Dry Hair - treatable?

Has anybody dealt with extremely dry hair? Like hair the texture of straw. And has anybody improved this? My hair has completely lost oil production.

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You can search my old threads here about “straw” or “alien” hair…basically no its ruined…or in my case went from Thick, dark and straight to a stringy, light. Wavy like mess…

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Can I see a pic man? I can DM you my cell number and it won’t be shared with anyone else.

Mine has also become very dry. Along with my skin.

I have dry hair too. The word “straw” is exactly right. I had normal, balanced hair before PFS. Now it’s like straw and looks/feels like an older man’s hair.

Found this paper:

Price et al. J Am Acad Dermatol. 2002 Apr;46(4):517-23.
Changes in hair weight and hair count in men with androgenetic alopecia after treatment with finasteride, 1 mg, daily.

CONCLUSION: In this study, finasteride, 1 mg, increased hair weight in men with AGA. Hair weight increased to a larger extent than hair count, implying that factors other than the number of hairs, such as increased growth rate (length) and thickness of hairs, contribute to the beneficial effects of finasteride in treated men.

The author is calling the increased weight “beneficial.” Not sure if this is related to the dryness we experience. Maybe finasteride or PFS changes the hair follicles so that they produce less oil.

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Can anybody else comment on this? Like their hair is completely different than before Finasteride?

@anon22245532 is it all of your hair over the entire body also? Literally all of my hair is like this.

I don’t have that much body hair and I wouldn’t say that it’s noticeably more brittle and dry than it used to be.

I did have some hair loss on certain patches of both shins/lower legs, and saw a few other posts about that here, but don’t know what to make of it.

jesus christ is there nobody besides me and Holyhead who have had their entire bodies destroyed lol. It’s been over 17 months now and I just am constantly amazed by my skin, muscles, and hair and how everything has changed. Like i’m wearing a rubber suit and all of my muscles are complete mush, skin and hair is completely dry. I can not shower for 2 or 3 days and my hair and skin are still completely dry.

To improve the quality of your hair you could use Olaplex or Keratine treatments. Google them and see what you think.

I use a keratin conditioner. Our hair is supposed to produce natural, protective, nourishing oils by itself. A normal, healthy person doesn’t need products for their hair or skin. However, my skin and hair produces zero oil lol. It’s literally like grabbing a handful of straw. But thanks for the suggestions. I will check them out.

That is different from a keratin treatment. Maybe Olaplex is easier to use.

We are very similar. My hair (even body hair) are dry. I tried not wash my hair for a week and they was still dry. When I was only with PSSD, never had dry skin/hair. After tribulus terrestris, all my body crashed.
I have extreme fatigue, extreme brainfog, joints pain, ligments pain, muscolar pain. I can’t stretch my muscles or I breack it.


Any changes in your fat gain or how your overall muscle tone/fat deposition looks?

I lost all the fat under my skin. My skins become transparent. I can touch my bones immediatly under my thin skin.
My muscles doesen’t exist anymore, are soft and I can’t feel it when I use them.
My principal problem is brainfog. I lost memory. Everything, even the things happened some minutes before are like dreams.

Fibroblast cells are cells that produce collagen, keratin, elastin, hylauronic acid, and basically everything that keeps your skin smooth and glowy, and hair soft and shiny.

Fibroblast cells are AR-dependent cells. They cannot function and grow without testosterone binding to androgen receptors.

Hence why we all have dry skin, dry hair, and look a good 10-20 years older.

I have all these symptoms. Dry everything, thinning hair, muscle wastage, some hairs growing wildly on hands, body, and eyebrows. Completely destroyed.

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But not everyone gets changes to their actual skin and muscles. Like some guys get dry skin or muscle loss, while other guys get thinning or rubbery skin and their muscles completely turn into soft mush. There’s so much variability in all of it, it doesn’t make any sense.

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Dry skin and rubbery skin are directly correlated. Muscle loss and soft muscles are directly correlated. There is no variance that is dramatic enough to be explained by anything other than slight genetic differences and it makes complete sense. Do not complicate this issue.