Halloween challenge

I will have to make the hardest decisions of my life soon and I miss being scared by things unrelated to this forum.

Post or recommend something that’s actually spooky for Halloween.

I edited my original post. Don’t want to create anxiety for others. I might just delete the thread eventually.

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I guess farting in front of your crush would be pretty terrifying


I doubt we will don’t afraid even if we recover

Do you feel weird listening to music?The feeling of fear is the same, just stay in the spine.

This comment may anger people, but if someone fully recovers from PFS, I would see that as a gift.


Machine translation has failed me. Do you mean excitement from listening to music?

I think the only thing that can scare me now is that I suddenly get up and find that I have recovered!!! LOL.Well, I’m off the subject

Hold on though. Anhedonia is truly what scares me the most. I feel that as long as I don’t have that, I can still survive.

I have a feeling that the sound is “outside” and does not enter my brain……

I think I understand. You’ll probably guess what I am about to say. But I think that enjoyment does come back for many people here.

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Have you tried meditation yet? You can train yourself to enjoy things deeper by strengthening something called interoception through meditation. Strengthening interoception also has an effect of strengthening your focus or exteroception.

I got that I information from listening to a neuroscientist named Andrew Huberman. He mentioned that even one 17 minute session of meditation can have permanent positive cognitive effects on attention span.

Even if you believe it or not, you must incorporate meditation into your arsenal as a buffer against your environment, because that’s what neurosteroids do and that is what you lack.

I often do it.

Well sorry for caring

Friend, you are so cute. You are a good person.I really hope this disease is not eternal. Take good care of yourself and everyone should be happy in the next life.:shamrock:

My mom believes in a next life, but I don’t know what that means. I just know about fighting to be happy in this one.


lmaooo why did i laugh at this so much XD

as far as something scary, why dont you go to one of those haunted house places

the craziest halloween thing ive heard is where you get trapped in a house and they come and torture you (legally) with bugs and some other stuff

and i believe its a challenge where you have to break out of the compound and there’s people trying to trap you or something

sounds pretty scary to me

Play the game DEVOUR; you’ll have a lot of fun changing your underwear.

Sounds cool going to one of those haunted houses, but what if I start coughing and scare the staff there.

Wasps scare me though, ngl. But it’s not the spooky kind of scary.

Actually being lonely, I wish ghosts or supernatural stuff were real. You come to appreciate anyone who acknowledges your existence and gives you the time of day.

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I know it’s off-topic, but hear me out.

I believe in ghosts. My family has a weird psychic ability to see messages about future events. Scary shit. My paternal grandmother visited my dad in a dream, while my maternal grandmother visited my cousin at her house when it was just my sister and her there.

She told us the exact details of what the ghost looked like, but based on descriptions, we guessed it was our grandma. Both my grandmothers warned us about my uncle (cousin’s dad) who 6 months later suffered a nearly fatal stroke. It was honestly a miracle he survived.

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Sorry, I can’t help it, but does this mean your family bought a lot of bitcoin? It’s always the woman’s job in the family to nag about eating healthier even after death. My uncle also nearly died of heart complications too, but no one warned him to stop stockpiling junk food from Costco.