Due to memory problems and brainfog I am unable to start a decent career

I would love to become a programmer and am currently studying to become one, but I have become acutely aware of how badly my brainfog and memory problems are holding me back when it comes to trying to learn how to program. This is a really depressing state of affairs; even the jobs that I can possibly get are limited by the intelligence lowering effects of PFS. Honestly I feel like given the current state of my mind, it would take a long time to become a programmer, significantly longer than it would take most other people. As I said before in the title, this has a lot to do with memory problems and also brainfog; its almost impossible to keep everything together in my mind. Its so frustrating

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Same here man, I tried passing the real estate exam but can’t even pass the test due to cognitive impairment I can’t comprehend questions at all it’s very foreign to me now

Yeah, I know what you mean. Most of the time I don’t really have brain fog but some days it just comes and I feel like retard. I managed somehow to get my CCNA certificate and got e Network Engineer job, this is what I wanted to do, but I ak struggling as some days I am brain fogged, the other days if I am not i have this flu-like pain and hypersensitivity in my legs and on top of that my joints are completely fucked. Dunno how long I can handle this shit. Before PFS I was smashing them and I know if I was fine now I could have achieved that career with ease, bit this is not my case at the moment…


Try ozephs blog see if anything there can help


@AaronF man, what are you going to do then? Unfortunately for me it seems almost like I’ll always have to settle when it comes to finding a job since all the nice ones require a highly functioning brain. Its pretty depressing

@tisho1012 sorry to hear that, at least you have partial functionality though, thats something haha

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Not sure I have a small business I run online but I know I can be making way more if I become a real estate agent, I have the right connections. I just don’t have anymore motivation to pass that test with brain fog it’s incredibly difficult, I just want to make enough to live on my own and leave my parents house but I’ve had to just come to terms with this stupid condition.

Could you guys describe your memory issues and brain fog?

I know exactly what you mean man, at least you have a small business you run online; that sounds pretty comfy. Still, its frustrating knowing that you can’t live life to the full extent because your mind won’t work properly

@Mercked I have trouble understand “complex” concepts, also I tend to forget things easily or have a pretty slow recall. Like for example it often takes me a few minutes to recall what I had for lunch or even what I did earlier in the day. If I have trouble recalling simple details like that, imagine more complicated ones. That being said, my memory is not entirely shot, nor is my ability to understand complex concepts, rather my memory and mental strength is just weaker than it originally was.

I’m a college student at an elite business school and finasteride hasn’t ruined it for me yet. It seems to have a minimal, but noticeable impact on my memory.

The worst of my problem in academia doesn’t come directly from the physiological reactions of finasteride.

I have lost all of my drive and passion for business that I was once full of. I used to spend all my time thinking business. Now I don’t keep up with the business forums that I read daily. I no longer have a desire to dive into the business world.

I can’t get over the fact that I had a live ahead of me with frankly lots of privilege and success to be had.

I was just starting to understand and be confident in my sexuality. Now I can’t have the thing I desire most, a relationship.

I just struggle with caring about my academics when my health is destroyed.

If I can’t fall in love with someone then what’s the point?

I love going on dates with people and getting to know them, but never getting too close. It’s the closest I can get to a loving relationship. It also helps boost confidence that my appearance is still decent.

My game plan is to see where the science goes. Even if we can prevent or reverse the root of it, the damage caused will be much harder to repair.

There has to be some cost benefit analysis of life. I’m closely evaluating my options. I would like to see to it that I give myself a shot. I owe that to myself. I find tribulus, clomid, and magic mushrooms to be interesting substances. Pending my due diligence I’d like to find time to try them.

Other than that, I don’t think there’s much to be hopeful about in the medical community. Maybe 10 or 20 years from now we could treat the root cause, but I’d be shocked if we ever get to 100% reversal of damage.

I’m not sure that’s a journey I want to take.

Just thought I’d share my story as a student.


I’m also getting tired of the endless suggestions for treatment. It’s impossible to try all.

Formal medicine is even worse. I hate paying $600 to see a urologist to be told my testicles and penis haven’t changed. I know for a fact they have. When it comes to pfs we are better than 99% of doctors. They are clueless and a great way to go bankrupt. Use them for the precriptions and tests, but otherwise avoid them.


@hopingiwillheal thanks for sharing man, totally agree about motivation. I used to be so passionate about many things but these days I just feel blah to neutral about most things. I can also relate with what you said regarding relationships, I do the same thing. I enjoy “going through the motions” on dates and getting to know someone new, feeling the chemistry etc etc, and at least for the first few dates I like to pretend that maybe there is a chance of a relationship, or give myself some hope, but inevitably things break down. It is nearly impossible to find someone that will stick around if the sexual aspect of the relationship is not fulfilling, nor do I blame them. Nonetheless, it feels good to at least pretend for a while that my life is normal and that a normal relationship is possible.

totally agree about formal medicine too. I stopped wasting time and money on doctors a long time ago, there is nothing they can really do for us, we know significantly more about PFS than they do. We are in this alone


Currently a CS major in my second semester after I had to take a few months off in between and I’m struggling. I’m only enrolled in 3 courses, and I actually feel terrible that I can’t fucking understand the same material I basically blazed through in high school. I know I should be grateful for what I have, and I try to be, but at the same time I just fucking hate that I put in way more effort and get way less of a reward. Coincidentally, I’ve also been doing the whole cost-benefit analysis of life thing and considering stuff to try in the future if I can, and it just all fucks with my head a lot. Good luck man, hope it works out alright for you.


I love my life and my family. I had grand plans, but I’m not so sure of them now.

When pfs first hit I was emotionally done with it all.

Now I’ve mellowed out and I can’t say it done too much for me.

Science probably isn’t that far away from finding a solution to pfs minus the damage caused, but our human science seems so far away.

It’s funny that the fda considers banning the one substance that keeps me going (kratom) while leaving finasteride legal.

Like I said prior, I’m going to give myself a chance to heal. Still, I’m not holding my breath.

I’ve decided that if I continue on I will need to live for a purpose bigger than myself. There’s days this seems great and days I want to be selfish.

I don’t want to live for other people.

I’m fortunate that pfs doesn’t impact most of my life. I can talk with people and have fun without anything holding me back.

What I can’t do is fall in love, have a clean appearance, my muscles, and stop thinking about how I ruined my plans for life.

Makes me upset because a lot of people say they are going to do something when they grow up. I was actually following my plans for life perfectly until finasteride.

If we all die at some point, why should I go through life without love?

Maybe I’ll just enjoy a year of traveling.

All I’m pointing out is that it can be peaceful.

I don’t know where I’m going with all this, but I can’t imagine the next 60 years with pfs.

I wish you luck as well!!

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Yes, I feel like I just put on a fake personality which mimics the old me. It’s wrong and I hope one day this man made poison is taken off the market.

If you ever want to talk dm me.

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Exactly same here now i even forget add the routes after IP configuration. It is so basic network 101 and I feel like a retarded Intern. I got an adult adhd diagnosis though i was perfectly fine before pfs and SSRI usage.

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Are you network engineer too?

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Yes brother i am and also i have an animal science degree.
Have two professions but at one time i felt like i had early Alzheimer’s now mental capacity and brain fog are recovering steadily for 1.5 years.

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Nice one :slight_smile:
Which certificates you got now?
I am on my way to get JNCIS-ENT and soon jumping on CCNP, probably CCNP will be after February next year as Cisco changes everything after that date, I think was 23.02.2020 if I am not wrong

I have CCNA-CCNP for may be 10 years and lots of other brands certificates i also got ipv6 recently and now implementing the structure. For some reason i always choose to stay away from juniper :slight_smile:
For our line of work, ability to handle constant low level stress and steel like focus and attention required, which impaired by pfs’s neurosteroidal effects.

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My job is low stress and this is good for me tho. Also I have the ability to work from home certain days of the week, so I am not full 5 days in the office. I got CCNA too but as this is my first IT job, I took it despite that it is Juniper based. We do have Cisco switches but we use them at the access layer only as L2 devices. Soon we are going to deploy Palo Alto firewalls and will have the opportunity to get Palo Alto certs too. This is massive as IMO if someone have Juniper, Cisco and Palo Alto certs, this guy can get high, really high!

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