Game Over PFS - I'm Recovering


Low-dose naltrexone does a really good job with anxiety. It helped me get through my darkest periods when I was at my worst. It has no side effects except for sleep disruption the first week that you take it. I’d recommend it for anybody that wants to try It. The best thing about it is that unlike other treatments it cost almost nothing and as far as I know it has no side effects

I’m not on it anymore because I felt like it was losing its effectiveness for me over time. Or I improved enough where I felt like I didn’t need it anymore


I had pretty much the exact same experience at joetz with LDN. And I also stopped because I didn’t feel it was as effective after about 6 months.


Thanks to Brongfogboys post I’ve decided to pick up vitamin c powder and l-glutamine powder to add to my daily regime. But does anyone else have experience with these dopamine pills he recommended? I did a few searches on the forums and it sounds like a lot of people were worse off when they took them.


Just to throw in my two cents…

I actually had 10 stool transplants over a two week period around 6 months ago with a professional clinic. I did this because I had some stool tests done which showed that I had high levels of dysbiosis and leaky gut, and I thought this could be exacerbating/ causing some of my PFS symptoms.

I have noticed some minor improvements following the stool test, particularly to my digestion (used to struggle to digest lots of foods). I had a stool test done recently to see what changes have occurred and found that I no longer appear to have dysbiosis. And my E Coli levels are very good, quite high in fact, yet I have noticed no changes to my sexual dysfunction symptoms at all.

I’m not trying to disprove this theory, but just sharing my experience as I have had the genova test done, and lots of FMT, yet E Coli does not seem to be the issue for me - that’s not to say that it may not be for others.


I think the general consensus now is that this is caused by finasteride creating a horrible environment in our gut and each of us will need to get a “GI EFFECTS” stool test from genova in order to know how to attack it. The diet alone with the probiotics may not work for everyone and in fact if you are high in certain bacteria the VSL#3 probiotic could make it a bit worse.

You must get tested and work with a functional medicine practitioner or a medical doctor who has studied these things and knows what they’re doing.


I wouldn’t even bother with going to the trouble of the strict diet, I would see a doctor and get your gut tested to put some real facts behind what’s going on.


Franzfan, have you done even the recent stool test to genova diagnostic ? What are ALL your sides (sexual, mental, etc) ? Explain what has changed after the fecal trasplants, thanks


Everyone, I’ve been too lazy to post lately, but I just wanted to let you know, I truly, truly believe the OP has caught onto something here and I have even studied into some of the effects of the gut myself.

I definitely believe at this point that the drug somehow may have altered our guts/microbiomes.

Remember, yhe claim of the drug is that by inhibiting the 5a-reductase enzyme in a man’s body, testosterone is halted from converting to dihydrotestosterone,
an androgen hormone commonly known to cause hairloss in older men. While doing so, I believe the drug may have also caused some sort of bacterial problem. Many, many men claim that after taking this drug, Testosterone Replacement Therapy alone does not help them improve the symptoms of their newly-low testosterone and that they almost feel as if their body has acquired some kind of androgen desensitivity.

If that is true, I believe that the toxic gasotransmitter mentioned by OP, hydrogen sulfide, may be responsible, which would further suppress the process of allowing testosterone to go back to converting to dihydrotestosterone: (read the link)

With raised hydrogen sulfide levels, the microbiome likely goes out of control and greatly reduces the healthy levels of E. Coli in the body (a possibility claimed by Dr. Meirlier, a professor of physiology and internal medicine. He specializes in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which surprisingly, shows some of the same symptoms we have now).

Dr. Meirlier claims the depression in some of his patients are caused by a lack of Tryptophan, Tyrosine, and Phenyalinine, and these amino acids are all created by E. Coli.
E. Coli is also responsible for growing a form of HGH in the body: … 408a0.html

The symptoms of low HGH and the benefits of elevated HGH ALONE seem to describe almost all the problems many of us are going through
and the results we’re hoping to achieve in the future (read the light green tables): … mone-.html


Anyways, I’ve just finished my the Genova GI Stool Effects Test, and am about to mail it out.

I definitely have a hunch that like Chi and the OP, my results will come back with incredibly low E. Coli. I will post those results accordingly when I receive them.

Btw, just so you guys know how serious I’ve taken this, I have currently already dealt with about 6 different specialists/doctors in the span of a year concerning my side effects with Finasteride
(1 general doctor, 2 endocrinologists, 1 urologist, 1 applied kinesiologist, 1 Nutritionist). I even flew hours out of my way to go visit Dr. Eugene Shippen up in PA because I believed he had seen success through his treatments, although I grew incredibly frustrated when I realized the hormonal treatments he was giving me were not being received well by my body (not his fault, and I believe likely due to the current bacterial situation in my body). This is not just some downtime hobby of mine, I have tried to fight this off day by day, month by month, doctor by doctor.

What OP has stumbled upon here has given me the most hope of anything in the last year, and my current nutritionist agrees that the microbiome/gut may be what is causing so many of our prolonged problems and why we’re so immune to any kind of hormonal treatment. My theory is that once the gut health is fixed, the rest of the body will be able to respond normally again, how it used to PRE-FIN. If that is true and I see good results from fixing my gut, I plan on hitting Dr. Eugene Shippen back ASAP and telling him I’d like to give his protocol another go and see what happens this time.

Also, as a side note, I highly recommend Dr. Shippen to anyone who is desperate for a doctor who is willing to listen and work with you, and won’t waste your money by refusing that PFS is a thing. He was incredibly willing to listen to me, completely accepts that Post-Finasteride Syndrome is a real thing, and was one of the only doctors who would openly admit to me that even though my testosterone levels were in a “normal range” for men 18 - 50 or whatever… that my levels for MY age (24) were reallllll low. He understands that those broad ranges that other doctors will try and throw at you do NOT always mean your health is fine.


This is a very interesting thread.

I have started introducing fermented foods such as kimchi, sauerkraut and coconut kefir. I am also taking this concentrated probiotic liquid supplement called Symprove.

For parasites I take oil of oregano and coconut oil (not too much, anti-DHT etc). I am also going to get a parasite test done. Anyone been to a gut specialist in London? Looking for recommendations.


I haven’t seen him yet but been emailing someone called Steve Grant who seems pretty knowledgeable on the gut and can help you get the genova tests and analyse the results.


WOW I started as PFS just low libido, but them gut problems started menawhile others like depression or brain fog, i rly think that gut are key on this


I had overgrowth of klebsiella and citrobacter. With zero levels of lactobacillus…

i crashed with PFS after antibiotics…

this is an immune problem


What’s everyone opinion on products like this? - … LE4SZTSA95

claims to be a 10 day cleanse to rid your gut of parasites and fungus.


The reviews are not too bad. Maybe you could give it a try and report back.

#76 … in-context


do you read it ? is it good ? how wrote it ?


Can we get an update on this thread? Is BrongFongBoy completely recovered yet or still doing well?

Has anyone started to try this protocol?


He seems to be quite active on solvepfs… so I’d assume no, he’s not recovering?


I too am going to start this protocol of the diet and talk to my doctor about the stool samples, I will let everyone know about my progress. Anyways, it seems that this discussion is at a bit of a stand still, anyone else trying these methods?