GiuseppeK Stool Test

After doing some research and reading the success stories of Chi, JN, etc… I decided to do a stool test here are my results I have no idea what to think about this


where did you have this test done? Do you live in the United States? Dude, the data looks like your gut bacteria is completely wiped. This is really interesting. Do you have really bad digestion issues?


hey @Dknighten .

Yes I had a theory before that we are Th2 dominant! As you can see I have elevated LPS Bacteria… I found that this can switch on Th17 and thus supress TH1. Im still trying to process this information because it’s alot of stuff that is out of range lol…

I live in Europe, and I had the test done at a private clinic for about 200 euros.

I have issues such as bloating, constipation, sometimes I notice my stool comes out in 2 different consistincies. First it will come out hard stool, and then after that will come out softer more liquid stool. As if im clogged up or something. This happens quite often.


Can you please help me interpret these results?