GHB (Gamma Hydroxy Butyrate)

Hi everyone, I want to share my experience with you. With all the literature emerging on the synthesis of progesterone with 5-A reductase to produce allapregnolone (excuse spelling), it was apparent in my case that I was severely deficient in GABA. That is why I had constant racing thoughts, muscle twitches and spasms, and chronic anxiety no matter how calmly I tried to breathe or no matter what I was thinking about. It has been a year and 3 months since I quit ‘‘the poison’’ and still had effects.

Not any more! I guess the chronic fatigue followed because cortisol was chronically raised (probably due to anxiety and fatty liver due to stress from metabolizing the poison (finasteride). Therefore there was too much stress on the adrenal glands and the body. For me the answer was simple, raise GABA, reduce cortisol, exercise in the morning (to stay energized), and try to relax the best of the day. To reduce cortisol it was a matter of staying away from too many processed goods (white sugars e.t.c) and by taking natural supplements that reduce cortisol (phosphatidyselrine, siberian ginseng).

But how was I going to increase GABA, a tough one considering I had a defficiency of progesterone, required to synthesize allopregnolone, which is needed for GABA supply. For the long term I believe that taking progesterone supplementaion of 5g a day will help. However for the short term my success has lied with taking GHB, a known recreational drug called GHB. (gamma-hydroxybutyrate). It has been able to restore the pathways and GABA receptors in my brain (kind of like how jumper leads kickstart a car whose battery is just about out). I have it at night about an hour before I go to bed (about 2ml) and it sends me into the deepest most refreshing sleep ever. I wake up in the morning feeling calm relaxed, refreshed and ready for a demanding day at work. It stimulates the release of HGH in the body aswell, which is something I believe all us finasteride victims suffer (low testosterone, low HGH release).

I don’t profess that GHB is the only thing that has gotten me better. However I will purport the reasons as to why I think it is the main thing. … 4ghb~1.htm

bullet Improving sleep patterns and maintaining daytime alertness in narcolepsy

bullet no more panic attack symptoms
bullet Reducing muscle twitching
bullet Improving memory problems
bullet Stimulating natural growth hormone release
bullet Decreasing pain and improving sleep with my chronic fatigue
bullet Regulating muscle tone in dystonia musculorum deformans
bullet Inducing sedation and tranquilization
bullet Relieving anxiety
bullet Lowering cholesterol

All these benefits have served as a catalyst for the body to heal itself!
I think that all my other neurotransmitters have increased due to better adrenal and pituitary function (i.e. dopamine, acetylcholine, seretonin).
No more brainfog! I am on top, top, top, top of the world!!

The only thing is that I believe GHB may have the propensity to increase cortisol levels. Thus cortisol reducing measures as discussed earlier are important to counteract this side effect. Just don’t take too much GHB!!! Or don’t get caught with it (unless you like to pick up the soap).


95% recovered (thank you and god bless to all of you! all the best for your recovery!)


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wow your story is very inspirational can you tell us what kind of diet you have been on as well and how long you took the drug for?

any sexual side effects? Did it help with them?

Used to suffer from side effects, not any more. GHB enhances the utilisation of dopamine whilst producing GABA which redily crosses the blood brain barrier. The result (go ahead and try it) are rock hard erections and possibly the best sensation of orgasm you can ever get!! you will recover like me and all aspects of your life will be whole again.

Like any treatment, you have to have a program. You cant stay on this drug forever as it is addictive! The withdrawal symptoms of ceasing cold turkey can be severe, so a tappering off effect must be achieved. You will know inside when to get off GHB. The best thing it will do for you is offer a very deep REM sleep that is no one with preopecia side effects would be getting due to chronically depleted adrenals, e.t.c. Notice that you don’t feel refreshed after sleeping? With this you will. It is also known as the best anti-aging thing you can take, because of the HGH stimulus it provides.

Get on this stuff ASAP and recover like me!’

Very interested to see if others recover like the way i did! Then it will prove that propecia severley disrupts the GABA/allepregnolone synthesis.

Cheers guys!


If all the syptoms are gone, but you must get off the drug, do they return when you taper off HCG??

Also, my time since quitting is very similar. I have seen no improvement, but only have sexual side-effects so far. How long have you been off GHB?

2 questions.

How long have you been on the drug?

How long before you noticed iprovements in brainfog?


You mention you have a great sex drive now but how bad was it before you took the drug? Did you have any feeling down there or did you always have enough sex drive that it didn’t affect your life? My other question is how can on acquire GHB b/c it is currently blacklisted in the States and most of ther countries?

You taper off, because your body needs to regenerate the supplies of GABA back into your system. Its got nothing to do with HGH, supplying the body with HGH (as an indirect effect from taking GHB) just helps facilitate the body to recover. It gives you wings. After the body (especially the adrenals) has recovered, you are well back on the road to normality with all the symptoms and side effects from propecia. As far as sexual side effects, used to have little sensation and internal scarring on my cock (probablty due to lack of DHT which is absolutely vital for genital health and tissue regeneration and repair). Now all is good, I get that itching on my scalp that we all get when our hair starts to fall out, and am losing hair again (obviously the 5-A redctase gene is in full seing again). Taking the pressure off the adrenals is an absolute must! That means no excess white sugar, NO CAFFEINE (ehich inhibits the GABA pathways further, not too much alcohol, taking progesterone to take the load off the adrenals which have to keep manufacturing depleted levels of progesterone (which occurs in an attempt from the body to make allepregnolone). Think of GHB not as a wonder drug that is going to cure the sides. Your OWN BODY has the mechanisms to improve your sides!!! Think of GHB as a medium that takes the STRESS off your body in order for your OWN BODY to heal itself. Go back up to the link I posted above on its benefits.

As far as aquiring GHB, use your imagination. Heroin coke and speed are blacklisted aswell, but people still manage to get hold of it. Just make sure what you get is pure and the real deal (preferably of a friend who has tried it beforehand and can vouch for it)!! Then enjoy a good recovery!


This is great to hear, and I hope you stay and help us get the same results. But I am concerned about taking a drug like this if the symptoms will later return, or if I need to take it for so long that other problems arise.

I am sure we all learned our lessons about getting the facts on this kind of stuff.

Also, I don’t want to get my hopes up for that either. How long have you been off the drug, and did you recover in the first couple weeks? Do you think you can stop as soon as your symptoms are gone?

Thank You,

Paul, I wanna find out how one can order or obtain some of this.

About six years ago, I think I told you, an old friend in CO used to order the ingredients online and make it in his dental lab. but I have no idea where to start here.
I definitely want some though.
I believe what you are saying.

Pleae read this before jumping on the drug!


OK, for those who want to play chemestry nerds:

Just be carefull!


you can try to get a prescription from a doctor under the name Xyrem -
There is also an alternative … icacid.htm
but I have no idea how it can be effective to the same degree of the real stuff. Also I think it can be dangerous to make on your own as a scientist on the site I am on for SSRI induced sexual dysfunction said its a bad. People have gotten seriously injured conjuring up drugs in the past if you just look up meth suppliers they blow up themselves sometimes trying to make it.
My advice is to try to get the prescription somehow someway which I plan on doing.

Great links man! Good lookin out!! It definitely looks like something I need to try. I guess my only question now is… what would its long term effectiveness be??
I suppose after a year or two post fin users’ penises might be cured by then, if they have to stop taking GHB… but so anyway, I wonder if people can take GHB daily for 5 or 10 years? Does anybody know? It does sound like a wonder drug though.

Let’s look at this then;

A symptomatic case of…….ONE

Using a drug with ZERO proven evidence of it helping those with these issues WHATSOEVER

A drug with ZERO medical license for ANY use at ALL and linked to MANY illnesses and some DEATHS.

Yes let’s all use it!!!

What planet are some of you guys on?

Do you not have any conception of the need for evidenced medical proof?

The amount of time I see people on this website get ready to use X, Y or Z just because of one person reporting success with zero evidence is unbelievable!!!

If I say I that I took finasteride and got rid of all my problems by eating tacos with chilli sauce, by playing Russian roulette with six shooters or by taking date rape drugs would you all be following me…oh hang on with the last one because you are looking to do that aren’t you…

I have a theory that lithium can clear these problems up as long as you inject it with coca cola….it worked for me so who is the first one to roll up and test this perfectly sensible notion out?


Come on, roll up, roll, up…

Some people need help getting a handle on reality, as it stands you’re a danger to yourself when you are willing to take on literally anything at face value.

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Planet Desperate.


Well I know first hand that isn’t a nice place to be :frowning:

I also know that desperation can make people turn to false hope and take dangerous chances. I hope that people do not jump aboard things like this because that is what this is.

I know it is very difficult but people have to try and separate the desperate feelings from the decision making and try and base decision making only upon logical thought processes. If someone is turning to something to cure these problems then some efficacy in treating thiese types of problems needs to have been shown.

Only by knowing factually that a medication has a proven application or at least some substantiated evidence in treating people with these problems should it be given any consideration by people here…otherwise people are not just going to end up disappointed, they could end up much worse.

If the doctors are unaware of our problems, then its VERY hard to find anything with ANY evidence at treating people like us.

At some point one just start grapping straws.

Im one of those who has been fucked up more from trying to cure myself, but Im still trying new treatments, cause its my only hope for a normal life.


They’re not ALL unaware. You have to bust your gut to find the ones that are able to help.

That is the danger, particularly if you forego your own logical judgement.

And I think you might have been sparred the side effect, had you have taken the medication you did via prescription from a decent forward thinking enodcrinologist/andrologist. I know the medication you are referring to, what dose were you on?


I know the problems, I honestly do understand and am not trying to sound sancimonious. I do not regard self medication in this setting as the same or indeed anyting like AAS abuse. I can see the desperation and the ill health and I understand why people feel trapped.

I am just saying that it is very important to stay logical, try and get an endocrinologist/andrologist no matter how hard…at the very least that if people are going to self medicate that they ensure that whatever it is they are going to take at least has some proven worth/efficacy in this setting.