Glycine STRONGLY upregulates 5ar activity


The ones I got are 1000 mg capsules. I take 16 capsules a day, 8 in the afternoon and 8 before I go to bed.


Wow, seems like alot ! Any improvements?


Well, I feel slightly stronger at gym, and today it was a bit easier to get an erection while watching porn. Other than that I’m pretty much the same, it’s still a bit early though, as I said I had a triptorelin injection 10 days ago, and it takes about 3 weeks for hormones to peak after injection so my testosterone is probably low right now. I’ll keep you updated if I feel better after a while.


Thanks for the update.


I’m getting a new blood test on monday, sexually I still feel the same. In general the only difference I notice is the sweat from my armpits smell awful, I don’t remember it smelling this bad since puberty. Hopefully that’s a good sign :stuck_out_tongue: . Edit: I forgot to take into account that I’ve been taking garlic pills for a few weeks now so maybe that’s what makes my sweat stink.


Looking forward your report.


So I’ve been taking taking this for almost 2 months now and my condition remains the same…


Anyone finding success with glycine, especially for sleep maintenance?


You need both 5ar AND 3a-HSD to make Allopregnanolone.


Nah, this does absolutely nothing. I can’t even take more than 500 mg without getting horrible headaches. Tried dimethylglycine as well as gelatin too. Nothing. Just another ‘paper-cure’ - can’t remember the number of things that supposedly do something in vitro or in rats, yet carry none of those results over into the real world. Next!