Great results with TRT


Thanks, I’ll read that in detail

I assume you agree I should give very low carb a try and see what happens?


Yea itvsucks for the first 3-4 days but is awesome after that. Really easy to drop weigh if you do it a few months. I usually do it every January and February to drop 10


I’m already like 150lbs, 6’ tall, lol. Don’t have a whole lot to lose!

I already do the whole intermittent fasting thing, though not on purpose. I just don’t eat breakfast and don’t eat dinner late so I only end up eating lunch at noon and dinner at like 7 latest. I’ve seen a few people mention that helps but who knows.

Guess I’m going to have to give this a try and just make it through the first 3-4 days somehow. I’m going to be craving some Reece’s haha


You don’t have to use it to lose weight but it’s super easy to lose weight on it. Im assuming your young so your going to lean out and could get a 6 pack.

People get angry when I say this but losing weight is easy and only a function of math. Calories in vs calories out. The problem is some people’s resting metabolism is really low so that if they eat more than 1800 calories a day they will gain Weight. There are a few and very few who have weird metabolism disorders that make them fat easily. At my age my resting metabolism is a lot slower than it was at 18 so I gain fat more easily. T increases this. There are a lot of other things such as your muscle content and such but it’s all still math. You can only eat twinkies every day and lose weight. (There is a science teacher who proved this)

I’m an engineer, and I became really good at losing weight over the last 5 years after tackling it as a science problem. I find most people under calculate how many calories they consume in a day. Me included. After PFS I became serious about losing weight and I started writing down every calorie that entered my body. For 2 or 3 weeks I was rediculous and weighed everything I ate and calculated calories. If I ate 1 almond that was 7 calories. What I found is I’m freaking hungry if I don’t eat more than 2000 calories but not on keto. It’s really surprising how easy it is to go over 2000 calories a day. I am 10000% sure that if you eat 1800 calories a day you will lose weight although if you are not exercising it will be slow. This is what’s hard for most people to grasp. They cut back to 1800 calories yet at the end of the month they may have only dropped 1 pound. If you run 30m a day it will increase that loss to maybe 7 or 8lbs in a month. The good thing about keto is that you stop getting hungry after a week or 2. It’s easy to only eat 1500 calories. The other problem is that if you drop your calorie intake too low your body drops your metabolism lower. In other words you can’t go into starvation mode. At that point your body will do everything it can to store food as fat. Keto protects you somewhat from this but men should never go below 1500 calories a day.

I also do IF also and only eat in an 8 hour period. If your craving sugar You can buy sugar free candies. Go to CVS, you can find anything from sugar free penut butter cups to sugar free gummy bears. That stuff gives me crazy gas if I eat too much.


I’m 34, but have always looked really young (good genetics/skin I guess) and have always been thin, slight abs showing but nothing crazy. I have a feeling on this diet they’ll be showing more than ever before

I agree with you totally on people losing weight… it’s almost entirely an issue of people being impatient. Not that I can say anything with all the jumping around on different protocols I’ve done for PFS… in large part because I’m being impatient myself. But people either go to the extreme to get quick results (which usually don’t last) or get frustrated at only losing 1-2 lbs a month. I always ask, how long did it take you to gain it? Years? Exactly. It isn’t going to disappear in 2 months.

Anyways–thanks for all the advice. I’ll read through the Keto diet suggestions in more detail.

I think I may finally start my own thread since I’ve been cluttering everyone else’s up for a while now, lol


Finally got my results back.

Free + Total test: 448 [264 - 916] (within normal but this was around 1100 a few months ago)
Free test: 4.1 [8.7 - 25.1] - LOW
DHT: 50 [30 - 85]
T4: 1.51 [0.82 - 1.77]
TSH: 2.060 [0.450 - 4.500]
Prolactin: 22.9 [4.0 - 15.2] - HIGH
Estradiol, Sensitive: 11.9 [8.0 - 35.0]
T3: 3.2 [2.0 - 4.4]


Would definitely like to see how you respond after lowering prolactin and raising free t. Did you request the prolactin and free t test or your doctor just did it? I’ve had tests done with primary doctor and endo and they never order either test. I’ve also been told me different endocrinologists that there is no test for DHT…


I did these on my own just to see where I was at, no endo just yet.

I know how to lower prolactin but I’m not sure how to raise free t. I guess raise total T? Haha.

Estradiol is also lower than I read is good for most people (mid 20’s) but who knows.

Seems like some extra test could increase free t and some could aromatize to E to bump that a little at the same time.

I really need to start a thread of my own so I can keep everything in one place


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My free T is also low, I don’t know how I’m going to increase it


Thanks, I’ll check into those. I have some proviron but never really noticed much from it. I’m not 100% sure it’s real to be honest. I had some coming from an alternative that was brand name but usps managed to lose it so I never got to try it. I may order a bit more just to see. Sucks that it takes weeks to get.


We have people who have crashed using RU. Not very wise advertising it here.


I’ve now tried proviron 3x and every time my sensitivity issues got worse. I wasn’t sure the first two times but am almost sure that’s what caused it now. This time was just 12.5mg and 12 hours later it was the worst genital numbness I’ve had since the last time I took it. The good news is it goes away pretty quickly so I’ll at least be back at baseline shortly.

I guess more DHT isn’t always a good thing for us?

Your situation does seem a little different than most. A lot of people here don’t seem to react to DHT the way normal people do for whatever reason.


That is weird. I examined my labs over the last 8 years and when I took fin my estrogen steadily declined over the years. My T initially went up but then slowly dropped a little but not enough to explain the low E. To this day multiple doctors are baffled at why I suddenly stopped converting to E. The good news is I can rake higher doses of T without having crazy E levels. I never baselines my DHT


Might be high SHBG. The SHBG binds not just testosterone, but Estradiol, and DHT as well. If you have more SHBG circulating, you’ll have less Estradiol.


Probably is. Even more so on an earlier test I had where total test was high (like 1100+) and free test was STILL below the lower lower limit for normal. I didn’t get anything else tested that time though so didn’t have a ton to go on

I’ve read that SHBG is inverse to insulin? With the amount of sugar/carbs I eat now, that would also make sense why free is/was low despite total being normal or high depending on which test I go by.


I think many of us in the forum have elevated SHBG. Mine was 59, and I’ve seen much higher. I know that insulin/carbs are inversely proportionate to SHBG, but I still think something is raising our levels regardless of diet.


Perhaps a DHEA supplement will help to reduce SHBG?


Have you tried test ?


Kind of. I’m trying cycling HCG right now. Think I’m going to do 2 weeks on and off 2 weeks and see what happens. Have seen some others have luck with doing similar with Clomid but I really don’t want to mess with that stuff if I can help it. Not taking a lot, 750 IU’s a week basically. So we’ll see

I’m about a week in and had some crazy morning wood this morning and my balls almost have that “need sex really bad because I almost have blue balls” feeling. It feels good, lol

Thinking about starting my own thread to keep a diary of sorts.