Demethylation protocol for the severely affected

Since I can barely walk at this stage I’m at my wits end with this disease. I have ringing in my ears that I can only describe as a bomb going off with a loud dinnnnnnng noise 24/7. I have severe, and I mean severe fatigue and joints that are crumbling into bits followed my all the sexual problems and more. So I have a plea for help that I need to try some treatment to try at least give me a better baseline so that I can have some sort of quality of life as time is doing nothing for me. There seems to be different types of people that have been afflicted by this disease some who are at the very top of the latter which would be me and some who have just the sexual sides but in any case it’s all just as bad. At this present time my condition isn’t sustainable and I know that I may not be around for much longer if I don’t see an improvement as it’s become so unbearable.

So if you have any ideas on what treatment “may” potentially help please forward them either under this post or through private message.

I have very low Testosterone so I don’t know if there’s much of a point going on TRT as it doesn’t seem to make a difference in people and some have worsened.

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i have no recommendations cause i have no knowledge on those things but whatever you do

please research thoroughly and make sure its not an anti andrdogen.

like make sure all the things inside a substance don’t have anti androgenic properties.

recently i took a laxative and got worse because it contained stuff that inhibited 5ar and my goal was just to help with digestion

TRT worked for me in the short term.

I think its worth trying if your T is very low.

Did the affects of TRT wear off or did you reach a better baseline.

The first TRT injection I had really helped my cognitive and mental health.

Those benefits lasted.

But I got no more real benefit by the time I had the 2nd injection.

When I was on TRT it made me super strong, but I couldn’t balance my Estrogens and T levels. It made me super aggressive and put my emotions all over the place. In my case I wouldn’t say TRT didn’t work but it was very hard to balance and get right, I would get erections sometimes but not all the time.

I felt better just on clomid or maybe just try a consistent low dose of HCG.

Hang in there, I wish I had more of an answer for you.

Clomid gave me depression.

I couldn’t use it long term.

Yes, everyone reacts different, I’m able to get morning wood on clomid. It could be that it increases estrogens, I really don’t know.

I should add TRT also gave me depressions because my emotions were all over the place.

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Welcome to the party :confused: there’s no cure for chronic fatigue actually.

This is a different type of fatigue I’m waking up from an 8 hour sleep to complete exhaustion where I’ll just sit in bed for a further few hours until I can gather up some energy and move.

So those benefits have still stayed with you Mark?

Yeah it’s also like this sometimes

Is there a method to gradually introduce testosterone into the system without shocking it and causing a further silencing? Instead of having a surge of testosterone that flat lines the system again.

I ran a marathon last year with 3 weeks training and I can tell you that I’m more exhausted than that.

Yes it’s a very different and distinct kind of fatigue,sometimes worse than extreme physical exhaustion (and you mention a marathon you ran for example)

Currently there is no “protocol” as such to treat this condition as we’re not really sure what exactly the condition is on a molecular level.

While people have experimented with various substances, one man’s poison has been another man’s medicine and as such, it is important to exercise caution with regards to what treatment if any you decide to pursue. Things can always get worse.

That being said, bearing in mind that you have very low testosterone, if I were in your position, I would consider trying TRT. The reason being that there is a small possibility you don’t have PFS and just hypogonadism, which although unpleasant, is treatable. Also even with PFS, anecdotal experiences indicate that people tend to do better on a certain level of Testosterone.


I agree, I think that might NOT be better than introducing a large dose at once, which my doc had me on.

I honestly made super strong while on was on testosterone, I was benching 180 pounds and I weighed about 145 at the time.

Added NOT

I see a common denominator here when getting TRT or any other hormonal therapy for that matter. The majority of people are put on too high a dose considering our sensitive nature who initially feel better again for a brief period of time before destabilising and ending up back at square one.

Shortly after I crashed I had blood tests which revealed a near halving of my testosterone levels and an at least trebling of my estrogen levels, compared to my pre-finasteride treatment levels. Repeated tests following this showed similar readings until a blood test around 8 months post crash showed increased testosterone levels but still very high estrogen. This coincided with an improvement I experienced with various symptoms. Improvement here means going from a near insufferable condition to still massively disabling conditions and impacted quality of life (physically and neurologically) but able to get through the day without it mentally feeling like second to second, unrelenting torture. I cannot say with certainty that the increase in testosterone caused this improvement but the correlation is there.

Before you try any treatment, bear in mind that you “only” crashed around 9 months ago. There is still room for time to bring you improvements before you say that it is doing nothing for you. My advice in these matters is always one of caution first. With outreach ramping up significantly from this website in the new year and the most significant study on our condition due to publish in the near future, I would give yourself more time before trying anything. With that said, if you’re set on trying to self remedy before more is known about our condition, because of your very low testosterone readings, low dose testosterone therapy may be a route to try. From my own anecdotal forum browsing, low dose as opposed to supra physiological doses appears to be more helpful.


Yeah I made a full recovery from the mental side effects which I put down to TRT and water fasting.