Diagnosed venous leak (doppler test). Doctors can’t explain how it’s possible


Hello everyone :slight_smile:

Long story short. Last May I noticed all of the sudden problems with my erection and libido. Nocturnal erections also disappeared… I had a complete impontence after Risperdal which was given 2 years ago (only 2 days 1mg) BUT my erections came back after stopping Risperdal and starting Abilify two months later(?!). On May I started Aurorix. The idea was to taper off Abilify (which gave me metabolic syndrome, high eye pressure and hairloss) and switch to Aurorix. After one week I noticed that I could not get erection at all?! Also nocturnal erections where gone…

The odd thing is that I had doppler test 1,5 years ago and my blood flow was excellent. So about 5 month ago I went to urologist and wanted to have again doppler test. This time the test showed venous leak?! I could not even have erection with Caverject?! I tried all, Viagra, Cialis, Vitaros and Caverject. Nothing helped. I have met three urologist and they all say the same: It’s not possible to have venous leak ”overnight” and because 2 years ago I had excellent results from doppler test it’s literally impossible to have venous leak unless there has happened some kind of an accident or trauma to the penis.

However… two months ago my nocturnal erections came back (but no morning wood still) BUT I can have erection now when lying down, but when I get up erection goes down in seconds… libido is also very low… I’m really baffled and so are the doctors…

My symptoms are more like PFS but I never have taken Finansteride or accutane… is there any hope? Have anybody experienced similar? Any advices?

Thanks for readig this. Hope we all get better


Hello, welcome. You are of course different from us. But it might be somehow related to our condition or it might not. What is your other symptoms? Any sensivity, shrinkage or low semen volume issues?


How do you know?


I had low siemen issues (and watery semen) but they have resolved. I read that there is few guys in here who are diagnosed venous leak. In PSSD Forum there is none with the diagnosed venous leak.


But…what you say about having an erection when you are on the bed and loss it when you stand up…this has to have any reason…is it comming from lack of bloodflow? Or is it due to a damage nerve??? The doctors have to know it.


My inflow is good but there is also some outflow so the blood doesn’t stay ”trapped” and that’s why erection fades in seconds. Doctors doesn’t know why this happens.

Common complaints include a chronic soft erection insufficient for sexual intercourse, position-dependent erectile rigidity, difficulty achieving erections, difficulty maintaining erections without constant manual stimulation, loss of penile length and girth, and a soft glans of the penis during erection that is not fully engorged.

In addition, other possible causes include psychological stress, testosterone deficiency, neurotic deficit, a drug’s adverse influence, iatrogenic, and chronic systemic diseases such as diabetes and low urinary tract symptoms.


Because of the substance he took and his symptoms. As you can see he can recover with short amounts of time. This isn’t common here. But yeah, no one could be sure about this. Im just guessed from my memory data.


What do you mean? I haven’t recovered. I have diagnosed venous leak and there is no cure for that at the moment


I mean these, it’s not sound like a typical “crash”. Hope you get better again with time.


I think it might be best for you to not decide who is and isn’t a typical case.


Well there is nothing ”typical” in PFS, PSSD or what ever this shit situation is called.

I want to clarify few things:

  • ”Nocturnal erections came back”, they are like 70-80% from normal erection (and only when I lay in a bed) and I’m lucky if there is 1 nocturnal erection in a week. Last week had none.
  • I can’t have erection with Viagra, Cialis, Vitaros or Caverject. Nothing. So I would not call that I have recovered in any standards


If these meds do not work…then…is it because the root cause is not small blood flow. Could it be due to the pudental nerve damage? Just guessing


Hmmm… but I don’t have any pudendal nerve damage symptoms…

I have ok inflow (50/100), but before meds it was excellent (98/100). BUT now I also have outflow which I obviously did not have before meds. I just don’t get (and doctors do not also) how this is possible to have venous leak developed this fast


I have no idea what the physical mechanism is, but it wouldn’t surprise me if if you woke up in a month with everything working as it did before all this happened.

This condition is crazy and many people have experienced temporary recoveries. I’m not saying that a recovery is automatically temporary, but I am saying that I think the majority of symptoms experienced here are temporary.


Sure it could be possible BUT with diagnosed venous leak… not so sure about that…

My brother took SSRI’s 8 months and all that time his dick was totally limp. After he quit them it took 8 months to recover, but he recovered completely and without any supplements what so ever. So yes, everything is possible but diagnosed venous leak…


I’m just saying, crazier things have happened.


What about to use some kind of device around the penis to avoid the blood to get out of it?


Have tried cockring but did not help. Maybe I should try a ring that goes over the sacks also…


Tried Tribestan cycle? Maybe you should give it a try. Read the major thread about it. Im trying it myself at high doses of Balkan Tribulus, nothing seems good so far, in fact i believed it would work. But forget me, many people report positive benefits from it. Give it a try please and post your results. (All risk belongs to you)


Tribulus is a weak testosterone booster. I have tried different tribulus before