GHB (Gamma Hydroxy Butyrate)

Hi! I haven’t understood so far how you create that yourself? How do you do it exactly?

Thank you.

Its very easy to turn GBL into GHB using baking soda.

Just follow the instructions.

THX! How did it help you?

Any update from the folks who tried GHB? I’m asking specifically for neurological symptoms.

GHB did help me some what but I don’t think its a magic cure for PFS.

Any update? How does one get ahold of a food-safe source of GBL?

Did you noticed any crash after sometime ??

Has anyone experimented with GBH? it’s probably the only thing I can see that actually might put the body in the right state to heal up. I watched a podcast with Joe rogan and some sleep expert was on saying how vital it was especially deep sleep in promoting healing. If I can’t sleep and I’m Gaba deficient then surely this might be a kick-start to achieve some sort of sanity.


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Is there anyone since 2018 that has used GHB to treat PFS? Or is willing to do?
GHB looks very interesting, or have the admins maybe done more research to GHB?

Along with fasting I’m interested in giving this a shot, will let you know how my experience goes if i end up getting my hands on some.

I think more people on this forum would have rried it already if the drug itself didnt have such a bad rep. it is a date rape drug, it is illegal, it is said to be bad on the liver not to mention whatever else, it is a tranquilizer like other gaba agonist like valium,xanax and does cause dependency.

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Please use the search function in the future

this topic is resurfacing because the forum has more than enough anecdotal reports saying good thing about ghb but from less than ideal sources. I think a lot of people are wondering the same thing regarding this topic myself included.

Where to find GHB ?

A message for those who have not yet made an account or have not yet completed the survey: We need all the help. I also test things. I also try to find some improvement. Trying to fight for yourself is important. Trying to find a cure is important. But more important than that is to know what is actually happening, to act in the right direction. Everything is guesswork. We know the symptoms, but we don’t know the cause.

What I have seen are longtime members returning to the forum without being healed. In addition, the oldest forum discussions were more scientific than the current ones, and even then the cause of all this has not been found.
There are members of this forum who know this condition more than Most doctors, but that is not enough. They know that. This whole knowledge can only be applied when we know what is actually happening. We need real science.
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This is a massive thread- has anyone else besides the 3 mentioned cases tried GHB and seen positive effects?

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Im tryna get some in LA if anyone has any

How far are you from West Hollywood?

In the south bay ima dm u

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