Found new claiming recovery


Hopefully this doesn’t happen


Yeah I’m expecting a crash, but hoping for the best. If I crash, I’m going to move onto other aminos.


I’ve tried it - nothing noteworthy. I also have a horrible way of trying things. It’s not scientific or measured at al. I just pop shit hoping to feel better. Truth is for me, nothing really changes for better or worse no matter what I take. Since my symptoms are hugely neurological I would know instantly if something worked in a profound way, but I’m so disconnected from my body that small changes go completely passed me.


Glad you feel good man, might try some myself


How much did you take and what are your current symptoms like?


You can check my symtoms in my memory story - nothing has changed. I take 3 grams a day. Along with a bunch of other aminos


@SmallBallsBigHope how’s the taurine and ashwaganda working for you?


Hey! Sorry for the lack of updates. I was in another country for a while without my computer and then I had to go back to school and begin a research project. Anyways, I’ve been taking all sorts of Amino Acids and additionally, metformin. I decided to take metformin because everytime I eat, I get this god damn exhaustion. Google searches suggest this is diabetes or insulin resistance. My glucose levels were normal, but slightly high after fasting for 8 hours (glucose = 99). I’ve been taking 250 mg of metformin which is a tiny dose, and possibly not even therapeutic, but I’ve been feeling much better and more energetic on it! I do not get exhausted after eating anymore, too.

Additionally, I’m still taking taurine and I’ve added L-Histadine (1 gram) and tyrosine (500 mg). I also started on choline bitartrate. I’m feeling much better and more energetic than before. Libido is also higher and erections are stronger. I can wake up better in the mornings too. I would go as far as to say that if you are suffering, the risk of taking taurine, L-histadine, and choline-bitartate is outweighed by the benefits. I can’t find anyone here who crashed off these substances, and many people have felt better. Tyrosine is a more risky, since it raises dopamine levels.

Metformin is probably the most risky of all that I’m taking, but I’m taking a very low dose. No side effects besides muscle cramps that go away when I chug water.


How much choline do you take? Thanks for the update btw


I’ve been taking 1 gram. If I take anything that helps me, I’ll let this group know. I’ll probab take it for a few weeks at least before letting you all know so I don’t just give you all placebo/temporary results.


glad to see youre doing well!!


Thank you! I strongly believe that many people here would also benefit from the amino acid and choline stack im taking. Of course, a small portion of people may react poorly to them or not respond. The risk is up to you to decide.


Im scared to take “anything” after my negative experiences with supplements like creatine, arginine, ginko, tribulus, folacin, vitamin B, vitamin D, L-carnitine etc etc. They made me worse! First days were ok though.

Im scared to try Taurine, should i try it? Have you seen any benefits? Thanks. Also… whats the effects of Taurine?


Well you just ruined your Taurine trial by adding all that other shit at the same time.


Not that I’m aware of. But you should do your own research so you know exactly what you’re taking :slight_smile:


Yeah I messed it up, but I could feel the effects of taurine drifting away. I added all the other amino acids based on @Ozeph success with aminos and other users that have claimed good things from them. Metformin was my own experiment, and I’m glad I’m taking. Yesterday, I had so much energy I went to the gym at 10:30 PM. I used to do that all the time before PFS, but haven’t done hardcore gym work since then due to energy issues.


Taurine made me way more calm and gave me energy and an appetite. Also, stronger erections. Check out my topic on this. This only lasted a few days and then I added many more aminos. I personally believe taurine is safe and the benefits outweigh risks. But everyone is different and we all respond to drugs differently.


How is it hanging ?


As in my d-piece and balls? Since the beginning of PFS, my balls have been super tight. They still are that way, maybe a tiny bit more loose, but not significantly. The dick was spared from all the tightness and shriveled appearance, but my erections seem to be a tiny bit better.

Again, I’m on taurine, L-histadine, tyrosine, metformin, and 5-HTP occasionally.


Taurine is a secondary regulator of the GABA complex (Allopregnanolone is the main regulator and we don’t have it. It’s the cause of most of our symptoms in my opinion).

More on Taurine and GABA:

Unfortunately, last I tried Taurine it didn’t feel good for me. I figured it interfered with Clonazepam, the benzodiazepine I take for sleeping. Last 2 days, I tried to wean off the benzo and last night I ended up waking up after 3 hours, wide awake ! Then took 2 gr of Inusitol (Vitamin B8) and drifted back into very light sleep, dreaming and waking up all the time. That night will barely carry me through the day. Sounds familiar right ?

I bought some Phenibut, I’ll wait for it before trying to wean off the benzo again.

With my regimen of diet, specific timing for sleep and supplements, I manage to have no pfs symptoms at all. But without it I’m back to where I was after I crashed. (or maybe not as bad. I don’t know. It’s not very tempting to stop everything just for the purpose of seeing how sick I am. Plus there’s no telling if that would shift my hormones / neurotransmitters balance again into a new state, for which I haven’t found a regimen yet.)

I’ll take the benzo again, sleep good again, and try different anxiolytic herbs, including Taurine and GABA, one by one, and see which one I can tolerate.

I’ll post the results under my regular Amino Acid For neurological symptoms thread.

I wish you all the best in your efforts to recover.