Does histamine intolerance play a key role?


new here and my first thread. Just short x, I took fin 15 years ago and still have kind of PFS.

Just trying to put the pieces together and am interested what you guys think about this?

What I noticed 14 years ago after quitting fin was, that all my skin was itchy. A clear histamine reaction. And it got worse over the years. In 2012 I had a flu, pancreas inflammation (I guess) and other inflammation. I was thinking I am going to die there. I survived. Ever since I have strong histamine intolerance. And way more PFS symptoms then before.

Histamine intolerance is usually a disease that women suffer from. Especially when they get older. Estrogen plays a key role in histamine intolerance. Guess what, we have higher estrogen than usual man, due to fin. I guess a lot of you guys have histamine intolerance but you are not aware of it.

I always notice that I have almost no symptoms when my gut is in good shape (no histamine reaction). Unfortunately it is more often not good than good.

I felt mostly miserable the 14 last years. I was hitting the gym and doing lots of sports. And I had brain fog ever since fin. Sports/Gym releases tons of histamine. Last year I stopped all sport activity because Ive gone through some hard times. That was the time when I recovered mentally and also in terms of libido (no fap played also a role).

I bought me a bicycle 5 months ago. Every time I drive extensivly I crash for days. Brain fog, no Libido, numb feeling, emotionally dead. I tried to hit the gym coupe of times. And every time the same reaction. Brain fog, exhauation, no libido for couple of days. I love doing sports and it’s hard to give it up. Sometimes I do it and regret it the next days.

Ok so I was just reading about amino acids. Because I read here that some guys recovered through Tryptophan / Tyrosine. They get converted to dopamine and serotonin in the body. Dopamine and Serotonine are two important nerotransmitter in our body. And without them you feel depressive, anxious, low energy, no focus, brain fog, no libido, no goals, no desire, no happiness, numb and lot more.

And guess what? I just found out that dopamine and serotonin are biogen amines. Biogen amines and histamine dont like each other. So my guess is, our body does not convert amino acids into dopamine and serotonin to keep the histamine level in the body low.

Sorry for my english, it’s not my native language. But I hope I was able to explain some part of the problem.


So, how to solve it?

Healing the histamine intolerance. I dont know how. I am sure I have gut inflammation and leaky gut. I am on a low fodmap diet for months but see no improvement. I take l Glutamin, probiotics etc. Now I started Low dose naltrexone to lower inflammation. But I am experiencing more histamine issues.

BPC 157 could help with gut problems. But In a facebook group one member wrote that bpc 157 destroyed his dopamine receptors so I am afraid to take it.

I am sure the recovery is possible through gut healing. See the recovery stories here. Just dont know how to heal it yet.

I also did an elemental diet for 13 days and felt fantastic. But crashed 1 month later because I took Fluconazole. I will take a second attempt soon and will report.

Ive kind of been looking at this in a different direction. Have you seen my thread on Antihistamines?
For the sake of argument, you could look at h2 blockers for the gut. Pepcid ac is the strongest and most selective h2 blocker, followed by zantac then tagamet (the oldest) tagamet is the least selective. Maybe sort of like early h1 antihistamines were sedative.
You could also combine this with a potent h1 blocker like allegra, I would do one at a time and see where your at.
You could also look at bacteria that degrades histamine.
Im thinking the opposite of all this though. I also have experience with everything mentioned above and below.

Because of its hormonal effects, cimetidine rarely may cause sexual dysfunction including loss of libido and erectile dysfunction and gynecomastia (0.1–0.2%) in males during long-term treatment

Microbial patterns in patients with histamine intolerance. (realize this could swing in the other direction as well)

Histamine synthesis vs reduction

I strongly believe I have MCAS brought on by SSRI and Sam-e. From what I have read - a lot of symptoms overlap. I drank Kefir 2 days ago and felt HORRIBLE. Now my insomnia is back full force. I am going to work with a MCAS specialist and will report anything useful back. But I think histamine is definately at play here.

Took Sam-e three days ago and became a heavy migraine. Sam-e is said to help with histamine intolerance.

I know I have heard that Sam-e can help - but in my own experience I believe it was what started all this for me. A few days into taking sam-e I noticed the tip of my penis was numb - and its just been downhill from there. That was 2 years ago but I think half the battle is knowing what your dealing with- so now I am focusing no treating MCAS which deals a lot with the gut health and diet and certain supplements. But maybe I can make progess. I already notice improvements taking a antihistamine and licorice root (which is a mast cell stabilizer).

Also, I heard drinking enough electrolytes is important - so I bought powder and will see what happens.

Its very interesting how much of a role histamine and MCAS plays in anxiety. Just today, I was having a relaxed calmed day, met a friend, we drank some coffee in Starbucks etc. No signs of (social) anxiety. Then I went home, did 20 minutes of exercise and slept 30 minutes. I woke up and felt anxious. Went out and could not go and get a coffee due to anxiety from people. Its massive.

I realized this connection 2 years ago when I stopped going to the gym for the first time after years. My brain fog cleared after 2 weeks and my anxieties calmed down. My histamine issues started after stopping Fin. and have them ever since. They got way worse in 2012 after a bad trip on cannabis wich ended in the hopsital. I think they gave me benzos to calm down. Ever since I have MCAS and everything got so much worse. I think the benzos destroyed some Gaba stuff in the brain.

I notice if i smoke a little weed here and there its not a big issue but if I take edibles and get really high my body gets way more numb - I think its due to histamine overload. It eventually goes back to baseline - probably after my histamine levels go back down ?

Histamine is also supposed to play a role in libido and whatnot- should we be blocking it?

This thread is really interesting. I’ve been suffering for over a year now, and since crashing I had no fucking good :poop:. I mean, never. But with one exception.

Certain day I took Dramin to help me sleep. Dramin is an antihistamine, and I had the best shit ever in my life, that after a full year shitting water and pellets. Also, my erection was way better that day, and libido higher (not bestial like it was, but was there).

I’m certain there is a correlation. And also, it’s commonly associated with gut conditions, mainly IBS and leaky gut. I’m starting a low histamine diet right now and will see how it goes. Maybe gonna try some Dramin pills just to have sure, too. Guinea pigs for the win!

PS.: I also get instant runny nose and skin flushing, and later some pain/discomfort at the lower abdomen, when I eat foods like sauerkraut, canned tuna, avocados, etc. and they are known to be histamine rich.

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Leaky gut plays a big role in histamine intolerance. Check for gut permeability and SIBO.
Some SSRI drugs cause a bad histamine loop scenario also.