Effects of the dutasteride and sildenafil association in the penis of a benign prostatic hyperplasia animal model

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So basically rats are prone to the same sexual PFS sides as humans correct? From what I just read they get the same changes to the genitals as we do?

They sure do although getting changes to genitals is not the same as having PFS.



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I am but for some reason each time I get on a computer it has me download the metabase it’s really confusing the hell out of me. I’m mostly using my phone when I’m online

I was thinking about posting this paper and some interesting excerpts from it on the tressless group on Reddit but I decided against it. I am only human…

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Here is the link Post-Drug Syndrome Surveys
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I would advise to use your comptuer for the sruvey.

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So Viagra worsened pfs or these structural changes in a way in this study? That’s surprising. It increases blood flow. What else does it do? So a person now needs to question even taking Ed medication to treat side effects?

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