Diffuse hair loss after fin

Hi everyone! Your expertise needed. I’m suffering most pfs sympthoms since 4 weeks.

I’ve severe diffuse hair loss, since stopping fin. I know this isn’t the main concern with PFS, but i want to understand every single symptom for its possible treatment.

My first blood test showed very low testosterone (all types) and very high estrogen levels, with relatively normal thyroid functions.
My second blood test a few days ago revealed too high free t4 and lowish t3 thyroid functions. At the same time testo and estrogen levels started already to normalize. I’m still waiting for my DHT results.

I’m wondering what effects my severe hairloss. Do you see it as a results of my thyroid overfunction?
Thanks for the help guys!!!

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Did you have any body hair loss or mainly scalp? Eyebrow, eyelash, pubic hair?
As far as thyroid, I have had extensive tests including a thyroid ultrasound.
Everything checked out. This is coming from Accutane though.

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@guitarman01 mainly hair scalp and some body hair. They come out really easy by pulling. You’ve had also diffuse hair loss? Have it been stabilized, reversed perhaps?

My friend nothing has been stabilized, else I wouldnt be here.
The hair loss was 20 years ago, unfortunately for my scalp, it never fully recovered.
As I get older now there is more of a natural mpb going on, but even my sideburn hair is not of normal quality. All of this is something that has waxed and waned over the years.

So @guitarman01 this means you’ve had hair loss independently from propecia? I mean in my case its definately caused by it, i had a way lot more a month ago. Could it be hormonal change or my crazy thyroid levels

I guess I left out that little detail. I had diffuse hair loss that started a few months after a 4 month course of Accutane 20 years ago. I was prob around 16 or 17. This included scalp and body hair including arms and legs, an overall thinning.

This happened to a friend of mine–he is hairless in many parts but very hairy in other parts.

One thing besides eyebrow hair to watch out for is lower leg hair at and above the ankle–if that disappears, it could be a thyroid problem. Also if someone’s scalp is overall thinning/losing hair, not just at the vertex like MPB, then it could be a thyroid problem too.

Thanks @Crossroads so probably its thyroid behind my hair loss. I’ve had a really long hair when starting propecia, now lenght and strenght decreased like 50% only after 5 weeks, even losing easily the side hairs and small baby hairs.

I’m seeing an endo doctor today, I’ll update you what he suggest.

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Guys i’m continuing losing hair! I had tonnes of a monthago (when i quit 4 days fin) i’m gonna be bold in mather of weeks!

Please help what can i do? ? :(((

I showed the endo dr my blood test where i had improving hormone levels (compared to the seriously low testo and high estro levels after crash) butmy thyroid t4 is too high (15,95 nmol on a 15,60 nmol scale) and my endo dr said it is normal. Shouldnt be it medically treated? If you suggest so, i’d search another endocrin dr, because i cant look into the mirror anymore (feeling suicidal)

Thx for the help!

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Suicidal thoughts are just part of your brain not working well. Be at peace, do things to relax your mind and body, nothing too extreme. Something gentle or calm. You will get through this. I did and millions do.

Yes, it is time to recheck all your thyroid tests–one high test could have been a fluke.

Get: TSH, Free and Total T3, Free and Total T4, Reverse T3, Thyroid antibodies. Go to Quest Diagnostics because other places may not have Reverse T3.

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Thanks @Crossroads! Yes i’m gonna definately checkmy thyroid values again, it ain’t normal im suffering. (The hair thing) all others, metabolism ,drying skin, fatigue ,muscle wasting etc i know is a part of this shit, and i believe can improve from those by time

UPDATE!! I just received my revers T3 result of my thyroid, taken on March 5th

Reverse T3: 0,66 ng/ml (ref. 0,09-0,35 ng/ml) HIGH
DHT is normal: 489 pg/ml (ref. 300-850)

As you remember also my T4 thyroid was high. Do you think there can be a connection between this my diffuse hairloss?

Help please with your advise. Thanks a lot

Hey man, I suffer from defuse hair thinning from FIN. Never had thinning hair before FIN. It was BAD during and right after quitting, but has gotten slightly better. Still nothing like pre-fin.

Look up the term ‘reflex-hyperandrogenicity’ you are probably suffering from this. I believe its an upregulation of our androgen receptors. From what i’ve researched, we need to deregulate or AR’s.

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Thanks @Fxckfin for this great advise!
I’ve seen an interesting tendency in this 2 months of pfs: i had diffuse thinning/hairloss for about 5-6 weeks. Then my hair loss reduced and even quality improved.
In the first appr 4 weeks my T levels were low, E2 high. Hormone balance returned and around that time i had improvements.

2 weeks ago though i crashed on tribulus (it turned out its also 5AR inihibitor) hair thinning shedding returned now, and my recent blood work showed again low free T and high E2.

So i think low T and high E2 played a big time role in my case on the hair. I hope now i can improve again from this shithole where trib has kicked me

Does your scalp also itch?

Do you also lose hair on sides and back of head?

Not that much

Do you also lose hair on sides and back of head?

I notice that those hairs shed from time-to-time ever since I quit fin.

Yes, all over, i even lose chest hair and some eyebrows. For a long time i’ve suspected thyroid issues, but it turned out to be fckin E2. High E2 is the most ennoying to me, it also gives me puffy face and beer belly. Sexy!!!

Do you have tylenol with you right now?

I noticed that I lost far less hair when I was on tylenol. Can you take some for a couple of days and see if your hair loss situation changes?

Are you sure it’s upregulation for the OP? Shouldn’t he be getting more body hair?