Disregulated response to stress

Hi guys,

I have been experiencing the PFS since now 8 years, I get used to it and try to make a “normal life”.

Since I run into some personal issue with my own company I clearly see that I had way lower resistance to stress and recently I got a burnout that seems I can’t recover. this happens after I retry topical finasteride in 2016 just after my company problems start.

I would like to rebuild endurance and resistance but I struggle to do so.

Do someone have some advice on how I could start to be a normal stress responder again.

thanks for your help,

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I had that problem with stress … I couldnt tolerate it after starting with minoxidyl… is a very fuck up shit. I dont have any final answer how to counter act it yet.

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Well, your problem is 100% the same as mine : a huge decreasing response to stress with overreaction to standard/average stress.

At the present time, I did not find any solutions ( for 3 years now). It doesn’t mean that it does’nt exist but I m a little bit lost : if you look around this forum you’ll find thousands of protocoal with success and no sucess

For my own experience it was necessary to change my job function. sorry to say that but it is the true.
Then when it becomes too difficult, I take a benzodiazepin to decrease the level of stress ( really really a few consumption of benzo, I mean only 2 maximum by month).
This year I will also follow a strict diet with much more sport, sleeping time : I’ll moreorless become a monk but if it works…

This topic is interesting because perhaps other users will have a clever view.

Best regards,

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Did you use minoxidil as a pill or as a topical lotion?

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Being on a benzo is the only time I feel normalish nowadays, shame it dulls emotions and libido even more and makes apathy worse. Not to mention the god awful addiction should you fall into that trap.

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I feel the same. Looks like I can only be fine if I don’t work at all and just sleep and chill. Just a little stress from work, expectations, strong physical activity or even shooter games put me in a mode where I can’t sleep at all and feel horrible all day. I think it is a epigenetic change. IMO we have to solve the epigenetics of PFS in order to get more stress resistant. For me - only vacation and total abstinence from any kind of stress helps me. It’s sad as I am Cofounder of a startup and I am not sure if I can hold that position very long.

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I have the same awful stress response. My thoughts are PFS has done something to the prefrontal cortex that deals with stress but what I don’t know. I thought maybe allo would help but now i’m not sure. I was able to handle lots of stress prior to my recent crash and allo was already low. If there is damage to the prefrontal cortex I don’t know how that can be fixed.


This is true. I can’t handle stress anymore at all, it feels like the brain starts shutting down almost as if not enough oxygen is getting to the brain. I don’t know if this can be improved since we are critically low on allopregnanolone, dopamine and GABA which naturally keeps us calm in stressful situations. I do wonder what the consequences to the brain are over time, I’m pretty certain some form of atrophy and cell loss is taking place.


It is only clear that actually nobody can answer to what did happen and what to do now.

the ONLY thing I know for my case:

  • I can not manage a low or average stress that I did before
  • I have a social anxiety that I did not have before

In this situation, if I take a benzo 15 minutes before, the situation is absolutely normal/standard as before. The benzo is known to act on GABA receptotr

So, yes, I strongly believe that i my case, there is some disfunction with GABA : hormonal problem, receptor problem?


I too now have a very poor stress response. And when I say stress, I don’t mean as in “my car broke down on the way home from a 12 hour work shift then I realised I left my keys in the office so I’m locked out of my house” I mean minute things which you don’t even realise are stressors when you have a normal brain unaffected by PFS. Multitasking can sometimes produce what feels like a violent lurch or jolt within my brain. I actually feel stress within my brain in a much more obvious way than before PFS. It feels like a balloon inflating within my brain as soon as something stressful starts happening.


Damn I’m in the exact same situation and I’m also a cofounder of a startup, it drains me so bad that’s I’m thinking to stop but what a shame to quit because of my bad reaction to stress.

It’s like I can’t handle any small situation that triggers stress.

Even now I need to pop benzo to take the plane and I have never had any issues with plane before.

the worst is that I didn’t had such bad mental sides with pills when I took it back in 2010 for 15 monhts.

I start experiencing this after taking topical finasteride back in 2016 for 6 months at really small dose of 0,005% because I though it wouldn’t go systemic and I wanted to see if it can do something to my hair. (panic attack started, no resistance to stress, insomnia)

My best friend start oral fin which I really discourage but think my sides where in my head and have no crash so far.

He stop like a month ago because he didn’t see any result.

It’s disturbing how this drugs can affect some and not other.

Would be good to study people who took it but didn’t have sides and compare their result with the one who have sides to be able to draw a conclusion if any.

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Can confirm I have social anxiety that didn’t previously exist. Benzos rid me of this, it gives me a glimpse of my old self when interacting to people. I feel like on a benzo I could even hit on girls…

I’m sorry to read that but in the same time, all of this reminds my own reaction:
benzo for plane, stressed for minor things, balloon inflating within my brain…
So guys here is the good new: we share the same symptom and maybe we can share also strategy/protocol…etc

If I can give a slight hope : sometimes, and I do not know why, all is going fine. Of course, the situation must be stressless or normal, but I revover all my old behaviour/capacity.

My chance , and I pray that it is the same for you :
I’m not depressed at all, “only” huge anxiety/overreaction.
And when you know how energy, time, concentration, information you need to find against PFS, I consider myself as a “lucky” victim without depressive symptom.

May I ask you your age ? I’mpretty sure you’re younger than me (brief summary : 42 Y Old , 10 years under Fin, 3 years with PFS)

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Same for me. I get insane burning in the brain. Lots of adrenaline release. It’s unbelievable. I used to be able to speak in front of an audience of 300 people with zero issue. It’s like the stress response is completely broken and has not recovered. Klonopin is the only thing I’ve found that helps mitigate this in some form.

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Benzo is the best thing that works for me so far.

I’m 32y old now and having PFS since 23y old. I recover from the sexual side effect at 25y old not fully but I’m able to function.

I still have anhedonia a lot of time when ejaculating and just live with it now.

Recently apart from the mental side I also experience pelvic floor pain and always feel a kind of pressure on the pelvic zone.

Hope we will find something soon to get over this and fix it for real.

Hi man. Would you mind taking the time to do the survey? It’ll only take you an hour and will help provide crucial data to present to scientists going forward. It’s v important. :slight_smile:

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I click many times on this survey things and nothing appear I don’t know where to start

Could this help with stress response of PFS.

What comes up when you click on it mate?