Has anyone seen this in Argentina (is this actually something that seems to help?)

I am not sure because the content is not easy to really understand. But seems to be doctors that are actually moving forward on PFS.

Can anyone understand what this is ? and if it is new ? Thank you

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Hi Pordamn,

According to this article, it has been published by the end of 2016.

2 patients with familiar symptoms of pfs (after finasteride use) were treated with Tadalafill (=Viagra) effectively.

However I am not sure how many time after withdrawal patients felt release from sympotms.

Could you please fill the survey if you have symptoms for more than 3 months ? Thank you

Thanks for clearing that out for me. No not PFS 3 months yet …

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Hi @Pordamn,

Please see the following topic for a discussion of this paper:


wow great thank you