Full-body rubber skin

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In addition to rubbery skin, does anyone else have puffiness, swelling, gray skin, and actual lumps or “bubble-wrap” underneath your skin? When I squeeze mine and pinch it together, I can feel actual lumps underneath it. It’s like gray, rubbery, lumpy fat covering my muscles. It’s very bizarre and horrific.

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no…I feel like someone put a vacuum against my eye lids and its sucking them dry… same with armpits and prostate…

I found out recently that I got part of the skin on my balls on the left side is wrinkled, painful with greyish/purplish colour and when I pinch it it stays the way I pinched it like memory foam or something like that. It is like that already few months. Dunno if it is PFS tho but ut is really bizarre…

all you guys are suffering from LOW E2 I am sure of it. If not it is e2-t ratio out of whack.
I have a total test of 680’s but my e2 is getting lower every blood test I do. 12(11-45)
All the bodybuilding forums I visit say the same crap. Dry, numb dick, fatigue, dry eyes, clicking joints, frequent urination, depression, all LOW E2!!

Last time I checked my E2 was 87 pmol/L, dunno if this is low tho…

The people on the websites warn about inaccurate testing that are very generous, and your lowers are actually much lower… My Total T is in the upper 600’s yet my e2 is 12 (11-45) Dht 176 (350-850)

Going to see a hematologist to see if anything would be causing me to have low dht,e2, maybe some liver issue,etc… If I get no answers Im going on Clomid, or trying tribulus, dht etc.

“estrogen is necessary to sensitize the ANDROGEN RECEPTOR”

These could all be signs of extreme depression. Were you stressed/depressed when this happened? I have the same story as yours now and I think these could be the symptoms of depreession.

How can extreme stress/depression cause complete changes to your muscles and skin all over, and it not resolve once you are in a better mindstate?


Surprised not one person mentioned collagen loss in this thread

My skin is destroyed. Its like putty. Loose. Sagging. No definition. Visibly broken. I dont even recognize my body from even 6 months ago. Ive had 2 biopsys done. Conclusive dermal fibrosis. Second is to test for EDS which i most likely have. Im ashamed to be seen undressed. thing is your skin is a mirror to whats also happening internally. So who knows how bad my organs are doing.

My skin is dry and lost most of its glow. I don’t look 18, I look 30 and get treated like it, called “sir” in public, etc. One rude old lady at church even yelled “what happened to you”. It is what it is, but if there is one positive thing it’s that I have good days, especially when I’m sedentary and in a good mood. My skin can look a good 5-7 years younger.

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All of my fat has turned into a type of fluid. It’s like watery fat. My entire body feels like one full rubber suit, it’s like it lost it’s texture or something. I can’t even explain this shit man. My fat deposits have completely shifted and I cannot lose fat. It’s like my metabolism is broken. Dude I cannot live like this.

I am truly horrified with my body. I look disgusting. Putty loose dead skin. I look like a rotting corpse. my skin has gouges sunken in. scars that formed on their own. Not stretched marks. Like the actual breakdown of tissue. There are Lines and ripples everywhere. It looks like ive gained weight but its actually because my skin isnt adhered to anything. My belly is like a pool of skin. Wrinkley and dangling. I put on pants and it spills over i have to wear baggy shirts even tho i weight 140 .my nipples are lower on my body from gravity . penis feels like its made of gelatin. Like there is a thick rubber sheath already on it (Im cut) and it hurts to even masturbate im afaird it will tear. I look fucking horrible.

The exact same thing happened to me. It just keeps getting worse and worse…