Finasteride and allopregnanolone reduction

Apologies if this has been posted before but i was doing some reading and was surprised that it’s reported that Finasteride actually does lower allopregnanolone by this much. I thought low levels were only found in some PFS patients, not that it was proven the drug does this expectedly.


So I’m taking vortioxetine which has been shown to have an effect that somewhat decreases Gaba transmission and favors some glutamate. (Opposite to what fluoxetine does) does anyone know if this would lower my allo levels potentially? Or just inhibit Gaba a bit? I’m not worried about allopregnanolones effect on Gaba but it’s other Neuroprotective effects so I don’t want to reduce it.

Maybe it somehow inhibits GABA activity, but most importantly Vortioxetine is still a SSRI, so I believe it increases allo level. If you feel better mentally for the long time and not develop a tolerance, then it’s allo restoration.

I don’t think allo production is true of all ssris. For example escitalopram only functions as a serotonin reuptake inhibitor and sigma receptor antagonists and isn’t shown to have any effect on 3a-hsd as far as my own research has shown

Does anyone know how to go about getting your CSF tested for Neurosteroids? Do you have to be part of a study or can a doctor order it


How do we fix allopregnanolone levels?

That’s a hard one to answer, also not knowing if your symptoms are even due to low allopregnanolone (we all have different issues it seems). I would like to get this tested before I target this approach but that seems hard to do also. Currently the only things I’ve read about doing so on this website are taking certain SSRIs like fluoxetine (this can also be risky for some) or taking an allopregnanolone analogue like brexanolone (expensive) or wait for sage 217 to come out. If you go the ssri route Some people get their hands on such a low dose of fluoxetine that it still raises allo but doesn’t effect serotonin and in theory should be safer? This is something I haven’t tried

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Maybe Saint John’s wort?

I won’t touch that stuff it’s been shown to cause cataracts

Looks like this is 5β-Reductase hyperactivity. I mean high levels of etiocholanolone and epietiocholonalone.
Or this is just a regular activity amid the deficit of 5α-Reductase.

Allopregnanolone, like pregnenolone, directly inhibits sexual feeling - though it creates a kind of high, and might help libido a bit. It still sucks.
While Finasteride might lower allopregnanolone, I would still consider upregulated levels of it afterwards as a possible culprit, at least I doubt that low levels themselves are the problem (unless it is something further down the line of it).

Got any evidence for this statement?

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I think that this is a very important for all community.

Melcangi have a big reason

It is interesting to see that PFS is briefly mentioned in this article like a „normal condition“. It shows that we have made progress in awareness and acceptance of this condition.


Look I think it would be important for us to also find a temporary treatment that while they understand what else medicine could do gives us a dignified life … Without too much suffering … Even if I have to take cialis to work it will be fine the important thing is that they find something for the pain that this disease can bring for insomnia and for the depression that it can induce.

They are inhibitors of Glutamate and Allopregnenalone is one of the strongest activators of GABA (itself inhibitory). Others have also said this about pregnenolone. And I say so. Overall I don’t give a shit what anyone thinks though.
How about pressing the thread starter how allopregnanolone will help a cure. I attract animal minds on the internet somehow…

I never said allo was the “cure” but it’s been shown borderline non existent in a lot of pfs patients and might help in terms of anxiety or brain fog. I for one have much less brain fog when I’m not incredibly anxious and I’m relaxed

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