Experiences with attempting CDNUTS protocol.

I want to make a thread about people’s experiences with using the CDNUTS protocol. A few things I want to mention before I get started:

I first posted this in the recovery section. But I decided that member stories is the best place. So please disregard the exact same thread in recoveries and post here in this thread under member stories.

I am not claiming to know what the exact causes of PFS is. I am not attempting to tell anyone that I believe “homebrew” is the way to go. I am not telling anyone that it’s best to use their money on buying the necessary supplements, T boosting herbs or Pro hormones that are involved in the CDNUTS protocol over donating their money to the foundation.

This thread is simply for the purpose of giving people the opportunity to share their experiences with attempting one of the best if not the best protocol ever to be discussed on this forum. its clear that CDNUTS was just as messed up as the average PFS sufferer and it is also clear that he made a full recovery that does not depend on ANY prescription medications or hormones to maintain. With this said, I don’t believe his protocol has been giving a fair chance by enough members on this website.

His methods are not easy and therefor I understand if people do not want to try it. But I am trying it as I believe the small amount of guys who have followed his methods while mirroring these methods exact or something close to exact have recovered or made major progress. I’m familiar with some, for example:

bizzybee- Active member who has been following the methods of CDNUTS for some time now and who has made major improvements.

Three other Guys suffering from PFS who are currently getting assistance from CDNUTS on another website who have almost recovered.

It’s important that more guys try his protocol. The basics of his protocol are this:

  1. Get your body clean. This is done by water fasting, Juice fasting or a fruit and veggie only diet. CDNUTS in his recovery thread recommended one two week water or juice fast. It’s important to keep in mind that during his recovery he has done several fasts during his journey to recovery.

  2. Cycle DHT pro hormones in 4-6 week cycles. CDNUTS in his recovery thread said that he did six week cycles. He has done at least four cycles of AndroHard from PP. This product is not for sale anymore because it’s been shut down by the FDA. You would have to know someone to get your hands on it and even than it would be an old bottle that has been sitting around for a while. There are two well known alternatives that are currently available which are Andro 300 and Alpha Hard.

  3. Proper PCT/Proper Testosterone maintenance via PCT and Natural Herb/T boosters cycling, The way step two and three look is like this:

DHT pro hormone cycle for 4-6 weeks (6 weeks better for best chance of increasing 5AR activity)

PCT for four weeks COMBINED with cycling of natural T boosting herbs.

Another one or two months (one month better for sake of moving onto next cycle quicker) of cycling natural T boosting Herbs

This is one complete cycle. The idea is to do these cycles until you recover/ notice improvements. If after let’s say two complete cycles you are not making progress than fasting again may not be a bad idea even though the protocol only calls for one fast.

These are the basics. The purpose of this thread is to trade stories and experiences with following this protocol. The protocol is about being able to recover with out the continuing need of taking prescriptions meds/hormones. It’s about constantly moving your body little by little back into the right direction by using a one hundred percent natural approach.

What this thread is not about:

People bitching and crying and using this thread as a support group.

Peoples opinions on what PFS is, what is going on in the studies, why they don’t like this protocol or other protocols and why they are victims because the system let them down. It’s important to keep this thread on topic, I don’t care about any of this other BS.

It’s time to work with this forum and not against it. It’s important not to give up and submit to this. This forum is a weapon if you understand how to use it. Let’s take this back to the good old days and make progress using the best protocol invented by probable the most intelligent member ever to have posted on this forum. Let’s do this by remembering one important thing:

Four or five guys actually followed this protocol and they are currently cured or almost cured and living normal life’s.

The more people who contribute to this thread in a POSITIVE manner the more we can put this protocol into practice

The goals of this thread should be as follows:

Document people’s progress cleaning their bodies before stimulating 5AR activity with DHT pro hormones and by keeping their testosterone levels at good levels using PCT and herbs.

Discuss the best T boosting herbs to cycle and the best DHT pro hormones to cycle.

Encourage each other and support each other during difficult times such as fasting periods.

Let’s get a good group of us working on this and let’s keep these bitchy wine bags off of here. This is not home brew or people discussing theories. This is natural treatments to improve your health. So please the guys with PMS just stay the fuck off of this thread and go continue to have your periods somewhere else in your little support group threads.

Here is where I am at with this protocal.

Three weeks ago I finished my first fast. It was a seven day juice fast. I lost about ten pounds. It was very difficult watching myself get that skinny. By the time I was done I was weighing about 180 pounds. I started off light to begin with thanks to a back injury that has prevented me from lifting.

I have gained ten pounds sense of water weight/lean muscel and I am weighing 190 now. I lost the small amount of stomach fat I had gained from falling out of my work out routine. I feel light, clean and back on track.

PFS symptoms remain but this experience with my first fast has provided me with what it takes to be strict enough to stay on a one hundred percent paleo diet. For some time now I have been eating close to a paleo diet with some cheats. Now for three weeks I’m one hundred percent paleo. My digestion system has improved greatly. Other than improved digestion and being in better shape I have not noticed any other improvments post fast.

I am curruntly in the progress of getting the necessary herbs, pct and DHT pro hormone to do my first cycle. I’m shooting for June 1st or July 1st for my first cycle. I still have some more cleaning to do. After I recover the rest of my weight and muscel I’m going to clean again. I will do this by doing a 14 day juice fast or a month long veggie and fruit only diet. My logic is that perhaps a 7 day juice fast that I already did followed my strict paleo already has me clean enough to the point that if I do a one month fruit and veggie only diet I will now be clean enough to run my first cycle. Although I will still experience weight loss again on a one month fruit and veggie only diet I believe a month of this will still cause less weight loss than a 14 day juice fast.

But the truth is the protocal calls for a limit of one two week water or juice fast so to set a good example I may just have to force my self to do another 14 day juice fast and deal with the weight loss

PLEASE everyone who has any experience with any of the aspects of the CDNUTS protocal post here.

seems like there would be a big caloric difference between a water fast and a juice fast. I don’ think I could do either one for as long as you did because I need the social interaction that meals provide. I did do a 3 day juice fast. Of course if you are able to show that it works I would do it even if that meant going to a deserted island!

I will post on any progress here within a couple of months. I am slowly edging back towards 70% recovery as I was last summer and early fall. I fell off the wagon this past fall and early winter. I can tell you for sure that this will knock you back very quickly if you don’t keep it up consistently. The winter with the unusual amount of snow and cold in my area precluded me from doing high intensity cardio and getting plenty of sunshine. I believe you must have BOTH strength training and HIIT cardio integrated into a recovery program, either/or will not work. I will be getting tested this week to see where I’m at, I suspect vitamin d to be low. Vitamin d is crucial it seems. I also fell off the wagon in terms of diet. I can attest to this as also being detrimental to progress. I started eating a lot of junk food. Not quite ready for this yet. Today I feel about 60%, actually did my first sprints up a hill since last fall and felt really good afterwards. Getting erections is no problem. Sleep screwed up from last fall’s binge on junk food and caffeine. Slowly improving here as well. It’s all too easy to lose discipline once you start feeling really good (around 60-70%). Crashes occur about once every few months now and last about a couple of days if not less. Crashes used to occur about once a week only a year ago and just slowly started to decrease in frequency and duration. Started taking Vit D supplement (5000 IU) once per day, 5 days a week. Cold showers help somewhat. I believe the key is to stay consistent no matter what and try to get lots of sunshine, don’t incubate yourself indoors for too long, get out more. Excited to try the andro 300 DHT prohormone this summer. Will report back on results. Good luck to you all.

Excellent thread. We are in the same boat. I too haven’t been able to lift because of a back injury. I’m better now though. Paleo helped me with this too, as has ddp yoga. I have been cheating on my meal plans, but it’s time to get back on the wagon and add daily resistance training and HIIT again as well.

I have to say I only read the recovery section because especially sexual side effects can get worse if the psychology isn’t in the right place, so I only focused on positive can-do type threads as I’ve been reading this board. Good initiative to start another one of those threads and I agree it’s astounding how few people have really tried the cdnuts protocol in earnest.

Don’t forget japanther… he also recovered completely from severe fin sides with the cdnuts protocol. I read all of his posts as well. Have not read bizzybee’s posts yet but will do that next.

About me and my journey to recovery:

I came off propecia almost 2 years ago and I have partially recovered, but not completely. The main two symptoms remaining are

  1. Decreased libido… I kinda don’t give too much of a shit about women which bugs me cause I used to enjoy that game more than anything.
  2. Decreased sensitivity… I have trouble cumming on round 2 and sometimes even on round 1, especially with a condom. Condoms didn’t use to bother me at all because I still got a lot of pleasure even with them, but now I routinely take them off especially when drunk, which is not good at all obviously.
  3. Gyno… fucking gyno. It’s not as bad as some but bad enough that girls comment on it and play around with it which bugs the shit out of me.

I have some other issues that might or might not be related to fin, such as phantom smells and getting less joy out of life in general (probably related to hormones).

I’m going to get comprehensive testing done in a lab this week (vitamins, minerals, hormones, food intolerance, etc.). My plan now is to start on a strict paleo diet in a few days when I’m back in my home town (currently traveling), combined with daily workouts and intermittent fasting.

In a month or two I will fly to Chicago to do a supervised 4 week juice fast. After that, back to the paleo/workout regiment, plus the supplements cdnuts recommends.

I’ll stay away from hormones and such for now and see if I can fix this au naturale, especially since my sides aren’t quite as bad as cdnuts’. If not, I’ll do the DHT prohormone stuff too.

On a side note… the more I’m in the sun, the better I feel. I have definitely noticed that. Will also start supplementing with vitamin D as well soon. Everything is difficult to come by here (I’m in the Philippines at the moment).

Let’s kick syndrome’s ass. I’m not gonna sit around and cry about it especially since there are 6 recoveries we know of. Most people never follow through on anything, much less with the required diligence. Which is why most people are in debt, overweight and never ask out the girl of their dreams. But I believe if we grab this issue by the balls we can recover 100%, as others have done before us.

Also, I’m with 5 alpha: no whining will be tolerated by me on this thread, at all. If anyone comes here to cry about how natural recovery is impossible or wrong, they will get bitch slapped by me the way cdnuts has bitch slapped many negative nancies before us.



P.S.: Thanks for starting this thread and summarizing the protocol here. Great work.

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Excellent thread. I’m 1000% convinced that The key ingredient To cure is tboosting herbs. All recoveries I’ve found suggest The use of these Herbs.

One thing we should avoid is drugs, specially weed because thc is like propecia To our brains.

I think that we just NEED To know The way To make this herbs working all The time we decided To cycle it. If you check light at The end, Beekay, elb recoveries you will see that just like cdnuts they had ups and downs with an upward scale. But all of them could take these herbs and they would work all The time I had some experience with it and I felt 75% cured But I got crashed again from too much drugs even got an intervention from my family.

Lets find out How To use these herbs and get cured!

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Brazilian guy - THC acts like propecia? Do you have a source for that?

Moderators - how much longer til my posts get auto approved? They’re taking a long time to show up on the board, please check my post history. I don’t have a lot of posts but if you read them you will see they’re legit.


I have a couple of random questions. First, you said people were getting advise from cdnuts on another website. Which other website is that?
Also, cdnuts diet protocol was paleo diet with carb backloading on days he did weight training, if I’m remembering correctly. I started following this diet a couple of months ago and had some promising results. For anyone else who has done this I have a question: with carb backloading you are supposed to start with a 10 day carb fast before you begin, which I’ve done. However over the holiday I broke the carb backloading protocol and ate a whole lot of carbs on two back to back non-training days. Does this mean I have to do the 10 day carb fast all over again?

Just curious, what are your thoughts on thc and its effects on our brains? I honestly can’t decide how I feel about the effects of weed for me. Sometimes I’ll smoke and get a surge of sensitivity and blood flowing down there, but other times I’ll smoke and be convinced its making me worse.

If you google marijuana effects on testosterone, sperm, etc you will se it’s not good for your health.
I smoked a lot of kinds of weed. It is not that fast that you will notice The down sides of weed. I was noticing I was sleeping worse, waking up worse, less orgasm, less ejaculation, more flacid penis, more brain fog, more gynecomastia. Basically I was getting worse pfs. So I decided To test one week of a lot of weed and then I needed To go To a hospital because of some problems then I noticed that weed was making me worse.

Which t-boosting herbs are recommended please?

I want to try them. Thank you very much.

Hey mevoyacurar, mira la lista en el otro topico. :slight_smile:


Worth going through the whole thread… I even went through all of cdnuts posts.

Hello All,

I just received lab results back. Total testosterone two years ago was 351 ng/dL. It is now 466 ng/dL. Endo said it won’t go above 400, he don’t know shit. I used to “crash” every week or so back then. Now it only comes about once every few months. Then again, it may have only been luck, maybe the veggie juicing and bench press and all that hard fucking work had nothing to do with it.

Hi bizzbee333,
I also took finasteride for 2 years and my testosterone levels were also 350ng/dL when I quitted… They are increasing little by little as well. Did you start taking finasteride when you were 20?

Best wishes following Cdnuts protocol!

Pomegranate, gracias por tu respuesta :wink:

I have found this list regarding testosterone-boosting herbs :

Tongkat Ali
He Shou Wu
Polyrhachis Ant Extract
Pine Pollen
Nettle Root

I would want to know which ones are more recommended or if they are others more useful not listed. Also what dosis and regimen you advice and where can I buy them.

I have read cdnuts topic and whilst I have understood which steps he took regarding fasting, vitamins and exercises there is little information about HERBS. That’s why I ask you.

Thank you very much!

I started finasteride when I was about 22.

Watch out for Nettle Root, It increases T by blocking 5AR conversion to DHT.

Post crash I fluctuated between T levels of 450 - 200 on tests and I was getting tested every couple months at first. I was being careful on my diet only because I was to weak to do much else. I felt only slightly better with artificially inflated T levels of 1100, and yes E levels were in range just slightly elevated. Something more is amiss here then simple T/E. In my case very low cortisol. I am working on that now and its having a much larger impact on my overall functionality then T/E adjustment alone. Now I can actually hit the gym again and feel pretty good. Still not back to normal but better.

Anyway Just be really careful with T booster supplements. I have seen all to often they come packed with Saw Palmetto or Nettle Root and those will fuck you right up.

I agree. Err on the side of caution with these.

marijuanna can be a 5ar inhibitor too. I believe the sativa strain is and the indica strain is not.

Agree Moonman… Fuck MJ will lower your hormone levels. Why fuck with something that by itself is proven to cause anhedonia and lower critical male hormone levels. Unless you have given up and like feeling like shit.

Yes RSO thread Fuck you! You guys are 100% Stupid.