Full-body rubber skin

Many of you have full-body rubber skin, opaque, insensitive?


I have the opposite side, my skin on the legs is hypersensitive, some days I can not wear my pants, but I do have to wear them and stand this shit all day long.

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yes i feel like I have lost skin sensitivity over my whole body! Mainly genitals, but my whole body does not feel ticklish anymore. I just feel that I am touching it if that makes sense, there is little to no sensation in spots that used to be ticklish, nipples, thighs etc


This is a real nightmare. When I touch my body or take a shower I have an absurd discomfort, feel nothing! As if my body was covered with paper. I do not know if I explain myself … while the situation in the genitals is even worse. Pure anesthesia.

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i think the problem is only in the genitals… The reason why we think other spots are numb is because of arousal. Arousal is gone…

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I do not think so, my friend. I think we have a problem at the hepatic level, a destabilization of CYP3A4. You took Ketoconazole, right? Inhibits CYP3A4.

I also have a full-body rubbery skin, transparent with veins showing everywhere, insensitive to touch. When I take a shower it feels like pepper and sand, dry like Sahara desert, to the point it hurts ;(

CYP3A4? Jesus, we were all normal people and now we have to be reading about things like that instead of living lives…

Damon, I see you are suffering from the skin issues very much. How old are you?


Ciao Asia, I am 27 years old, you? We have the same skin problems. That of CYP3A4 is an unconfirmed theory, but neither is it disproved… Unfortunately, yes, I do not have a life anymore …

Very nice information & helpful thanks for sharing.

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Does anyone else have this? I know of our friends Holyhead and Demon, but that is about all who have reported these changes. I posted my physical issues under “photos of body changes”, there’s a video there. It is like I’m wearing a dry, slick, pale, rubber suit. It is completely horrific man. It’s like my skin and muscles are just dead, they are very weak and get very sore. All of my hairs have changed. I’ve posted this numerous times I know, I am just really curious if anyone else has these changes.

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@Devolution do you want to share? I’ve seen you mention these body changes

Hey Dknighten,
My skin sensitivity is greatly reduced leading to it feeling rubbery, it’s stretchier and also not as firm.

One of the first symthoms I noticed when I was on my fifth month of RoAccutane was that my chest greatly reduced in sensitivity, I could pinch it as hard as I could with no pain, then the rest of my body followed soon after, I had extreme numbness and burning initially, one after the other.
The burning is gone but my skin doesn’t feel pleasant to touch in many places, uncomfortable I’d say.

It’s certainly weird but I’ve kind gotten used to thing’s for the most part over the past year and a bit now.
Living this way just seems to be my new normal, visual issues, skin, mental etc are just part of my life I guess, it’s certainly a weird way to live I’ll admit, but I’m still breathing and that’s the main thing.

Thanks for sharing man. Have you tried exercising at all, even walking? Any thing significant with that? Would you say your body is more feminine? Any puffiness/swelling of arms or legs?

If one thing my pfs symptoms are is not “feminine”…Don’t know why most here say dry skin, fucked up straw/grey hair and a shit ton of water weight plus so fatigued you cant wipe your own ass most days is more feminine lol…

@holyhead I would be very interested to chat with you over the phone man, even if for 10 minutes.

By more feminine, this past crash around June 6th, my entire body burned all over, like fire ants were attacking me, I dropped all of my muscle in a few days, and my skin completely changed complexion, it turned a rosey, pinkish color, followed by turning extremely pale, which it still is. My skin does not tan the same. My pores on my skin opened up and the hairs completely thinned (pubic and body hairs), and then lost color. I noticed bloating around my lower abdomen and hips, and now arms and thighs. Like the puffiness you describe. Also, My skin became extremely soft, like as soft and squishy as a woman’s skin. The indentions on my skin show from just wearing boxers, laying on covers, any of that. The exact same thing happens with a woman’s skin. It’s the loss of androgen expression in the skin and muscles that gives us a dense, hard look, whatever that is. My body is certainly more feminine as the muscle is gone, it is soft, puffy, and just overall gray.

Please consider my request to talk. It would mean a lot to me.

Omg i have exactly the same problem that gotten worse since 2013 when ive stopped taking pfs… my entire skin is numb also my penis is completely numb… my skin is always dry, ive never had skin problems before… sometimes when its bad i cant even feel my lips its like they are made from rubber…
my penis feels like its in a constant mode of local anesthesia… my skin is very wrinkly and it looks ive aged faster and im only 32…
sometimes when i touch my skin it feels like its not my skin anymore its like on anesthesia…

You too experienced burning around body before going numb?

My skin is also very wrinkly, definitely like it has aged.I have a lot less sensitivity, Honestly it is hard to tell whether my thin is thicker or thinner, as it has gotten very rubbery texture, like a synthetic rubber-suit material. Man it is so bizarre, I’ve typed it 10+ times on this forum and still can’t fucking explain it exactly. I uploaded a video of what I was talking about, but even the video doesnt do it justice. Every hair on my body has died and gotten very thin. I have the body of an old person. @Cooper yes lots of burning everywhere, it still burns all over my body periodically.

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yes… i have constant burning sensation all over my body… when the the burning in severe it feels like my skin is anesthetized and rubbery… like it doesnt transmit the feeling of a touch well… its the rubbery feeling you have after local anesthesia in your face after you visit the dentist… also when its severe my lips become rubbery also and the tip of my fingers my penis is completely numb… also my entire body becomes itching and dry… its like there is no blood going to my skin… it gotten more severe since 2013 when i got my pfs…

@talsmooth any weight/fluid gain? Any puffiness?