ejaculation with out sensation


how many people have ejaculation and erection but no sense of pleasure.

I just want to kind of get an idea i working on a forum for that problem and just wondered how many people have this side effect it seems like a bunch of people have it on the website below.

hisandherhealth.com/cgi-bin/ … 000324;p=0


I have this condition and have also seen the forum you have posted. No one seems to know how to solve the problem. I’ve been seeing a psychiatrist that specializes in sexual dysfunction, but every medicine he has tried has just made things worse. He means well and wants to help, but I think we are really on our own.

I only recently realized that I have regular anhedonia too, not just sexual anhedonia. This means that I can’t get excited about anything really. Buying a new car or listening to a great tune on the radio does nothing for me. I also have a lot of trouble giving or feeling affection.

I’ve become obsessed with reading forums and researching this stuff online, but we’re really all in the same boat. There are supplements you can take that treat some of the symptoms, but we’ll never be “normal” until we figure out the root of the problem.


pretty strong post. its easy to be miserable and bitter towards everything with this crap lingering over your head. unfortunately the very thing you described is associated more with overall depression than finasteride. however finasteride side effects ulitmately lead to symptoms/signs of depression.

reading forums is great…only if ur grabbing the positives from them and are trying the very things that helped others.
good luck


does anyone have erections after they ejaculate. I am usually able to have erections after i ejaculate but now it is like my penis is waiting to expirence orgasm and i cant. I was wondering does anybody have this effect (just trying to find things in common) Shippen thinks it might be a genetic reaction to the drug like people who are alergic to dust are something maybe we can find an answer if we have things in common i dont know


is it possible to misure what Shippen says that is genetic? so you can be sure if it is or not.


i dont think i understand what you are saying


I think he meant “is it possible to MEASURE what Shippen says that is genetic”


Hi voice, i have a similar problem to yours. Im trying to find similar guys like me in this forum. I used only 4 pills of Accutane, and experiencing low semen ‘‘volume’’ some morning wood loss and duller orgasms for 4 years! Erections and libido are all fine. Im 20 years old now. Have you find any solution to your problem? I cant pm people, are there any pm option here tho?
Please contact with me…


I have the same issues


I lost ability to feel satisfied. I feel my stimulation and ejaculation fine but in my head there’s no release. It considerably lessens the pleasure and excitement of orgasming. Same with anything really I feel like I’m in a perpetual hangover.