Dr Mark Gordon TBI

I beleive the closest we can come to a cure is through the TBI doctor Dr Mark Gordon, I know a couple people have seen him a few years ago, but now he is really focusing on the topic and therefore more informed and possibly changed his perception and action on the topic. I beleive he is the guy to get us over the line. I cant see him as I live in Australia. Whats your thoughts ?

The way we get a cure is by being a community and advocating for ourselves and medical/scientific attention to our cause, which is always the first step in the cure of any new disease. As long as we completely fail to do that there is no chance of getting a cure.


You’re persistent ideallogies are exhausting, it is true which you say, but it’s not the only way to get better. Let someone say what they need to without ambushing them.

Now to my next rant, you the hell is Dr.Gordon and what is he doing to help get us across the proverbial line?


With all my respect, i don’t really understand what do you want us to do anymore? Advocating ourselves to where? How?

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I guess make youtube vids where we tell our stories and openly talk about our condition with our friends and family both in real life and on social media. Ideally, this would raise awareness and gain sympathy. But our condition is extremely embarrassing so many of us aren’t willing to go public about it.

Dr Mark Gordon is a leading TBI (Traumatic brain injury) doctor and he believes we have a chemical TBI, he wrote something recently on starting to take patients and finding imbalances and consistencies. I beleive he is our best chance I just cant see him because im from Australia.

Sounds about right. Where does he practice and can you find the article where he mentions post finasteride syndrome?

He practices in Encino California. If I was in the USA I would first ask him directly if his treatment has made a big impact in releiving PFS symptoms to his previous/current patients before being his patient. The link is below.

Also I have included a youtube link where just last month he was discussing it. Its a long video but go to 1.01 (one hour and one minute into to the video) and you will see

Does he have any evidence to back this up?

@Ronnie99, the fact that you were able to essentially fully recover for 6 months by just modifying hormone levels (indirectly) to me is quite clear evidence that we don’t suffer from brain injury.

You would have to contact him to ask for evidence etc.

Regarding my recovery for the 6 months my definition of a brain injury and Dr Gordons view is a dysfunction in the hormonal systems or neurosteroid systems.

I essesianlty beleive the glucorticoids get dysfuntioned but the key is what is causing this dysfunction, what precipitates that.

This study is what I beleive is the issue.


Start discussing it. There won’t be a cure until the community does something other than popping the same pills that haven’t worked for 15 years. It’s literally proven fool’s gold. Would be just as stupid to beat head against brick wall. Figure out a way to provide scientists more data and ability to get state funding and the cure will come. It’s really that simple.

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What’s your proposed path forward? Be clear.

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The idea isn’t for one person to show up with deliverance in one swoop.

The idea is that the community needs to start talking about the right things to start witnessing progress.

Here is one example of an idea: A letter to you, forum

I really beleive Dr Mark Gordon will get us close as possible to a cure or a huge improvement in symptoms, I just can access him as I live in Australia, this guy knows his stuff and as of the last few months has been focusing on Finasteride and its effects. Has someone been to him recently say the last 3-6 months ?


Me too.

Just the last few months?

He is a expert in TBI, and is one of the only doctors in the world to treat his patients differently in terms of testing a set of hormone markers in a panel he uses and then replenishing these hormones which are deficent or to high, and within a period of time lot of his patients feel better.
Regarding the last few months, He stated that he is seeing similar markers/hormones problems he was diagnosing with non finasteride users and finding the same issues in finasteride patients. So his method of treatment is similar except it is now with finasteride patients, so im confident in his approach.

Where abouts in Australia do you live ?

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I see. You seem to know a fair bit about him.
I’m in Melbourne (Australia’s own little prison). Where are you?

Yes thats why I beleive he is the closest we can come to a cure or a huge improvement in our symptoms. I took Accutane and Finasteride but I beleive my symptoms came from when I took Accutane when I was 17 years old.

Im from Sydney…yes Melbourne will be doing good soon and easing some restrictions.

Did you take Accutane or finasteride, whats your symptoms ?

Ah. I took Finasteride. Low libido, emotional numbness, numbish genitals are my main complaints.

Here is a patient testimonial on Dr Gordons website regarding tratment on Post finasteride syndrome patient. Below is the screenshot.