Due to memory problems and brainfog I am unable to start a decent career

I would love to become a programmer and am currently studying to become one, but I have become acutely aware of how badly my brainfog and memory problems are holding me back when it comes to trying to learn how to program. This is a really depressing state of affairs; even the jobs that I can possibly get are limited by the intelligence lowering effects of PFS. Honestly I feel like given the current state of my mind, it would take a long time to become a programmer, significantly longer than it would take most other people. As I said before in the title, this has a lot to do with memory problems and also brainfog; its almost impossible to keep everything together in my mind. Its so frustrating

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Same here man, I tried passing the real estate exam but can’t even pass the test due to cognitive impairment I can’t comprehend questions at all it’s very foreign to me now

Yeah, I know what you mean. Most of the time I don’t really have brain fog but some days it just comes and I feel like retard. I managed somehow to get my CCNA certificate and got e Network Engineer job, this is what I wanted to do, but I ak struggling as some days I am brain fogged, the other days if I am not i have this flu-like pain and hypersensitivity in my legs and on top of that my joints are completely fucked. Dunno how long I can handle this shit. Before PFS I was smashing them and I know if I was fine now I could have achieved that career with ease, bit this is not my case at the moment…

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Try ozephs blog see if anything there can help


@AaronF man, what are you going to do then? Unfortunately for me it seems almost like I’ll always have to settle when it comes to finding a job since all the nice ones require a highly functioning brain. Its pretty depressing

@tisho1012 sorry to hear that, at least you have partial functionality though, thats something haha

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Not sure I have a small business I run online but I know I can be making way more if I become a real estate agent, I have the right connections. I just don’t have anymore motivation to pass that test with brain fog it’s incredibly difficult, I just want to make enough to live on my own and leave my parents house but I’ve had to just come to terms with this stupid condition.