Game Over PFS - I'm Recovering


Saw this on the ‘JN’ parasitology test thread:

Posted by Noniman:
- Low levels of Secretory IgA
secreted by mucosal tissue and represent the first line of defense of the CI mucosa and is central to the normal function of the GI tract as an immune barrier. Mental and physical stress as well as inadequate nutrition have been associated with low fecal sIgA concentrations. Synthesis and expression of aIgA requires adequate intake of the amino acid L-glutamine.

That’s also what i got. My mucosal tissue is severly damaged. Maybe other pfs sufferers have this too?


i can tell you that since i quit i have got injuered for 5 times. 2 shoulders , foot damage, finger , and knee.
all of the seems to happen without a real reason…


So I received my results back from Genova today, keep in mind my opening theory post was created before I had these results, the outcome is not a coincidence. Take a look at the attached picture, the “NG” means no growth or undetectable levels.

As theorized in the original post I have undetectable levels of E. Coli, the good bacteria which produce what is necessary for feeling emotion (dopamine, serotonin, melatonin [for sleep]), body temperature / thyroid and others.

As theorized I have a huge overgrowth of prevotella, what does prevotella do? It secretes HS2 as mentioned in my original post which when too much is present causes androgen insensitivity.

I’m not longer wondering if this is the cause of PFS, I’m telling you, this is the cause. I don’t care what protocol or treatment there is, nothing will be permanently fixed until normal prevotella and E. Coli status is returned. There are no more theories, there are incorrect ideas as to what causes PFS and then there’s the truth. Everyone here needs to go to a functional medicine practitioner or a medical doctor who can give them a stool analysis test through Genova so they can see the numbers for themselves. In five years this will be the first test any PFS sufferer gets before they get on the road to recovery.

Get the ball rolling, recovery is simply a matter of time, diet, and the right supplements now, and it will probably take several months to resolve so the sooner you get started the better.

I won’t be answering questions on here or the other forum on how to get cured, you’ll need to go and see a doctor who can test you for this and then receive instruction from them because everyone is different and I don’t want to steer anyone in the wrong direction. You have the cause, the rest is up to you.


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You can supplement e.coli. I use: … oflor.html
But first you need to eridicate the parasite. Something is keeping your good bacteria down (they are all dead so it seems).

Did you not get more info? Is this all? Please ask for immunity IgA deficiency numbers of your gut mucosal. Your gut mucosal is damaged or else the good bacteria wouldn’t be dead.
And there has to be a parasite, pathogen, bacteria or whatever. Please ask for it. Oh and a dysbiosis number but isn’t really necessery.

And if you know more than i would first start with a course of metronidazole of ten days (500 mg two times a day). First get rid of the bug! And then start to build up your gut and get your immunity levels up. In our situation our immunity levels are damaged and this created a situation where bugs can live on and our system doesn’t get rid of them. Some people don’t get bugs because their iga numbers don’t drop (they stay resistent for every drug/ antibiotic / medicine). Sometimes your immunity can restore itself with fixing your adrenals or thyriod. And then the bugs will also leave your body over time. … eficiency/

Oh one more thing: low e.coli is not in the biggest part responsible for depression. That would be low lactobacillus levels, in particular lactobacillus casei. But low e.coli isn’t nice either.


I believe the idea of gut issue. I am 35 years old and in all my life I was basically constipated, but I was ok. After I started the medication for alopecia, my gut changed its rules. Now often I have diarrhea, many times the feces are clear and have a strange consistency. For me my current gut behavior is related to PFS. I don’t know why, but it is an effect of finasteride. I don’t know if the gut issue is the cause of the other symptoms (sexual, mental, …) in a chain of issues or it is only one of the list.


So just to clarify, we should be eating only greens and meat, and supplementing with a good probiotic?

Im ordering Prescript Assist on Amazon, already been doing the diet for a while now.


You go man, get this by tail!


Diet is not enough. By far not enough. With a diet it will take you years. Make sure you do a good triple stool test (and not the simple one from your doctor). And when you know what’s happening in your gut then it’s visible how to handle your problem. Get help from a doctor who knows how the gut works. Don’t just start messing around yourself: it can make it worse, do nothing at all, get you some relief but the problems come back. It can save you a lot of money and time.

And supplementing is only done after you have cleaned up your gut. It’s a good probiotic but still useless when the small intestine isn’t cleared.

Maybe this helps:
Interesting from 5:18


This has been updated since I posted it, you should go over to solvepfs forum boards where I update my progress and the data/protocol. I would recommend going to get the stool test done and seeing a functional medicine doctor. If you have no inflammation then there is probably no need for the VSL#3, maybe you just have overgrowth of prevotella. You have to see what the facts are before you start to make your move against it. I’ve messaged Mew asking if he could make my original post edit-able or remove it altogether because I don’t want to mislead people.

Upsizing so people will see this:



why the fuck would anything be wrong with our gut? We took a drug that messes with our hormone metabolism not our digestive system…


Don’t worry about it. Go back to sleep.


Been observing this forum for a while and I truly believe this gut theory is the key to conquering our problems. I can’t speak for everyone else, but I know for me, when all my problems started with Saw Palmetto; I noticed my intestines were making a lot of noise and even my stool began to smell strange. Still now this is the case, if only I had read about Chi’s recovery sooner; I’ve wasted so much time and money on other supplements. But haven’t we all!

I’ve got an appointment booked tomorrow and will push my GP to get me a stool test done. Chron’s disease runs in my families genetics so it shouldn’t be difficult to get the to give me a comprehensive examination by using that ammo. Then once I get the results, well, I guess it’s just a case of finding out what you need to do for your individual gut situation. I’m fortunate enough to live in the same country as Chi, so I can order many of the same things he took for his recovery easily.

I’ve also got an appointment booked with a Chinese doctor and he specialises in gastrointestinal issues. I will let you know how the Chinese doctor goes, because this man is not just your average new age acupuncturist who decided to take up Chinese medicine because they got fed-up with running a stationary business. This man has 30+ years experience and he knows Chinese medicine like the back of his hand. I’ve emailed him all about PFS and I put the gut theory across to him and he agrees that the gut needs to be solved in order for me to heal. No Western medicine can help this, but there were a couple of stories on this website about certain Chinese herbs helping. So I’ll keep you all posted and if there’s any luck on that, I’ll let you know which herbs he used.

In the meantime, it’s all in the gut. I’m certain of it. I know it’s shit how much we need to stop eating, but it’s a small price to pay for what’s at the other side of all this. Once we beat this (we WILL beat this), we will all be bigger and stronger men for it.


The part of this theory that always troubled me is we don’t really know if the changes of bacteria are a symptom or a root cause of the problem

I would like to add a little something that may help (or further annoy people depending on which side of the gut-flora issue you are on)

I have been taking a tea the incas have been using for hundreds of years to treat digestive disorders. I’ve noticed really big changes to my mental clarity and other PFS issues. I’ve drinking a cup or two of the tea for a year now. I’m not sure what the mechanism of the tea is. If may work by killing the bad bacteria in the gut or maybe a completely different mechanism altogether. Unfortunately it’s never been properly studied and there is almost zero information on the Internet about it. It’s called muña and it’s pretty easy to find loose. Anyone who wants to try it can buy some online and boil and strain it.


What is the tea you are drinking?


It’s called muña. Amazon has it loose and also as an extract. I’ve never tried the extract so I don’t know if it’s any good. I never really gave the digestive angle much thought. I took this tea to fix my colitis and it healed my intestines right away. I didn’t expect it to help with PFS symptoms too. That was an added bonus. Maybe there is something to the digestive angle.


Joetz, can you elaborate more on the effects of this tea on you ?

It made really big changes with all pfs symptoms ? But, since you’re still visiting this forum, you are far from recovery ?
Thanks in advance


I’m not really that far from recovery these days. But I’m not 100 percent.

The first time I took it I had crazy diarrhea and gas. I ran to the toilet after drinking it and had a lot of gas and bloating. After that first time I felt quite a bit better. I’ve been drinking it every day for a year now.

I have given the tea to people who are healthy and don’t have PFS and they claim they feel more focused and alert too. Maybe it raises T levels like some other types of tea?


I am very inclined to ‘believe’ in leaky gut- pfs theory, so I def. would not say the tea’s effects are due to increased testosterone. Also, there is direct link between leaky gut and brain fog …


Thanks for the tip Joetz! I will start this after i have finished my currents tea’s that i have.


joetz, long time ago you reported improvement by taking LDN. Are you still on it? Any recommendation on taking or not taking or side effects?