Dark circles around eyes


i think when you have at least 2 symptoms of the many possible. and they dont go away.


I mean thats pretty subjective, but under your idea of PFS then yes I would.


ok good. i read a thread where you said your side effects dissapeared. thats why i was asking.


i mean „not good“ . very bad :confused: just unbelievable that doctors still dont believe us.


You seem to be very worried about who and doesn’t have pfs. Unfortunately PFS cannot be diagnosed or even adequately categorized, so I don’t think it’s our job on this site to decide whose endocrine system has been distrupted (wether from a drug, suppliment, or any other trigger). I think our job is raise awareness, discuss and try solutions, and support each other.


are you kidding ? it just isnt that easy to believe that someone get the same nightmare like me due a diet. instead of a prescription drug. i would like to know what dr santman thinks about this topic. or the pfs researchers…


It isn’t easy to believe a drug that perccribed to millions of people has given you these side effects after many clinical studies. Note that millions and millions of people take Propecia without any of the side effects you describe, so the fact it happened to you isn’t “easy” for people to believe. Just like it’s not easy for you believe that diet can cause this. Around 200 people die of food allergies per year - THEY DIE. So it’s not that hard to believe that diet can cause issues.


thats not true. the most people who get bald dont take propecia. i know NOBODY that takes propecia. they all say they dont take it because it makes impotent …


the most people taken propecia informed a lot bout hair loss. otherwise they havent known bout this stuff. its not in the advertisements or so. not everybody suffering from hair loss is willing to take a steroid against it


You don’t believe that millions of people take or have taken Propecia? This isn’t an opinion, it’s fact. You can look this up.


show me the data. and just because they have not ended up with pfs doesnt mean they have no sides. and its more important who took propecia than wo is currently taking it. we all know these guys on hair loss forums : „i take propecia since 3 months and im fine“ yes wow. that doesnt mean anything. the problem is the stopping in my opinion. the majority of people who ended up with pfs noticed worsening of sides or STARTING of sides after they stopped the medication. and why would a hair loving guy stop propecia when he only has mild sides on it but can prevent himself from balding? thats mercks luck. the desperation of these people.


Health market research firm IQVIA says that approximately 570 million finasteride pills were dispensed in the United States alone between April 2017 and April 2018. And this is just in the United States.


in germany its not that common. but anyways, the old people that take it for phb maybe dont notice their sides. can you send a link ?


See my sides are extreme would be impossible not to notice. If my sides were boarderline noticeable I’d be one happy man


i havent said something else bout your sides man


It’s stated here. I don’t have access to the market research report - but the fin market is over 2 billion (means lots of people) @pursuit_of_happiness do you have a reference to the actual market report?


his story is impressive. ive read it. its so similar to me. but i still have all my hair lol. but thats not a good quotation. in german news paper articles they say around 10.000 people in germany take it and probably around 100.000 in the usa


that doctors in hair loss clinics that say they prescribe thousands of men finasteride are just lying to sell it. of course. i would do the same if i want to sell my products. i know from a friend that likely 1/5 that go to a hair loss clinic in his city get prescribed finasteride. thats not really much. most people just accept their balding and dont go to a clinic. since july 2018 most doctors in germany dont prescribe finasteride anymore but minoxidil because of „rote hand briefe“


Way more than 100,000 people. And I said millions so if it’s 100,000 in us think about what it is across Europe and Asia.


There you go - it doesn’t say how many pills sold but it gives you a dollar value. You can do the rough math.