dr Irwin Goldstein from San Diego Sexual Medicine

I had a free phone consultation with Goldstein and he was very kind and helpful. I ended up recovering naturally after experiencing sexual sides on the drug with no crash after cessation, but he offered me a second free phone talk if I needed it. He’s definitely knowledgeable about the condition and a good resource for PFS victims. He advised me to monitor my DHT levels through regular blood tests and take proactive action to increase them if they started dropping, in order to prevent a crash.

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Did you end up getting that consultation? I had a phonecall with him myself, but I’d like to hear from patients who he saw to see what kind of results his treatment can give

@Cman I have one tomorrow what did he say during yours?

He just listened, was sympathetic, guaged my interest in setting up an appointment, and asked me to discuss setting up one with his secratary

Is it purely a sales pitch or does he offer any real advice during these free calls? For example, if I already have all my blood work, would he give recommendations based on that?

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No just wanna see if you want an appt & check dht. He was kinda talking to me like I was wasting his time & saw palmetto is to weak compared to fin taken it for a couple weeks

What an ass so basically he’s saying people who crashed from saw palmetto aren’t suffering?

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He gave me a little advice but didn’t want to get too specific because he said we didn’t have dr patient relationship yet.
I’m trying to hear myself if anyone who actually saw him felt it was worth it.

I think i’m going to see dr alan jacobs, i think, instead of dr goldstein. much cheaper, and its here in new york instead of across the country. has anyone been helped by him? any advice?

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where is the study proving this?

He explained that in a French TV report in French. But this experiment has been conducted and this has been explained.
I could find the link but it is in French.

can i see it? I will translate and print it for doctors that say it is in my head

I need to look for it mate.

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let me know! this would be great to have

Yeah I’ll have to look it tomorrow.

Please post your thoughts on Dr. Jacobs, or please let me know directly if he’s worth it. After more than a decade of those, I’m really getting desperate.

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@Cman. The topic is discussed here and in English.

Might be this.

That study seems to say these people are just depressed though.

That’s the Harvard study that the PFS Foundation commissioned.
Also so far Goldstein has not been worth it. Gonna give him another shot with another protocol but if that doesn’t work I’m through. And not just with him but with life.