Empty scrotum line? What the hell?

I don’t know about the Connection between scrotum line and PFS or ED but I can just say for myself that I still have the line, but also have a ED.
So in my case it seems to have no connection.

I’d put pelvic floor pain and muscle loss in a separate category from full body muscle loss and aches. I experienced general muscle loss on my arms, legs and chest from the first month of PFS, but I only began noticing perineum area changes much later.

Hey Dennis, can you please describe the line. I need to be sure.

As i remember, and from others info, that line must be at least half a centimeter thick/prominent on your skin.

Now, mine is maybe half a millimeter. Almost gone. Before PAS it was maybe even 1cm thick. It was like a thread/ yarn line.

And was sensitive/ enjoyable to touch. I remember shaving that area and it was difficult to not cut it.

Are you sure you still got your Perineal Raphe?

Yes for me it’s still a bit more sensitive then the other skin around this area and also visible on my Perineal Raphe and Scrotum. To be honest I don’t know exactly if it’s same thick like before because I never paid attention to it before SP but I feel so far not a noticeable difference.
I’m also just 2 month after stopped SP so maybe it will still change during the time I don’t know.
But I think more that it is not connected to my problems and that’s it.
Maybe it is also just a possible side effect which is not noticed by all of us like with other sides too.

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This is a very sensitive part of the body because it deals with birth trauma. Some know about it because they were told by their parents or girlfriends, others find out from situations like PFS. Like many others here I have a suspicion that we still have bits of Fin or Saw stuck in our bodies, probably mostly in the liver, and that small amount is enough to not only give us lingering side effects that undermine our healing and full recoveries but new symptoms that make surprise appearances years after.

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The explanation they tell us such as on those links about the line being fused in the womb several weeks after conception is mostly a lie. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but most kids around the world are transgendered after birth. Those who were born girls had their opening sewn shut so they have a bumpy line even as adults. And those who are born boys had their parts removed and were turned into girls. So that is why the world is now full of short balding men and tall shapeless women.

To further promote sex changes Fin, Iso, Dut and Saw extracts were likely designed or selected as secret transgender drugs after that one study of DHT-deficient boys in the Dominican Republic in the 1970s. So we are suffering many horrible changes because our bodies are gender confused. We are experiencing some of the same things that transgender girls do while doing HRT! Are you angry now? Angry enough to shake this off and get cured I hope.

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Oh my god no no! Wait, please check your pm.

What are you on about :joy:


@Importantbrain Can you please check out your perineal raphe since you are cured? Thanks. Pls read the messages here for further info.

I just realized and remembered that this line also continues on the testicles.

There should be a thick serrated tissue like line on our testicles. Right on the middle. Sensitive to touch.

I can see mine a little bit. But it is melted on the skin. Probably yours too, whoever reads this.

It was thick and much more visible before.

I think this kinda explains the AR deficiency on the genital skin!

I just want a confirmation from recovered cases if this is returned back too, not that i care its existence, i just wonder it scientifically.

It could help us to understand the PFS better. If anyone knows someone recovered and still active here, pls tag him.

@Livid171 I hope you can see this. You helped me a lot before.

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Mine is gone too.

Why would it return! The question should be has your feminized body recovered and become muscular and hairy?

C’mon dude.

If anyone knows active recovered members, please tag them to this thread.

When I stopped this poison, I started with multiple changes. One of them is just that.

Everything below the line has been lost and my skin hangs a lot from there. In fact now when I sleep my testicles come towards me.
I imagine this happens to old people. This crap has turned me into an old man. My whole fucking body has changed.


I still have a black line there. It’s pretty thin but definitely noticeable. I don’t remember it being any larger or particularly sensitive.

Correct. But to be honest the memory that I have of the line being very thick and present is from quite a while ago, perhaps even when I was still in puberty. I just dont know how long ago exactly. It isnt like I was feeling it with my fingers all the time.

@Hbcap Sorry for bombarding with questions, hard to catch current recovered people.

Can you please check out if your scrotum line is now there or not? It is called perineal raphe.

Please try to remember how thick it was before PFS if you could, meh, you can even google some images to see what it looks like on other males…

It should start on the middle of your testicles and go all the way down to anus. Visible to see, and sensitive to touch, thick fat tissue like a line.

This is important because it can explain if we have AR issues on our genital skin or not. Thanks!

I never noticed this line, probably because I wasn’t paying attention to it…even before using Roaccutane. However, while it is not really visible…I can steel feel it when I touch it.

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Would you say it is thick enough? Mine is nearly melted away. Before it was at least 1.5 mm thick from the skin.

Thanks. Do you have also skin insensivity symptoms like on scalp or genitals?