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I was wondering if anyone that tried dexamethasone could put some feedback here. Hard to remember what my search turned up in this and other forums… but, IIRC a few guys showed improvement after a short stint on it. Thinking that if the info is in one spot, we might get a better read on it’s effectiveness.

Also, what do the prostatitis guys think of using this? Could it be harmful?


The theory regarding prostatitis and dexa is the fact that some might have auto-immune prostatitis. Meaning our own bodies are attacking the prostate… Dexa greatly suppresses the immune system, so the reason some would see benefit from CP is because it would shut down the immune system thus, stopping the body from attacking the prostate…

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I don’t know if there is a link, but :

in my case, my prostatitis symptoms came back strongly (after more than 2 years of relief) while taking 3 pills of dexamethasone…

Interesting as it should reduce inflammation. Perhaps an infection did indeed worsen. Be curious to hear other experiences with dexamethasone.

well it could have the opposite effect as well if one does not have auto-immune CP, because if you take away the immune system there is nothing stopping inflammation from growing…

another russian roulette …

however what about posology?
how many days?

Please elaborate? what ‘prostatitis’ symptoms reappeared after the use of dexamethasone? what was the severity?

If anyone else has tried dexamethasone on this forum then please post your experiences in this thread. I plan to try some at 0.25 mg for a few days within the next month. It is available for a very cheap price via unitedpharmacies.

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symptoms : Low libido, genital numbness, severe pelvic pain, urination insensitivity, dark penis veins, etc.

I had it just after propecia (mid 07 till mid 08)

in August 08 I got rid of it (at that time I took tamoxifen)

and my sexual function came back to almost 100%
until mid may of this year, where I got a rush back of symptoms. I don’t know why all my symptoms came back. Maybe there is no link with dexamethasone…

Yes I thought of this as an hypothesis to what I experienced

so how did you feel during 2 year period? Did you feel completely normal? fatigue,brain fog and sexual function return to normal?

I felt close to 100%. I had periods of 3 weeks feeling completely normal : good libido, good erections, no brain fog, no fatigue

but sometimes mild prostate & chest pain did come back during 2-3 days and then disappeared, like there was still a little something not working

you can read my story for more details !

benefits from dexa reinforce prostate theory

NF-kappaB Is Involved in Prostate Inflammation
Possible role of nuclear factor-kappaB in intraprostatic inflammation

NF-kappaB influences the activity of many genes involved in inflammation. To judge whether NF-kappaB is involved in prostate inflammation, the researchers injected a proinflammatory cytokine into mice with a gene that helped illuminate where NF-kappaB was in the body. They showed high levels of NF-kappaB activity in the intestine, spleen, lungs, prostate, thymus, and skin. Mononuclear cells, a type of white blood cell involved in inflammation, accumulated in the small blood vessels and in the prostate. Giving the mice the anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive drug dexamethasone reduced the migration of the mononuclear cells and the severity of inflammation in the prostate.

Taking this stuff on a hunch is a dangerous idea IMO.

Taking dexamethasone for a longer period than a few days is risky as the dose needs to be tapered at this point to ensure you don’t mess up your adrenal axis.

Anyone considering this please keep this in mind. It is a potent steroid.

You are best to take it at a low dose such as 0.25 mg for a few days only.


Common sense?

Common sense would be going to a doctor getting it prescribed and taking the dose that he/she says for the duration he/she says.

Well yes, that’s pretty obvious with every medicine on this forum - don’t try to be a smart ass. I was just saying, for anyone that plans to self treat like the few guys that have recovered did - just take a very low dosage and see how you feel.

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