Finasteride treatment of hypersexuality


Finasteride treatment of hypersexuality associated with vascular dementia and underlying benign prostate hyperplasia

Background: It is known that there is a considerable change in sexual activity following stroke and dementia. Hypersexuality has no proven treatment, although reports have described reductions in hypersexual behavior using anti-psychotics or serotonergics. However, patients, whose sexual behavior did not respond to these medications, were intermittently observed in clinical practice. The purpose of this study is to describe the clinical effects of finasteride not only in BPH, but also in hypersexualism secondary to vascular dementia. Methods: Participants included 10 men(mean age: 76.40±3.64, range:73-82) with their problematic sexually related behaviors who were diagnosed as vascular dementia according to NINDS-AIREN criteria, who had already had lower urinary tract symptoms secondary to benign prostatic hyperplasia. Their sexual behaviors included cuddling, touching of the genitals, sexual remarks propositioning, grabbing and groping, use of obscene language and masturbating without shame. In all instances concern emanated from members of the nursing staff. The diagnosis of BPH was established standard urologic evaluation with the International Prostate Symptom Score (IPSS), quality of life (QoL) index, peak urinary flow rate (Qmax), ultrasound measurement of prostate volume, residual urine volume, assay of prostate specific antigen(PSA), and digital rectal examination. ultrasound measurement of prostate volume, assay of prostate specific antigen(PSA). From the studies, all of them were started on finasteride 5 mg once daily without any other medication which could influence on their abnormal behaviors except antidementia medications. Results: A few months after taking finasteride, all of the enrolled patients showed improvement of voiding symptoms and half of them showed amelioration of hypersexuality and no unwanted side effects. Conclusions: This study demonstrates that finasteride as an anti-androgenic effect decreased libido and hypersexual behavior without serious side effects in patients with vascular dementia and underlying BPH. Further studies that obviously define the response and long-term side effects of finasteride are needed to confirm our observations.


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Fun fact: one guy got hypersexual when he took fin and stayed hypersexual even after quitting fin. He also had a permanently itching scalp and was suicidal because of this.


Were all of us going to suffer BHP? Maybe finas helped us! XD


Yep, i do think that pfs is due to the hormone imbalance, more than just androgen deprivation maintained over time. After the imbalace, you body get another hormone profile, sometimes better, sometimes worse.
There are many people from accutane who got cured with one pill of finasteride.


Before pfs I had hyperandrogenism like itching scalp and seborrheic dermatitis. Only isotretinoin fixed temporary the problem.
Now I’m completely the opposite. Only a little oily skin, but itching scalp and dermatitis are completely over.


I wouldn’t be surprised if isotretinoin could fix PFS.


Seriously ? Where’s this at ? I wanna look into this lmao


How does this explain people like me who took two pills and are royally screwed up?


This is totally untrue.

There have only been 3-4 stories over the years of PAS patients using fin to treat Accutane side effects. One cycled fin continuously and 2 of them took fin for months. I can remember one more, but this person didn’t elucidate his fin dosage or duration.

There have also been stories, some posted on this site, of people with mild PAS made worse by finasteride.


Pretty much what Dubya said, if these are the same condition, more than likely now they are.
Your basically jumping off the bridge without a parachute and making sure you land in lava, double dipping, don’t ever do it.


I do not think accutane is a cure, at the end it works like finas. It is just that people who took finas nearly impossible they are going to take a single pill of finas never again. Tha same for postaccutane sufferers. But there are few people who took the other 5a blocker and it works. As said, you can get better or worse, you never know what new hormone balance and/or androgen sensitivity and/or density of receotors you will get…


Yeah. Your doubt is right.