Fin shrunk my junk

This topic is only around shrinkage -no impotence or any other sides. Penis, scrotum and testicle shrinkage - anyone been able to reverse somewhat. And if so how

From what I can tell around here you and I were the worst cases of shrinkage. Mine was 50% shrunk overnight. I literally went to bed one night above average and woke up next morning tiny. That probably is the worst part of this entire ordeal for me. Just praying that someday its reversable to some point if not entirely. I asked both Shippen and Jacobs about this and both seem to believe its possible to reverse it. Accompanied with the shrinkage for me is this constant dead pain feeling from my penis. On a scale from 1 to 10 sometimes its a 2 and sometimes its a 6 or 7, but its always there. The DHT gel I think helped with the pain aspect but hasnt done much for overall shrinkage.

I didnt really get much testicular shrinkage. But has been some changes there. Testicles don’t feel firm and healthy. They’re alot more mushy since Fin. Right one may have shrunk some. And I get the odd low hang sometimes like others have described.

btw - I believe there is already a thread for “shrinkage”. So this might get moved there.

Boston 332 -Probably - I can honestly say that this is my worst, most persistent side. I never really got the mental/fatigue issues other have had. I would take impotence with normal size now…

While you were above average, I was probably average pre so 50% shrinkage is awful. I cannot imagone going to a gym anymore and I cannot stand the way my junk hangs (or points forward rather than hangs. I am starting to forget the way I was.

I do believe from brief periods of reversing the shrinkage that we can get back to the way we were before; I just don’t know how…


As of today my shrinkage has probably improved about 10%-20% overall as I approach a year off Fin. Penis is still a mess really. More fiberous, thinner, the prominent vein on the left side like some others talk about, etc. In July of last year I had about an 80% resolution of all my side effects including shrinkage. But that didnt last. Its odd you dont have ED along with shrinkage. I don’t know what to make of that.

No - I have it. When in its worst state nothing helps; lots of numbness. If not fully shrunken, I can use Levitra

When i was taking minomycin it seemed like flacid size had increased a bit…

Maybe worth a try… it cant hurt.

Thanks Mikey - what is minomycin?? Is it an antibiotic?

Ironically, yesterday was one of my best days in quite some time - shrinkage was only 25-35% as bad as normal, ball size was also not as bad and scrotum was not all shrunken up. Nothing really changed except the night before and yesterday had a good amount of alchohol and ate quite a bit. Same thing happened over the holidays. One thing that was even more noticable was my junk actually had a bit of color (blush) - and felt warm vs. cold. I also have the flu going around my house and feel like I am fighting it although I do not have it. Should take my body temperature…

Yes, It is a bacteriostatic antibiotic with a fairly long half life. Its often perscribed for acne and mostly for men only.

can u explain me how an antibiotic can reverse shrinkage? :open_mouth:

Alot of guys say they feel much better on antibiotics but I really have no idea how that could affect hormones, AR singal/gene expression, etc.

i felt better after antibiotics, but no reversing shrinkage.

i’m slowly recovering shrinkage in this period, maybe because for time.
but i like to think that my protocol “hi dose vit E” helped me in this

My junk has shrink since stopping phyn. It’s bad all around. When flaccid, it’s smaller…when hard, it’s smaller…and after ejaculation, it’s the smallest. A sad sight.

Antibiotics affect the immune system and the immune response plays a role, how big we don’t yet know, but it does.

anyone tryied test cream for reversing shrinkage?
andractim gel or other things …

i think it works temporary

I’m on TRT and andractim gel. For me the gel seems to help w/pain but hasnt done much for my shrinkage or ED.

when u started to use it and at which dosage?

to all, which was your shrink pattern?
for me was slow shrink in the middle and right side of corpora cavernosa.
corpus spongiosum and glans were unaffected

All over shrinkage for me; like a balloon deflated overnight.

Franks and beans…

Ditto. Worst part for me, requires constant readjusting. It’s came back in the last week and I’m holding off on trying more weed until after my appointment this weekend.

Well, if some of the androgen studies on rats can apply to us it would suggest we can rebuild that tissue when we figure out what happened to us. But, I can definately sympathize with you. The “shrinkage” issue is probably the worst thing for me to handle psychologically. Also, I still have penile pain on a daily basis…

I don’t think the tissue needs to be rebuilt. Mine corrects as quickly as a day sometimes. The tissue is still fine it’s a question of internal hormone balance to get it back to normal.

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