Full-body rubber skin


Many of you have full-body rubber skin, opaque, insensitive?


I have the opposite side, my skin on the legs is hypersensitive, some days I can not wear my pants, but I do have to wear them and stand this shit all day long.


yes i feel like I have lost skin sensitivity over my whole body! Mainly genitals, but my whole body does not feel ticklish anymore. I just feel that I am touching it if that makes sense, there is little to no sensation in spots that used to be ticklish, nipples, thighs etc


This is a real nightmare. When I touch my body or take a shower I have an absurd discomfort, feel nothing! As if my body was covered with paper. I do not know if I explain myself … while the situation in the genitals is even worse. Pure anesthesia.


i think the problem is only in the genitals… The reason why we think other spots are numb is because of arousal. Arousal is gone…


I do not think so, my friend. I think we have a problem at the hepatic level, a destabilization of CYP3A4. You took Ketoconazole, right? Inhibits CYP3A4.


I also have a full-body rubbery skin, transparent with veins showing everywhere, insensitive to touch. When I take a shower it feels like pepper and sand, dry like Sahara desert, to the point it hurts ;(

CYP3A4? Jesus, we were all normal people and now we have to be reading about things like that instead of living lives…

Damon, I see you are suffering from the skin issues very much. How old are you?


Ciao Asia, I am 27 years old, you? We have the same skin problems. That of CYP3A4 is an unconfirmed theory, but neither is it disproved… Unfortunately, yes, I do not have a life anymore …


Very nice information & helpful thanks for sharing.