Post-Finasteride Syndrome: About 2 Cases and Review of the Literature [THERAPEUTIC APPROACHES]


Thanks for sharing @andrea

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This post has made my day.


Wish it gave some promise for the visual/mental sides as well. Always glad to hear about recoveries tho!

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Looks like case 1 got some decent improvements with his treatments. Interesting that benzodiazepines were used for both cases.


Really informative. After reading this, kind of glad I decided not to overload my body with testosterone supplements after getting off.


This is precisely what I want to see more of. In order to develop a best-practice approach to treating PFS sufferers, if the doctors who see hundreds of PFS cases per year would have a wealth of insight into an optimum treatment strategy.

It seems as though the foundation is entirely devoted to determining the underlying cause rather than focusing on treatments which have worked and continue to work today. To my knowledge, Irwin Goldstein claims that he can improve more than 50% of PFS sufferers he sees, and he sees plenty.

Why can’t we tap into this priceless knowledge for the benefit of the entire PFS and possibly PSSD community?


I agree @orthogs.

If we knew of more successes that we could point our own doctors to, we’d be much more likely to be able to live happy lives.

Would Dr Goldstein share his methods with other doctors? You would assume so?

Is anyone here Argentinian? Perhaps we could get in touch with the doctors who ran the test in this article and ask for more information on how these patients are faring now, 2 years (!!!) later.

I wonder if anyone is considering emulating the method described in the article? Surely a better option than the others we have.

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i think that beyond the specifics of the paper, one thing that stands out and actually moves me is that the two patients detailed were taken seriously. I feel that if the thousands of us had been treated with such rigour and respect we would be in a completely different place right now, not necessarily with regards to symptoms, but in raising collective awareness and getting more heads together to solve this. Kudos and infinite respect to those that listen and document. Just to be treated in this way is so important to the healing process, even if it just improves things psychologically. Hopefully barriers from the medical community are being brought down so as guys don’t have the further challenges of being questioned, or not having their symptoms properly evaluated.


If Irwin Goldstein improve 50% of his clients and he sees over hundreds casrs a year there woul in my opinion more discussions about on this board. So hundreds have had helped by Goldstein but no one shares this on the forum?

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That’s a fair point.

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He does the typical HRT protocols just as my Dr Mark Gordon in LA…Its called interventional Endocrinology…Basically you are on Clomid, TRT in combinations and lots of supplements like DHEA and Pregnenolone…Yeah I improved some but my labs were great to begin with and all it does basically is raise your Free testosterone levels because for some reason your body only is metabolising a small percentage of that…Some people respond more to these protocols than others.

They are very expensive to see and there are several other drs listed that do the same thing and the Labs are very expensive…Organic baking soda has brought my baseline almost as much as all that other crap but like most there are permenant changes to the body that do not seem to go back to normal…ever.


You tefer to Goldstein?


Baking soda works???


I’ve seen Baking soda mentioned, what’s it supposed to do for you and how do you take it?


Sadly this case is also not a cure. I _sent an email to this urolog and this was his reply:

“Thank you for yur email
It’s a pleasure to have been able to be aware of this reality. Where i work, i’m slowly trying to convince colleagues from different specialities that it is a real syndrome.
All the treatment i offer is symptomatic (ipde5 for erectile disfunction, psychiatric care, etc), and none of these 2 patients, nor the other 9 patients that came to me, have resolved their symptoms to date.
It is not easy in Argentina to conduct a serious research, mostly on this topic, due to lack of the financial support it needs.
But anything i can contribute to would be a pleasure for me. And be free to post our publication, as it is a free access one
Hope i answered your questions


Can you point the urologist to our site, if you didn’t already? He may want to get involved here.

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Thanks for reaching out, smphead. It may be worth seeing if said urologist would be happy to be added to the foundation’s list of PFS aware doctors if they are not already.


Yes, Philip from the PFS fundation will add him.

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A month ago I began to treat myself with the urologist who did that work. here in bs as argentina.