be a number of things, but your body is going to adapt to it in most cases, which is why cycling is important. One thing for sure is once you stop, you should def. Feel the absence of the DHT.

I myself stay on for a while, just to get 5ar working.

Still waiting for this friggin proviron. Bout done with the wait for real.


Ok, but are you only noticing the effects of these supplements for a few days? Then they disappear?

Cycling is a must, but 3-4 week cycles seem pointless if the effects are gone only after a few days.


What is your dosage and what have you taken?


To answer your question yes some times it seems to stop working, but your body is still using it


Just started R andro & Mk 667. Been on for two days and its the first sign of libido I’ve had in 2.5 months. Lets hope this sticks.


Log your progress


It theoretically can cause shutdown since it’s anabolic steroid (even thought with very low androgenic activity)
those who already have lowish testosterone be cautious because few cycles of steroid can lower T even further