Dark circles around eyes


Did you read through the whole thread? I stated above that diet is a contributing factor and that I think sleep is the main issue. Additionally, dieting effects change in the body much more so after consuming Fin. I can’t provide the science behind it but I can provide you hundreds of case studies on this forum. So is it hard for you to believe that someone has sleep or dieting issues post Finasteride consumption? Dark circles are often talked about as a frequent side effect, it’s even listed on the new user template for a reason. I’m not sure what you’re getting at, but I don’t believe asking questions re: who does and doesn’t have PFS is very conducive to our cause. Like @Mcbbould stated above, there hasn’t yet been a method for diagnosing PFS


pete, joey said he hasnt took any anti androgen at all ( no finasteride , NOTHING) i wasnt refering to this thread. it was general speaking


This describes my sleep pattern too


i have seen your post in medium.com. thank you for that. you described my stadium very well. although i was not really balding like you. still head full of hair


So the figure comes from direct communication with IQVIA. Merck actually put this figure at around 67m, when actually it’s much more than that. Remember though that it might include the treatment of prostate (and potentially other conditions?) as well, and that one person will take hundreds and potentially buy thousands in a year @Milando97


Thanks for the article pursuit it’s a good read, and describes our situation perfectly.