Differential Gene Expression in Post-Finasteride Syndrome Patients - Dr. Khera - Baylor

Those people have no business critiquing any scientific study. They have zero experience in any science or statistical methodology. Everyone knows it. Call them out on it rather than trying to explain to them why they’re wrong. They’ll just continue with more nonsensical and incoherent bullshit.

They can criticise all they like. Just hope they don’t come down with PFS…

No they can’t. Not without getting called out on their incoherent bullshit.

Feels like forever ago that I went to Houston to participate in this study. Although it took a long while to publish, the findings are more detailed (and definitive) than I had expected. A huge step forward for the community!

Thanks again to the PFSF, Awor, and Dr Khera. Also thanks to @axolotl for the thoughtful analysis. When the PFSNetwork gets charity status, I’d be happy to contribute. The proposed PFS-dedicated conference sounds incredible too – looking forward to the next chapter!


There are reports from hospitals, where people still deny the existence of COVID-19, while they are being rushed to the ICU for intubation due to their heavy breathing problems. There are also studies with people who believe in conspiracies or hold other obscure beliefs that show that presenting facts to these people that contradict their beliefs interestingly strengthens their belief.

We all tend to belief that facts and the better argument will convince people. But once certain people hold a strong belief and are invested in their belief, almost nothing will convince them otherwise. Fortunately, what people on Reddit or hair loss forums believe is irrelevant. The evidence is on our side and it has grown significantly with this study.


we should replicate the same with an N of 100
we can do it
we have doctors everywhere and genetic screening is cheap

Everyone should send this study over to that scum bag Trueb who posted that bs article he has of PFS. His argument would be “it’s bias because it was funded by the PFS foundation”


It’s Like @Sugarhouse said, we have to give this syndrome faces. If we all come out of anonymity, we all contact newspaper and TV and join the podcasts we’ll have much more power, much more money, much more research. The thing ist the stigmatizing loose of manhood: “Man impotent after using hairdrug.” or so sounds the reaction.
This is what preventing me from coming out. Maybe it’s a question of time. I’m so proud of all, who speak about.


I think that we’re making huge progress, compared to 10 years ago where we didn’t have any kind of exposure at all. We have the youtube videos, podcasts which are coming out and even the baylor study which confirms that our genes are deregulated. Looking at the bigger picture we’re slowly getting to the root cause of PFS.

It would be awesome if we could get in touch with an influencer who has a lot of followers, or with the press to spread more awareness. Even a video which goes viral about this topic would mean a lot!


I can already feel that Kevin mann will say that the deregulation of genes is because of depression when he looks at the study.

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I’ve forwarded it to the daily mail journalists but doubt they’ll respond. These findings should be all over the channels


Th guys at Tressless / Reddit have cognitive dissonance. The only way they will ever believe PFS is real, is if they get it themselves. Even when one of their own start to get symptoms, everyone else just downvotes him and says he is imagining it.


I wonder will it now be possible to get tested so people can legally prove they have PFS ?


That’s interesting.

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ehm, lol. I mean, yes it’s a tad discouraging result.
I have matured my opinion many times in the years, however the end result of my researches was that it was a too broad damage to get it cured by a single molecule or so. This study confirms it. That’s why I have tried healthy lifestyle but with lack of satisfying result in the past years. Most probably to some, the healthy way is not enough.

However, guys I wouldn’t think this is necessarily a too distant condition from other forms of common ED: at this time, from what I know, the most widespread treatment used in general to treat ED (ie daily/nightly PDE inhibitor + antioxidants + HCG or androgens + aphrodisiacs) doesn’t really target a single biological pathway. It targets many and the aim is substantially to improve circulation and consequentially to improve tissue health. Who knows how many genes are implicated in this process, but it is to be expected a lot. I have tried that without HCG, and wow, it was pretty strong, I did feel horny. At least that’s a way you can have a sexual life. I chickened out when it was the time to introduce HCG but I’m restarting this protocol again.

Being totally un-scientific here, but do you think the reason some people have suffered more than others is because more genes have been affected in the people who have it worse.


@Ukguy82 id say so. My symptoms have only got worse from repeated use. I think each time I restarted and stopped I took out another batch of genes. Insomnia anxiety and ED first time around. At each point these became more pronounced with new ones manifesting.

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It’s more than likely yeah. Probably also why some people tolerate the drug better.

It’s kinda like that person who smoked a pack a day for their entire life and still live to be 100 years old.

While most people would have developed lung cancer.

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I think that’s exactly it
But there’s no way of knowing how you’ll be affected

It’s literally Russian Roulette
Best just not to play ever

Wish I had never played


Hard not to Play when the gun is invisible and when u do see it the Dr says don’t worry, there is no bullets in it…Failure to inform