Game Over PFS - I'm Recovering


It wasn’t me bro.


I have absolutely tried a ton of things before all of this which could have ultimately affected the outcome. Not only the transplant but progesterone for a year (which cured someone else) and high doses of spinach / kale which cured someone else. It bothers me to think that I could steer people in the wrong direction with this protocol, it may be best to do what Chi suggested, go and see a functional practitioner for a stool test. I can never be sure of why I’m recovering, I also am not positive you can’t eat grains and sugar, this is my theory but maybe you just need the probiotics and l Dopa


We can test this theory by just doing it ourselves. I just started this diet of leafy greens and meats a few days a go and will give it at least a month. My probiotics have not arrived yet. I am going to try to replicate this protocol as faithfully as I can although a fews day in now and not having fruit really sucks. BrongFogBoy, did you feel any “die off” symptoms when taking Vitamin C or the other supplements you recommended? What about the probiotics? Did you feel worse off at first when taking them or did you start to feel good right away or was it just very gradual but not worse off?


Good question, I felt no die off at all and felt noticeably better after just four days. I should add that my libido still seems to not be back, I’m counting on it returning but that’s just theory at this point. My functional medicine dr said I could have small cups of fruit so that may help you. good luck


Did anyone see my post or what :question:


Realistically there’s no way I’ll stay on this diet forever, I’m already putting other foods back in and feeling ok.

ATTENTION: I’m not going to be bouncing back and forth to both forums, it’s a bit of a pain and I don’t have the time to respond on two different forums, shouldn’t have created here. I’m no longer going to post on this thread and will only be responding at solvepfs:

The latest on this protocol is most people do not believe we need to cut out all grains and sugars and possibly may just need the VSL#3 and Prescript Assist (I did not use Mutaflor), this is because all of the other people who I quoted in my original post who were recovered did not do this, they just said they ate healthy (paleo?). I’m now just suggesting as Chi did to go and see someone who can give you an accurate stool test and see if the theory I posted fits you, if it does then take action based on their direction. Also, I did not use any test boosters to get to feeling recovered, they are expensive and probably not necessary.


I think there is no doubt that the way to cure oneself of PFS is to address the gut. There are too many instances of recovery via healing the gut and correcting the micro-biome to ignore it now. Forget waiting for researchers with a pill to cure us. The videos that Brongfogboy posted show how important the GUT-BRAIN connection is and the gut microbiota are important for proper metabolism of dopamine, serotonin, GABA, immune regulation etc.

I myself have felt the best after a few instances of improving gut health, whether it was fasting, consuming tons of kefir, or taking probiotics. Unfortunately these instances are fleeting. I will post again soon but there is no doubt in my mind this is the proper way to approach to PFS.


Gut healing solves lots of medical ailments. It is a logical and low risk play for all unhealthy folks, particularly us. Whether gut function surprisingly is found to be route cause or a remains another gift of PFS, who knows. I much more recommend folks tightening up diets and giving fecal transplants a shot before experimenting with Magic bullet pharmaceutical options that time and time again do nothing


That’s great news BrongFogBoy! Thanks for the detailed post. And good timing! I’ve just been on a two-week, vegetables only diet, and there has definitely been some change for the good. A while back I did something similar and got into a hyperthyroid state - definitely a sign that diet can alter hormones and metabolism dramatically.

However, a word of caution for those of you out there thinking about taking pre- or pro-biotics. I did a stint of Prescript assist and VSL #3 two years ago, and it made me really constipated. Attempting to fix the constipation with fiber supplementation introduced severe anxiety and suicidal ideation. I’ve been constipated ever since. So be careful out there.


Hello - I check in from time to time and saw your posts. You are on the right track - keep going! :slight_smile:

The food addictions that you’ve correctly identified are due to the dysfunctional microbiome (with high prevalence of the less good bacteria). It is an extremely difficult task, mentally and physically, to fight against it. A product I found extremely helpful was Bionutri Tyro-Plus. This product contains Glutamine amongst other things and will help to heal the gut and also suppress cravings for carbs and sugars. Take it every time you get a craving which you deem as not normal (e.g. soon after eating your meals). Food cravings can be to almost any food source, so be really mindful of it - e.g. if I consumed too much olive oil it started to fuel pathogenic growth and I craved more and more of it. In conjunction with Tyro-Plus, Bio Nutri Ecobalance was absolutely key alongside the strict diet and lifestyle. This product really cleanses hard your internal organs and gut. Take the middle 2 tablets first with breakfast (which should consist of only steamed vegetables during strict periods of healing). This often caused some cramping and pains 1 hr later. The outer 2 tablets can be taken later in the day and are more gentle. Remember not to drink water around meal times - but plenty some hours before or after.

Of course there is so much more to it. I genuinely could write a book on this nowadays! I follow a paleo lifestyle today (with the odd treat thrown in!) and have continued some of the really healthy habits. I truly believe to recover you have to leave the old self and concentrate on a new way of life - once you’ve been through that process you are changed for the better in so many ways. Most of the things just stick. For the first time in my life I’ve even been packing on muscle! The whole experience has turned into something so positive for me and it will for you too. Good Luck pal


Congrats on your success Brongfogboy!

Question, is alcohol a big no-no when following this diet? I’ve actually cut booze out almost 5 months ago, but I haven’t been feeling like it’s made a huge difference so I was thinking of not depriving myself anymore. Should I keep it going?

Also I should add that I actually followed a similar diet like Brongfogboy recently. I was only eating meat and veggies and I was feeling great. Not 100%, but no more numbness issues, I was getting morning wood almost every morning, and really PFS was starting to slip my mind. This lasted for about 2 1/2 weeks, before I decided I should add rice to my diet for post-workout carb backloading. I then began to lose all of my gains, and it took me a while to put it together that the grains might have something to do with it. So I stopped eating rice, and within 3 days I was feeling great again. That lasted for 2 weeks, until I went on a 2 day work retreat where they provided our lunches, and just my luck the only gluten free option was a quinoa salad. So for two days I ate that, and what do you know, I’ve lost my gains again. Only this time, I’ve let three days pass and I’m not feeling better yet. SO you may be on to something about grains.


Yeah, grains seem to be a real problem. I tried to cut sugar but kept eating grains and it wasn’t making any difference, but since last week I stopped eating sugar, grains and dairies and anxiety went down and I could even sleep without sleeping pills.


Of all the things I kicked from my diet (gluten, dairy, soy, grains) sugar was by far the hardest. Its crazy we really do get an addiction to it. Once you go like 10 days without sugar your cravings go away completely.


I have purchased most of the sups, waiting on the others. Began the diet. The only variation i will have is not taking L Dopa. Hopefully that will not matter much. We will see. Ready to give it a go.


Ugh, I hate when people come back and preach what they have done is how you get better. Read most accounts, it’s time. I just wanted to say I’ve done nothing but live my life, I am 3.5 years from my crash and at 90% better. I sleep again, good energy, sustained interest in life and women again…like I always look and fantasize about women again. This has been a solid 4 months straight now. My skin is no longer red and dry, and I swear again. Good luck everyone, try not to believe all the bullshit

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The gut wall is damaged and needs repair and colostrum can help with that. If you are going to do a stool test (make sure it’s concerning all posibillities of probable infections) also make sure there is result about the mucosal immunity (secretory IgA). I was at 7500 and a normal person is between 510 - 2040.


Are you saying you got better but didn’t eat low carb foods etc. and drank coffee/ alcohol etc.


ive been fucked for 8 years,and i have gotten a little worse as time goes on,gonna give this gluten free thing a go soon…


If you’ll start this than you’d better known why you are doing it. I would advise to do a extensive stool test. Do you have a reaction when it comes to food?


Those are some very good products! Going to find out if they have similar ones in the Netherlands. Colostrum is also a good gut wall builder but it contains gluten so it can be a problem (for instance with Giardia).