Dexamethasone interest

I’ve noticed theres been one or two posts about future covid treatments being of a potential benefit to us. While there’s not much to like about Trump him being given this steroid is very interesting considering ----
It relieves inflammation (swelling, heat, redness, and pain) and is used to treat certain forms of arthritis ; skin , blood, kidney, eye, thyroid, and intestinal disorders (e.g., colitis); severe allergies ; and asthma. Dexamethasone is also used to treat certain types of cancer.

Very interesting. While I doubt it will help those with receptor damage it could be of benefit to some with these symptoms. Who knows but worth a mention.


There’s plenty to like about Trump

Yeh him losing the upcoming election. Lol. Take it your a fan, your user name gives a hint


methylprednisolone is another anti inflammatory drug that @anonymous1968 claims to have recovered after using it. It seems like a lot of our sides are due to inflammation

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Inflammation = heightened immune system = dysfunctional androgen receptors = PFS is autoimmune

Go get your sunlight guys.

@cytochrome I think I’m right in saying claimed to have recovered on it, then took fin again (idiot) then crashed again then recovered again with it.

Pick over the posts carefully though, I don’t know English was his first language.

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Has anyone tested there inflammation markers ?

@Ronnie99 . I have rheumatoid and mine are checked regularly and there’s no heightened markers. I asked the consultant to try me on another drug which he wasn’t receptive too. I was on predisilone shots years ago before I knew I had PFS and I was mostly fine. The last one was in 2013 and it blew me apart. I think that’s when my receptors started to become damaged.

Have you checked your C-reactive protein level and interlukin 6 levels ?

Unsure if those get checked

Im going to get mine checked in the next couple weeks along with a couple other markers and see the results, I think our main issue is inflammation along with neuroinflammation.

Has anybody done a Dexamethasone negative feedback test, to determine if the HPA negative feedback is working as it should, very important component ?

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Hello Lazaro, I’m sorry for my English because I’m using the translator! I read in some topics that you raised about your symptoms like body pain, burning and pins and needles on the skin. I have a friend with the same complaints as you and in his case the COIMBRA protocol solved these pains very well. It is a protocol for autoimmune diseases to which I am also a part! I have no pain in my body but I was affected by neurological problems and also in my vision. If you are interested, there are doctors abroad who use this protocol.

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I would like to know your experience with bacoba monniere

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@peterH I am very interested in this as have many neurological symptoms. Bacopa helped for a couple of days only. My mood improved greatly I felt connected to the world and wanted to socialise. The cold limbs and numbness disappeared too. In my case I think the receptors are damaged which is why things never last

In terms of the Coimbra protocol I already drink lots of water but vit d3 makes things worse

Let me explain, the protocol is about high doses of vitamin d3 … these high doses end up silencing the genes that cause these autoimmune processes. At the beginning of the treatment, most of the time there is a worsening of the symptoms because vitamin d3 is still beginning to perform its functions and methylating the defective gene. Many patients with multiple sclerosis, atopic dermatitis, fibromyalgia report this worsening at first, but make no mistake! After time, and the correct dose of d3, the symptoms in my friend’s case, such as body aches, burns, disappeared. Like you, he used finasteride for many years. I would really like to be able to talk to you about the protocol in a quicker and more informative way because here everything is very time consuming.

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When cases like yours of feeling pain in the body automatically reminds me of my friend, who overcame me at the time of my accident and that the coimbra protocol gave him an improvement in the quality of life by extinguishing those pains caused by finasteride neuropathy! Do not think that vitamin d3 makes things worse, because here in Brazil it is the supplement that we recommend most so that new outbreaks do not occur.

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I appreciate your time and offer of help @peterH but vit d has brought hell to a few guys on here and even suicide in one case I believe. I’m not prepared to take the risk to be honest. I get a lot of sun and it’s done nothing. If I wasn’t as I’ll/severe I might have give it a go but I honestly don’t think I could take another step in the wrong direction. Sorry mate

it’s a shame to hear that, obviously everyone has a different reaction to finasteride but I didn’t think it would get to that point. I thought I would do well in your case because these pains were completely extinguished in my friend. But I understand your decision. Currently I take 20 thousand ui of vitamin D which is very little because I am at the beginning of the treatment and my friend 120 thousand ui. Only high doses can silence the gene, and only in the sun is it not possible to reach these levels. Anyway, I would just like that if one day you decide to do the protocol, know that it is totally safe if followed correctly.

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I would just like to know some more information about the use of bacoba in your case. Were there no symptoms worsening? I was very interested in trying this supplement, as I have the same neurological problems as “thisrealblummer” and I used finasteride for only 45 days. I would like to know the dosage you took, how many times a day and how long.

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