dr Irwin Goldstein from San Diego Sexual Medicine


I quit Propecia 3 months ago, after being on it for 10 years.
I’ll post “my 3-months after” bloodwork to another thread.
I’m considering to visit dr Irwin Goldstein from San Diego Sexual Medicine next month.
I live in another side of the world from it but I’ll be visiting in west coast.
The doctor appointment is expensive for me but doable.
Any experiences with SDSM and dr. Goldstein?

He seems legit.

I’m just tired that any doctor in my country has ever ever heard of or could agree that anything persistent could come out of long term finasteride usage.

Dr. Jacobs or Goldstein

Hi Memo, did you see dr Goldstein? What did he tell you?

I used finasteride about just as long (12 years) and am also considering visiting him because of sexual sides.


He’s amazing


You have seen Goldstein?


I talked to Dr. Goldstein on the phone today he thinks I should get an MRI for my main side effect no sensation during orgasm, I was always curious about getting a MRI for this condition was wondering if anyone ever has? Or if anyone has tried Goldstein? Or is Alan Jacobs a better choice?


Both are unlikely to do much. PFS is poorly understood even by those on the cutting edge of Science. When I spoke to Goldstein on the phone he remains convinced that PFS is caused by the 5-ar enzymes remaining inhibited.

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An MRI of what? Your brain?


Sacral and lumbar, I was always curious about this because orgasm starts and finishes in the brain.


True I feel like I got to do something, I can tell waiting won’t fix this for me. I’ve had it for 13 years


Some PFS patients no longer react to sex visual stimuli.
Proved by MRI in France by a prof of urology…
Brain snapped…

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Let me know if you get this done, I have the same problem and it’s the only symptom I’ve had that has not gotten better for the last 7 years


Does anyone who took propecia over the age
of 25 have no feeling during orgasm? I took it when I was 20 so I’m wondering if I was still young enough and sexually developing that I still needed DHT. Seems like most of the older dudes on here just have ED and no libido but still have sensitivity and orgasm feeling. I can get rock hard erections but no feeling whatsoever

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I just had this done through Dr. Goldstein. They found an annular tear in my lumbar between L4-L5. The orthopedist Goldstein works with, Dr. Kim, ordered a steroid shot in that area to see if it helps the nerves. I just had it done 2 days ago and have to masturbate for 5 days to see if I notice a difference. If there is a significant difference they will consider doing a small surgery to make the results more permanent. So far I’ve noticed no difference and don’t expect too. Dr. Kim told me it doesn’t work for most people with our condition and that based on my other symptoms, how they came on, and how many are neurological that it likely won’t work for me. Most of this is coming from the brain and I think Goldstein is trying to make this fit with what he sees in “normal” sexual dysfunction.


Mine started at 21


Wow it would be interesting to see if other PFS patients have a similar problem. It seems like Goldstein and his team are not getting your hopes up. I think that better than when I went to Shippen and he said I have a 90 percent chance i’ll be cured.




Please provide reference if possible. I’m interested in reading that.


It was explained by a top urologist who is in the pfs list.
I have no written proof but I heard him describe the fact from a French health TV show.
I could provide the link but he mainly states it in the intw.


MRI is no use, I have got it done. Theres no change that raises any flags. I am PAS.

As for visual stimuli from NSFW, we don’t need an MRI to see there’s no response from the brain. I have no response from anything


I have visual lust restoration with arimidex but ed persists. I mean there is definitely movement down but it is hard to keep it.