Do you experience muscle loss (also muscle atrophy) and balance problems due to PFS?

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I am going to the gym, but I am thin, I am not gainning weight and I cannot see my muscles being increased. Is there anybody going to the gym? How are you going to gain muscle??


Have you trained before, Tomas?

I have thought about maybe getting some advice from a trainer. Perhaps consider that?

I train harder than anyone at my gym and I only gain fat, not muscle since pfs. I also dont get stronger.

The only thing that still works is losing bodyfat. My goal is to reach 10%. Cant gain muscle with this shit disease so I’m going to be shredded instead.

Same as invictus.

Before this disease I considered myself a knowledgeable bodybuilder and have placed very well in bodybuilding competitions.

Now I have muscle atrophy, difficult time maintaining muscle mass, can’t get stronger or gain muscle, and a complete and utter inability to achieve reactive hyperemia (muscle pump).

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I have an extremely difficult time putting on either muscle or weight. I am a naturally skinny guy, but overloaded calories and lifted 4x per week for over a year and only gained a few lbs. It seemed unusual, because I have seen friends gain 10-15 lbs in the year after they began weight training. Had muscle weakness (compared to prior to taking the drug) for 10-14 years post-drug, which seems to have improved as mental and sexual sides worsened.

No atrophy or balance problems though.

I’d be the opposite, I’ve become fat probably the depression but yeah I can’t seem to gain strength. My fat is around my waste, stomach, thighs and as i mentioned before, it’s like polystyrene under my skin, would be interested to ask a doctor what they think it is. My guess is overexpressed adipose tissue which has atrophied, but could be extremely wrong.

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Yeah I have no idea either to be honest…I am gonna be updating my original thread soon with all the symptoms I have left but its very abnormal has nothing to do with calories or eating or depression…Mine just kept going up and I have a food log for a decade and an avid runner it has no effect on it…It could be an over expression estrogen receptor my body has about fallen apart so swollen up can’t do anything in the evenings…

I also have the balance problem early on this is when the endocrine disruption first starts and you expireice the changes…I am very weak now my muscles…You notice the Varility Paradox thread I started they induced ar over expression in mice and it breaks down muscle…This could be side effects of that process…Also those theat are saying it does not damage heart muscle you better read up some more…AR heavly involved in heart muscle and can be affected my anti androgens…

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Yeah I certainly can relate to the body falling apart, stiff, dry and disoriented sums me up.
Old but not old, young but not young, dead but not dead.


Do you have an update on this? I have experienced significant muscle weakness and loss, and I just wanted to see if you guys had any input. I can still experience a pump in the gym, but it is short-lived, and my muscles typically feel flat. I have lifted weights for quite a while, now it is just different and heartbreaking.

I’m going to gym everyday and weight training
and slowly getting muscles, losing fat.
Last year, I laid on my bed all the time and eat small amount of food so my weight go down to 75kg. After take anti depressants and prednisolone, I ate lots of hamburger and other foods. 1 month ago, My weight go up to 94kg!
prednisolone made me eat lots of food.
Now my weight is 90.5kg and can see more muscles in my body.(not much)
After reading thread about ‘Can’t make muscle’
, i’m worried about losing weight and make muscles. A lot of people said is it hard for PFS patients to make muscles and lose weight.
But i can see my body more muscle and lose weight. What do you think about this situation?
PFS patients really can’t make muscle?
or everybody is different type of PFS?


Symptoms vary a lot between individuals. I can build muscles as well. It is not a universal symptom. Others can’t build muscles or even loose them when exercising.

If you feel good with exercising, be happy about it!

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Thank you northern star!

What were you prescribed prednisolone for?

I lost my ability to build muscle my body is soft and I lost an immense amount of strength, I used to be able to squat 400lb and bench 250, now my arms feel like there going to break off when I lift 50lb dumbbells, my body has completely changed in the course of the last 3 months

For adrenal insufficiency.
I take prednisolone about 3month.
everyday take 5mg!

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There is a many case by case in PFS patients.
Squat 400lb was very strong.
Before PFS, I can deadlift 130~140kg 1RM.
Now my deadlift 1RM is 150kg.
Anyway, Now i know muscle atrophy is not universal symptom in patients.
Hope to see positive results from scientists!!

I pray I’m not a severe case but I been dealing with muscle loss fat gain almost daily as well as penis shrinkage . The fat gain is chest stomach thighs etc. Mentally I been good guess the spring/summer weather is keeping me sane & work is keeping me busy. Going on 9 years this month dealing with this. If I can figure out my shrinkage and put on somewhat muscle I’ll be a happy camper with my subpar erection quality/ size

This is one of my worst symptoms. During my first 2 years, it improved and I was able to put most my muscle back on. Then suddenly I got worse and I cannot lift anything anymore. Every attempt to start exercising again has made me worse.

I am starting hormone therapy soon. It seems to have helped some people with this symptom and that’s all I’m hoping for.

Did you take any blood tests to see if there were changes with your worsening?
BTW cant build much muscles yet either and my body weight is pending, although returned weight lifting only 1,5 month ago. My strenght seems to slightly increase.