Great results with TRT


Please do


I haven’t. I’m currently at 700 for total testosterone with free T right down the middle. I’m afraid of trying test because it might not be the answer to my problems, and I might just end up shutting myself down.


That’s why I kind of leaned towards HCG, at least it doesn’t turn my balls off totally… and my free test was really low, so I’m hoping this will bring that up some. We will see I guess.


Yeah bro please do, you’ve actually seen improvements ?!


I just made a thread on my history.

It’s so subjective. I felt happier, stronger, stronger erections while on HCG, but sensitivity was the same. During the time I stopped taking it, a lot of that went away but sensitivity got better, so I decided to try another on/off cycle to see what happens. I’m on now… and starting to get the strong/happy feeling back but it’s too soon to say any more than that.


Never tried testosterone tho? And that’s still interesting tho, keep us updated :slight_smile:


Not directly, no. I have access to it but never tried it unless you count proviron which was not good at all.

Also worried me that it could affect fertility and I’ll be trying for kids in the next year or two. I know most do clomid/hcg to get everything working again and it’s fine but I still don’t really love the idea of my balls shutting down for a while if I can help it


How you doing 8 days later?


Me? Good. Check my diary thread. I’ve been doing daily updates.

I feel pretty good right now actually. Libido has been crazy the last 24 hours. This week is my off HCG part of the cycle I’m trying


So just testos?


HCG, not straight test