Ejaculation without sensation treatments

I’m trying to keep a list of treatments that have improved people’s ejaculatory anhedonia or cured it, please add if you had success with any treatments listed or you have one to add. I plan on trying everything on the list that is at least the safer options.

  1. mirapex - dopamine promoter

  2. TRT and arimidex - raise Testosterone lower Estrogen

  3. Mifepristone which blocks prog, cortisol and androgen receptors

  4. Vemo/Medi-herb Tribulus,

  5. T4 and NAC

  6. Oral DHT

  7. Testosterone gel

  8. Phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors

  9. Yohimbine hydrochloride alpha 2 blockers

Has clomid ever helped this? I am the same as you as I don’t feel anything when I ejaculate. Can say I’ve tried tribulus with no success as well as NAC

Topical DHT cream applied anywhere near the pudendal nerve.

Hint: Results might reveal etiology…

I think cialis has improved my orgasms and sensitivity.

I’ve used DHT in a oral form with no success, have you cured yourself with this treatment? How do you get close to the pudental nerve?

Is cabergoline also included in category 1? I also got information about oxytocin sprays.

have you read @Sibelios success with cream directly on the pudendal nerve?

Where can we read more about this?

Read my post here. Higher up in the same thread I also give links to older threads where I describe my earlier experience with topical DHT.

Topical DHT application on key areas does have an effect on contraction strength and pleasure during orgasm.

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Do you find it increases visual lust or merely the mechanics of ‘down below’?

I will have to give it a try, I have used oral DHT and oral Testosterone with no luck, it does seem like people are having success with creams which I have never tried. It makes sense with how are symptoms feel almost like a lost connection between the brain and genitals.

Any side effects? Has it made you lose more hair?

Update: I was talking with Dr. Goldstein he said he would prescribe several of these drugs. He will not prescribe Mifepristone he says it’s got a lot of side effects add it’s essentially birth control.

As far as the DHT cream I heard it is not FDA approved in the US but you can get it from Europe, do you know the name or brand?

Please update us if anything works for you @voice. Nothing has helped me in this department

Have you tried any of the drugs listed?

Tribulus and NAC. I’m not interested in TRT at 27

Treatment - tried Vyleesi twice a week, harder erections a little higher libido but no change in orgasm

Trying cabergoline, anastrozole and clomiphene - so far no change in orgasm, slightly lower libido and ejaculation barely comes out, will quit in one week if I see no improvements


@voice what do you think about HCG for our orgasm problem? Others seem to be having mixed success following joekools protocol

The thing that helped me was completely and totally unexpected. It is relaxing the pelvic floor. You will need to work on this - but that’s the strange thing - it is the opposite of work. You need to avoid tensing the pelvic floor at all and completely relax your muscles when engaging in sexual activity. I started this approx 6 months ago and have restored a lot of orgasmic sensation. It has been a huge breakthrough for me. I am very glad with the results.

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