Empty scrotum line? What the hell?

I just realized i had a full feeling thick line on my scrotum. Now it is gone! Barely noticable. It was very sensitive before. Im talking about the line that starts from under your testicles, between perineum. The line is gone! And im noticing this shit after 5.5 years?

How is this even possible, are we really traumatized that much we don’t notice these things at the moment? Is this scrotum line disappears afer puberty or is this abnormal?

mine has been gone too

can anyone check it and write please ?

do you mean on the scrotum? or between scrotum and asshole?

Between. On perineum. There was a line- tissue there.

didnt even bother checking ever in my life lol , so I dont know

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i developed a hole down there…i remember one month in fin i woke up in the middle of the night with very strong and painfull boner with a strong pain in the perineum tendent its like something is detached.

i think i have the same, as far as I can remember the line was thick (like a thread sewn).
Also a bit sensitive to the touche (not painful).
Now its gone, barely visible to the eye.

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