Found new claiming recovery


Can you describe what the Taurine made you feel like?


Well, That was 3 months after crashing so I may not have stabilized yet. I took some Taurine (1000mg) before sleep and had a horrible night. I can’t recall how exactly, I just remember taking it off my list.

Today I took 1000mg of Taurine, considering I washed out 50% of the Clonazepam out of my body already, I though I had an opportunity to try it.
So far so good, I don’t have any ill effects. I have moderately high brain fog since I ‘‘woke up’’ (as if I was sleeping before !) and the brain fog is due to last night’s bad sleep. It seems Sulforaphane and Tyrosine are not helping, however I can still focus and I’m motivated. Confidence is average, maybe a little low. Sex drive is intact and I’m feeling calm.

I’m tired but have to wait eleven hours before going to sleep. It’s gonna be one of these days…
But I’m not complaining. I’m lucky and have it easy compared to many others.

Update: I’m actually feeling really mellow. I’m tired, but I’ve been stressed and tired many times in the past. I’ll take another 1000 mg of Taurine around 4:30pm. Being mellow and relaxed is what it’s supposed to do, so maybe I am getting benefits from Taurine.

On another note, I took Sulforaphane with 500 mg of Broccoli extracts powder and a branch of raw broccoli today. This is in order to get the enzymes needed to metabolize Sulforaphane. Maybe I’ll get better results at boosting Allopregnanolone (by boosting 3a-HSD)