Finally started the process

Hey guys I finally got the balls to go get a blood chek done, i managed to get a good seven out of the how many are recommended in the shortlist. I just want to share my doctors perspective. At first hes like theres no way its all in your head. But than i told him about this site and how many of us there actually is. The first thing hes said is file a class action law suit, what ever happened to that I’m canadian my brother is a lawyer and hell do it all for free ive lost three years of my life and counting to this poison. Anyways I get the results next week cant wait to ses what my hormone picture looks like. Oddly enough he opened my file and tested my testosterone like one year right before i started this poison which is amazing cause now i have a base testoeron number to compare to. Out of a scale for 19 - 97 I was 94 which is probably why this is effecting me so badly. I’ll post my results as soon as they come up. On a side note Ive been working out and have no problems putting on muscle , if that means anything. Thank god for MEw adn this site!!!


If you’re Canadian, signup @

That’s great that you have something to compare against before the drug, it will come in handy.

What did you get tested for this time, and at what time (before 10am?)?

I signed up there but I haven heard from anyone in quite sometime.
As for the tests i dont remeber exactly but I think testosterone, prolactin, estrdoil, dht, shgb, 3 adigiol, and a couple other ones.
I’ll be finding out next week, I’m tired of geussing what wrong with me and am ready to find out what it is.

oh yeah i got testd at 1230 but only woke up at 11 … ive been waking up late for a while so 11 is like my morning

So i got partial results back… and my doc says im normal, which is funny cause last night I had trouble having sex with this new girl. I think allot of it is anxiety from the first failure but i got hard than lost it than got hard and almost lost it…blahhhhhh

He are the results
sTsh 1.75 .35-5.0 mIU/L
LH 3 1 - 9 IU/L
FSH 4 1 - 12 IU/L
Testosterone 24.5 8 - 38 nmol/l
Prolactin 15 <18 ug/l
Estradoil 71 <161 pmol/L

on another note my blood sugar was 3.2mmol/L out of a range of 3.6 - 7.0
and my Hermatocrit was .5 out of .38 - .49 which i dont htink is that big of deal, im wondering if the blood sugar is somehting to worry about. I’m also wondering if prolactin of 15 is something to worry about too, any ways to reduce that naturally? any comment?

It says tests to follow Free Testosterone and Dihydrotestosterone and sex hormone binding glob so maybe there still conducting those.


Prolactin has an effect on testosterone and ED and there was a guy on this board who had high prolactin and once he lowered it he got better. I don’t know if his recovery lasted or not. It can be lowered with drugs such as Cabergoline, which comes with its own set of sides.

I took a trip down to the supplement store and baught some vitamin b6 250mg pills, i heard that this will reduce prolactin so im gonna give this a shot first. I also plan on doing the broccoli treatment again the first time it really helped in the erection department, and on top i take omegas(mental health) ashwagahnda(anxiety) and milkthistle(liver)

I’ll keep reading here if ever something changes,

Ok I finally got my last three resutlts

Free Testosterone 46.9 31-94 pmol/l
Dihydrotestosterone 1350 860-34-6 pmol/l
Sex Hormone Binding Glob 36 13 - 71 nmol/l

Mew any word on these does my free testosterone look ok?

Prolactin is high, try to bring down

Free T is in lower end of range, Total T could probably stand to be higher. Try and bring those up via supplements like Tribulus/Tongkat Ali (check Natural Supplements section stickies for studies) and weight training.

Compared to your PRE Propecia T levels (94, range 19-97) your current Total T seems like it did drop a bit.

What time were these tests taken, before 10am?

It was at 12:30 but I only woke up at 11:00 AM if that makes a difference.

Hey guys I was thinking of taking a very low dose of Dostinex like .25mg a week to see if that can help lower my prolactin to say like under 5 and im thinking that would raise my free testosterone. What do you guys think I can get the drug without a prescription for like 130$ for three months worth. Ive hear after 6 months it can normalize prolactin and than i would come off. Maybe I had really high prolactin and the body is really slow to bring it down to the proper levels.


You might want to consider natural supplements first to see if they help.

Hey mew I ordere a product with tribulis and something called 6-Oxo in it which is a estrogen blocker aromates thingy, ever heard of it… I’ll get back to all to see if it helps… If I can feel good cycling test boosters I will be happy and move on

HEy guys i just found out 6-oxo got pulled of the shelves here in Canada by the FDA so i wont be receving my package,i dont suggest anyone take it especialy in that states. I will be taking tongkat ali …

hey hey hey, sooo guys ive tried every natural supplement in the book i cycled them and yeah they worked but they gave me too much testosterone i think. I was agravated emotional and could sleep so i dont htink the natural root is gonna help maybe on a as needed basis. I ordere some dostinex online which i plan on taking for only a month and .25mg every 4 days. I also stumbled upon to interesting studies one is not mastubatin for seven day ur testosteron will increase by 145% ive been trying this and it has helped, anything after 7 days is usless as it does not further increase im sure if you google it ull find it. Second i will past a study on how DHT decreases the secreation of prolactin soooo my theory is since we stop so much dht with propecia and all is left is a shit load of test and estrogen we all end up with high prolactin tumor or not u know… 15 is way too much for a guy my age i read somewhere that over 20 for chicks is bad …

heres the study

1-1-Prolactin secretion in the human male is increased by endogenous oestrogens and decreased by exogenous/endogenous androgens.

Gooren LJ, van der Veen EA, van Kessel H, Harmsen-Louman W, Wiegel AR.

There is evidence that prolactin may be involved in testicular steroidogenesis, and we have therefore investigated whether there is feedback regulation of androgens/oestrogens on prolactin secretion in the human male. To assess this we have measured basal and TRH-stimulated prolactin levels in: Six eugonadal men before and after 2 weeks’ administration of the aromatase inhibitor delta’-testolactone, which led to a fall in oestradiol levels with unchanged levels of testosterone. In these patients, prolactin levels decreased. Six eugonadal subjects before and after 6 weeks’ administration of dihydrotestosterone undecanoate. In these subjects, prolactin levels decreased. Six agonadal subjects, tested after 12 weeks’ treatment with dihydrotestosterone undecanoate and compared to: Six agonadal subjects who received no sex steroid treatment. Again, it was found that dihydrotestosterone treatment decreased prolactin levels in patients from Group C. Six eugonadal subjects were also studied before and after 6 weeks’ administration of the androgen receptor antagonist, spironolactone, and this treatment increased Prl secretion. It is concluded that in the human male, endogenous oestrogens increase prolactin secretion whilst exogenous/endogenous androgens decrease prolactin secretion.

im gonna try dostinex for a month and thats it since nothing should be pushing mine up like a tumor i think this amount should work. ive been reading allot on body building sites and some of these guys get similar symptons from doing steroids like tren or deca… in fact they call ED DECA dick …lol a few guys cured deca dick with only one or two doses of dostinex im hoping this will help me \

keepo everyone posted…

BTW tongkat ali is amazing made me shoot two meters in the air …


Hey guys I got a new set of test done through ZRT labs all through saliva, my doc is so ignorant after countless appointments i finally have an appointment with a uro for some mild ed issues, but my real issue is anxiety and the hell it puts me through, result are as follows
Estraiodl 1.2 range .5-2.2
Progesterone 27 range 12-100
Testosterone 108 range 44-148
DHEAS 12.8 range 2-23
Cortisol Morning 3.8 range 3.7-9.5
Cortisol Noon 1.4 range 1.2-3
Cortisol evening .8 range .6-1.9
Cortisol night .3 range .4-1 ****

I feel the worst at night :wink: Im happy my testoteron isnt so low but i attribute this too my rediculous weight lifting routine, my cortisol is really low and for the last two days i drank a cup of licorice tea and it seems to help, but i dont think this will be the ultimate solution. All these herbs just throw me out of wack, what to do, all the info on the internet reccomends different herbs and relaxing but ive tried them all and ive never felt 100% closest too good is like 65%. On a side not taking larginine and pycnogenol pretty much restored morning and nocturnal erections. But damn anxiety keeps me from living life in general…
Anyone with a similar story/case … I think were all predispostioned for some kind of a disorder and in each and every case it will trigger something different for us all, for example me low cortisol, the next guy low testosteron, so all of you searching of the one cure all are shotting and rim too small. I dont think testosteron is my problem i think cortisol is what do i do now


I agree on the herbs throwing you out of whack. I’ve stopped all but Horny Goat Weed occasionally. That and L-Arginine and Vitamin D are all I take.

Where the cortisol tests takin in blood or saliva or urine?

I too have lowish cortisol levels. Id be insterested to know what your sideeffects are today?


I have some mild ed, and allot of anxiety, low blood sugar. What have you been doing for your low cortisol, what symptoms do you have

I use to have alot of anxiety but better now. I never tested to have low blood sugar but i sure do feel like it. Never really had ed problems. Libido issues from time to time but hmm i think its 2ndary to my other big problem, my stomach. You dont feel horny when your stomach is pissed off… Bloating, pain, hemoroids and im sensitive to alot of foods these days.

I went on a low gi no gluten diet. This has helped alot but unfortunetly not 100%.

I dont eat bread pasta rice (unless brown sometimes) candy, chocolate, alcohol, sodas, ice cream etc. Basicly nothing with sugar or any kind of corn it it.

I ask again. Was your cortisol levels taking in blood or salive or urine?