Glycine STRONGLY upregulates 5ar activity

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Good find! I’ll be trying glycine with boron next then. Glycine 16g and boron 10mg doses.

About Boron:
(After one week (in samples taken at 8.00 A.M, only), the mean plasma free testosterone increased and the mean plasma estradiol decreased significantly. Dihydrotestosterone, cortisol and vitamin D was elevated.)


let me know how it goes ok

serum hormones mean nothing for me…

i have DHT in normal range so 5ar is working in that regard… but studies show fucked up neurosteroids so 5ar must not be working in certain tissue…

i can take 1000mg masteron and no libido… its like my body cannot use DHT anymore. No cell in my body gets DHT

only time cells in my body got DHT was on clomid and progesterone and TRT and i could not sustain it.

This syndrome is retarded

i think only way to recover is reset entire body from fasting


Will do. I’ll start using them in a month or so. I have high DHT and feel the same as well. Glycine could help because it raises allopregnanolone, which is a neurosteroid that finasteride reduces.



if i take phenibut or alcohol i feel 100% pre pfs mentally. GABBA deficiency is what we have from this bullshit.

i used to feel like shit all week then drink alcohol on friday night and id be normal at least for one day.

the whole allopreg gabba pathway is FUCKED>

PFS is hell on eearth… cant beleive this bullshit…


C. Venard, N. Boujedaini, P. Belon, A. G. Mensah-Nyagan, and C. Patte-Mensah, “Regulation of neurosteroid allopregnanolone biosynthesis in the rat spinal cord by glycine and the alkaloidal analogs strychnine and gelsemine,” Neuroscience, vol. 153, no. 1, pp. 154–161, Apr. 2008.


Low dose fluoxetine also raises allopregnanolone without effecting serotonin, so it can be an alternative. Besides, I believe there was at least one guy (ihatepropecia) who used low dose fluoxetine to recover.


IHP claimed to recover on many things. .


Seems to be the case with most recovery claims.


Yep shady as fuck.

I have only seen three recoveries from LEGIT PFS. By PFS i mean taking testosterone and NOT GETTING BETTER. Having perfect bloodwork with ANDROGEN DEPRIVATION SYMPTOMS.

These 3 recoveries were

-Light at the end (progesterone cream) He tried TRT, HCG , SERMS didnt help him.

-APR1989 (tribulus) He took triptorellin had 1000ng/dl test NO LIBIDO. Then he took tribulus megadose and shocked his system into recovery

-Hopingformore (tribulus) Again he tried HCG, ariimdex etc no effects then megadosed tribulus and cured

These are the only LEGIT recoveries in my opinion. It seems like the only way to recover is find a substance that interacts with what finasteride fucked and megadose it and pray with a bit of placebo.

CDNUTS responded to prohormones so he didnt have the nasty PFS im talking about.

Thats why this BS is so hard to solve beacuse its a SYNDROME. Some people just have low test, other people fucked up brain. Then there is the PFS population that have androgen resistance which is the biggest issue.


Androgen resistance seems to be the issue for me too. When I did 100 mcg triptorelin, third week after shot my testosterone increased to 8.38 ng/ml, all other hormones looked perfect as well, and I felt nothing. Unfortunately it didn’t stick and at the fourth week all hormones were back to their PFS state… I believe if I can somehow get the HPTA working correctly again, receptors would eventually re-sensitize.

I’m getting new blood tests on monday and may do another triptorelin shot depending on how tests look.


ive had libido 2 times in last 4 years.

first time was with a virus

second time was on TRT + clomid + progesterone. Had 100% reversal of PFS for 3 weeks then i crashed. don’t ask me why, clomid and progesterone made androgens work but couldn’t sustain it


The increase in allopregnanolone synthesis from activation of glycine receptors appears to differ from the way fluoxetine and other SSRIs increase allopregnanolone.

There have been studies posted on this site showing that SSRIs drastically increase allopregnaolone and adiol-g concentrations at the expense of DHP and DHT. (5-ar activity can’t compensate for the increased 3a-HSD activity caused by SSRIs). The resulting DHT deficiency has been speculated to trigger PSSD (Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction), in a similar manner as 5-ar inhibition may cause PFS. Either way, you end up with cells that are starved of DHT and other 5-ar metabolites. Not good.
Fairly certain Prof. Melcagni’s neurosteroid study discovered very low levels of DHP in the cerebrospinal fluid of PFS patients.

Another study on glycine receptor agonists where increase of 3a-HSD activity was observed without a decrease in 5-ar metabolites:

V. C, B. N, M.-N. Ag, and P.-M. C, “Comparative Analysis of Gelsemine and Gelsemium sempervirens Activity on Neurosteroid Allopregnanolone Formation in the Spinal Cord and Limbic System., Comparative Analysis of Gelsemine and Gelsemium sempervirens Activity on Neurosteroid Allopregnanolone Formation in the Spinal Cord and Limbic System,” Evid Based Complement Alternat Med, vol. 2011, 2011, pp. 407617–407617, 2011.

So, perhaps glycine and gelsemine are ideal treatments to try out considering they may increase allopregnanolone and don’t appear to decrease DHP at the same time.


seems like we need our immune system to accept dht again.

i took dht gel 5g a day and it shrank my dick…

i wonder of megadoses would force your body to accept it.

People say “our 5ar is fine” because our dht is in normal range. But if 5ar was fine allopreg wouldn’t be fucked up lol…

looking forward for people’s results with glycine. …


What about high dose triptorelin like they did in this study? (200 mcg everyday for 3 days) … 000000.pdf

I want to try it but I’m afraid it could fuck me up even further.


I ordered the glycin and will receive it in about 10 days. More people should be trying this I think, it’s one of the safer treatments that has a potential to work.


glycine is the supplement i reordered most times.

when it works it works well, for my sleep. problem is i can’t get it to work consistently for my sleep and when it doesn’t work it is actually detrimental. however i take it in 3g dosages.

i’d be curious to see the results on this


I’ve had a 100 mcg triptorelin injection 5 days ago, and started using 16 g glycine and 3 g taurine daily yesterday. I’ll let you know if I feel any different.


keep us updated on glycine


How can you be taking 16 g of glycine a day? Don’t the pills come in 500 mg, which would mean you are taking 32 pills per day?? … s/31345339