Digestive and other benefits from anti-parasitic medication

I am currently in Latin America, where a lot of prescription drugs are available over the counter, including a range of anti-parasitics and antibiotics.

I have been suffering from many of the gut issues others have, I have developed lactose intolerance and gluten intolerance (I think I always had a mild case of the former, but nothing severe enough to stop me consuming lactose).

About three weeks ago, I decided to try some Albendazole, because having done morning body temperature tests in the past on the advice of a nutritionist (the same one Chi went to prior to his recovery), I found my waking body temperature to be lower than optimum. While this points to hypothyroidism, I had blood tests done which a PFS sceptic endo refused to acknowledge as pointing to hypothyroidism or anything worthy of medical attention / prescription. Having not been in the country long enough to pursue this further, I have just lived with it and figured my low energy etc might be due to this. Nevertheless, having read about body temperature, I understand that the reason the optimum is around 98.8F / 37C is because at that temperature our organs and stuff work at optimum level, but also because it is an inhospitable temperature for pathogens to survive at. When our temp is lower, our body becomes more hospitable for such things. Having looked at symptoms related to such things, they include low energy, poor focus and concentration, all sort of things that match many symptoms I have been living with.

Now, three weeks back I got back to looking into this and decided to go and buy some Albendazole (anti-worm) and Fluconazole (anti-fungal) meds, and I took the Albendazole, one dose one week and then a second dose seven days later. I had read this was the treatment for ascariasis, but that for other worms the treatment was longer term usage. I never took the Fluconazole on the basis that I read that if you have some sort of fungus in the brain it could lead to seizures, and while I would be keen to know about having such a thing, and get rid of it, I don’t want to go through seizures while on lockdown on my own in a country with a stretched healthcare system. So I still have those pills.

Anyway, I had been feeling a lot more positive and energetic in recent weeks, so much so I was almost feeling a little bit too energetic, almost manic (though that is way preferable to the previous malaise). However, that seemed to subside last week. I thought it was all down to my other experiment with gaba, which seems to have significantly improved my sleep (I have not taken it for the past three days, after two weeks on it, but I have continued to be able to get to sleep with just a bedtime tea and guided meditation, here is that thread Positive experience with GABA supplementation).

With the gaba and having also recently been using megadoses of vit d (the liquid sachets I was prescribed a couple of years back when my bloods came back majorly deficient in vit d - I figured by now I probably was again as that is one of the common effects of PFS, so got some of them in, because, again, they are available here without prescription). So I kind of forgot about the Albendazole.

However, I was feeling low on energy again recently and the other day I got to thinking that maybe the Albendazole had something to do with it. Because, as I read, if you are given a course of treatment for a particular worm, you are supposed to keep taking it for as long as the doctor says, no matter if you start feeling better much sooner. So I was wondering if I could have killed something off partially, which was now having a resurgence.

So I decided to take some more. I went to my local pharmacy, where I bought it the first time, told the pharmacist about my experience and said I wanted to take some more. She advised that I should not just take that, but should also take Secnidazole, an antibiotic which (I subsequently read) in combination with Albendazole can have the same effects on parasitic and pathogenic organisms as a longer course of Albendazole. I was quite fearful as I am pretty sure that a course of oral antibiotics given to me for an ear infection a couple of years back caused a decline in my condition. However, in the end I decided to go with it.

Now instead of taking one Albendazole one week and the second the next week, the pharmacist told me to take both tablets on an empty stomach in the morning, wait 20 mins before eating, then take the two Secnidazole after eating, which I did.

That was yesterday, and almost immediately I went to the toilet and it came out much more “normal” than I am used to. I didn’t initally think that it could be related, as I had literally just taken the pills. However, since then I have been to the toilet twice per day (rather than several times as has become common) and my stools have been far more normal. Not perfect, not quite as dry as you would wish, but solid, not liquid or chunks, or blasting out with loads of gas. Sorry for the TMI, but I figure more detail is better than beating around the bush. I had two pretty normal bowel movements yesterday and have had two more today. On top of that I definitely feel more positive and don’t have the same lethargy that came back last week.

I have obviously taken these medications on a whim, without doing stool samples, and I know that was a risk. But I didn’t want to seek out such a test, wait around for the results to come back and spend a bunch of money on consultations to do so. It is only something I was able to do because I am in a country that allows these drugs to be bought over the counter.

I am not advocating anyone else does this, it is always preferable to seek proper medical investigation and be prescribed things based on your specific needs. However, I did want to relay this. It must be these drugs that have improved my bowel movements, and so I must have had some parasite or pathogen or other. The combination of Albendazole and Secnidazole seems to be a pretty powerful one. The pharmacist said I shouldn’t take either drug again for at least 6 months after this.

Edit: alternatively the antiobiotic effect of the Secnidazol could have eased these IBS-type symptoms, having read that IBS sufferers have seen benefit from antiobiotics, so I guess time will tell if it was some sort of pathogen or just a type of IBS, which presumably would return once the antibiotic is out of my system.


Are you seeing any parasites in your stool?

I haven’t actually checked them, I realise I should. Will do tomorrow

This is very interesting topic because I have also gone to this path. I have had hard difficulties in stool transitory since crashing on letrozol 10/2018. Before that I didn’ t have gut issues although I had PFS. I could but a little bet on that you have also SIBO. You reacted to anti-parasitic treatment just like you ought to when having SIBO. So my guess is that you also have excess bacteria on your small intestines, where such excess bacteria shouldn’ t appear. That bacteria is very smart and known to adapt, so if you hit them with anti-parasitic treatment, you should cycle different products for getting the best result. This is just my guess because this all just sounds so familiar.

I basicly reacted kind of same way. I started oil of oregano, berberine and neem treatment and after few days, my stools came out quite ok for a quite long time. This all after 1,5 years of struggling with no urge. But now when the bacteria has adapted and I havent changed my regimen, gut motility is not so good anymore. So im just making new plans how to cycle natural antibiotics and what products to use.

Here is my test result for SIBO:

And I also did a G.I.MAP to give me more information on my gut situation.
Now when next step is planning a good eradicate protocol, its more accurate when you now what else is going on in the gut:

For sure, SIBO is actually something I had considered, and in fact the article I read that told me about antibiotics helping IBS said that the woman involved had SIBO.

I will likely now get a stool sample done.

Found a lab here that will do a comprehensive stool test for around $30, so I am going to hand in a sample tomorrow or Friday.

@Finfina look into Disulfiram (Antabuse) treatment for Lyme disease. It’s showing some really cool results in treating spirochete infections (lyme, h. pylori, etc.). My GI panel came back extremely similar to yours. Have you had any parasite or Lyme testing performed?

Thanks for the tip but I think I will stay away from any drugs as long as I can. So my choice is the natural antibiotics/herbs for treating this. And actually they are shown to be as effective as drugs. It think my protocol is going to be ready in a couple of weeks so that I start the eradication phase.
On my attached clips above there are also parasites mentioned?
So I have Dientamoeba Fragilis which pretty common finding on these test. Last time I had also Blastocystis Hominis on top of that, which seems that I have got rid of if.

Here is actually really good picture about the 5R protocol ->


@Finfina I respect that. I’m managing mine with a Naturopathic Doctor, and we are also using the 5R approach in conjunction with Disulfiram :slight_smile: It can be a really long journey to rid the body of these parasites, but I’m in it with you! Keep me posted how it goes and if you experience any changes.

I also noticed benefits from a parasite cleanse. I posted about it last summer or 2 summers ago.

Glad to be getting this feedback from you all. I know that believing the gut is anything other than secondary to this condition invites some ferocious responses, but I am convinced it is at least as important as anything else if not the key.

  • Many PFS sufferers report lower than optimum body temperature, which is a breeding ground for parasites and pathogens. Test your waking body temperature, people. Take it before you get up or even move, if it is consistently below 36C / 97F, your body temp is below optimum.
  • Parasites and pathogens have been linked to digestive problems and food intolerances. I have read in the past couple of days about people battling IBS for decades almost entirely recovering after being treated for parasites.
  • The gut reportedly houses 70% of the cells that make up the immune system and the fact so many of us recover during illnesses points to this being an immune system problem (at least in part).
  • Many suffers have reported coming back positive for parasites and pathogens following comprehensive stool analysis.
  • Many recoveries have involved treating the gut and getting rid of parasites and pathogens (Chi being a great example).
  • In my own experience, taking anti-parasitic and anti-bacterial meds has radically improved my bowel movements with pretty much immediate effects.

Yes Im also working with a naturopath. But not a doctor😊 I dont trust western medicine doctors anymore. I did some reading about the Disulfiram (Antabuse). I found many cases where this drug has affected pretty serious liver damages. I believe that these are very treatable with natural antibiotics when things are done right. And absolutely, lets post our progress and protocols here👍🏻 How similar results we had? It would be interesting to see your test resulst also. Do you also have 24h cortisol test available? And what is your hormonal profile?

How do you go about finding a reliable naturopath?

My movements appear to be returning back to how they were before the medication on Monday. I have been hitting my stomach a bit hard, thinking I could just eat whatever I wanted again, but I am now thinking that small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) must at least be part of it. Which fucking sucks because everything I have read says it is tough to get rid of.

Still going to have the analysis done to check for parasites, though I might have killed any I had with that medication on Monday, so a negative test doesn’t mean I didn’t have them. Also going to see if they can run SIBO test for me.

If you guys want a great read and some great information, check out the book “Unlocking Lyme” by Dr. Rawls. While the title implies that it’s all about Lyme disease, it’s actually about Lyme and all of the other microbial infections that can lead to chronic illness. I agree with what you said above that so many of the ‘recoveries’ on this site and others are achieved by people who do versions of microbial cleanse. That’s not a coincidence. I could really go on and on here, but I’ll leave it at that for now.

@Finfina yes, I have a lot of labs I can share. A lot. Let me get them all cropped up to edit out my personal information on them. I’ve had GI labs and mapping, bloodwork, organic acid testing, Dutch method hormone panels, and iGenex Lyme and parasite testing.

@Lostinaustin I’m not sure where you’re located, but if you’re in the US you can find a doctor on this site: https://naturopathic.org/search/custom.asp?id=5613. To be clear on Naturopathic Doctors, they are just that: doctors. In the US we have many types of doctors. The most commonly known is the MD, but DOs have really grown in popularity in the last 20 years as well. Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) go to naturopathic medical schools and can do residencies just as their MD and DO colleagues. The difference is that not all states in the US recognize NDs and will license them. They are recognized on the west coast (Washington, Oregon, etc.) but not other places. They still practice in those other states, but they have to be overseen by a licensed physician (MD, DO, FNP). I can’t speak for what the term ‘naturopath’ means in other countries, but in the US they are physicians.

This is an excellent question! I have gone trough 5 different naturopaths and this fifth one is the best so far. On my opinion we first have to understand our own condition good enough to understand who is a good naturopath and who isnt. If I come to a dead end with my former naturopath here in Finland, the next which Im going turn to is Andrew from Redmountainclinic. You can find his videos on Youtube by searching ”redmountainclinic”. This guy seems to know a lot about human body. Here is their webpage ->

And actually my suggestion for this whole community is that we should make a co-operation deal with some really experienced and open-minded naturopath who could maybe maintain a support topic on our forum. So we could fund his actions by collecting donations and that way we could pay the naturopath by hourly rate that he have used to support us on the topic/forum. And we could make a deal for example with couple of naturopaths. Thats just my idea how to gather more professional support to the whole community. Does this sound anyhow possible or makes sense?

Here is another clinic that I suspect that would have really good skills to support our condition ->

On these pages there is a ton of info about gut and SIBO etc. Basicly everything you need to know when fighting with your gut.

How about this test?
Id like to compare strains.
I also plan on getting this done again in the near future (results could take a month).

Why Gates and Zuck think the next drug blockbusters will come from your gut

Despite having no background in science or medicine, Jain has managed to raise $75 million from investors including Benioff and Khosla. Both declined to comment on their microbiome investments. But Alex Morgan, a Khosla Ventures principal with an M.D. and Ph.D. from Stanford, suggests Khosla’s decision to back Viome has nothing to do with nutritional advice. Instead, he says, the firm invested because Viome hired a team of scientists from the US Department of Energy’s Los Alamos National Laboratory. In addition, Viome had made a deal with the lab to license a valuable tech platform that has a unique ability to sequence the biochemical activity in microorganisms.

Viome Test Results

Does this test tell you if you have sibo or parasites?

I need to get my sample in by 10am and within 2 hours of producing it, and have not been able to do that so far, I am hoping I can poop as needed on Monday morning to get it in. It will be a comprehensive parasite and pathogen test.

The SIBO test generally involves drinking a sugar solution and then doing a breath test around 90minutes later to see if you are producing levels of methane and other gases that indicate excess bacterial activity.

Just to note, after going overboard on Wednesday, eating four large meals, including junk food for one of them, and my gut responding accordingly the following day, it does seem to have settled down again. It is not “right” but it has returned to being indisputably better than before I took those meds last Monday. So I do think I did myself some good with them.

Two very normal bowel movements today, one in the morning, one in the evening, just like old times. And they seem to be getting healthier. I even ate cheese yesterday morning and had a hot dog (gluten in the bread) this lunchtime, with no apparent negative effect. Before the medication I was going to the toilet 4 to 7 times a day and had stools that ranged from very loose to diarrhea. I must have killed off something bad.