Dark circles around eyes


Does anyone know of any effective ways to treating dark circles? Im really at a loss as to what’s causing this. When I first quit Fin I got really heavy dark circles. They completely went away within a couple weeks, but lately they’ve been creeping back. I get decent sleep every night 6+ hours, but one thought may be that I’m not reaching a deep enough sleep for my body to begin it’s recovery cycle? They aren’t persistent - meaning they aren’t there everyday, but they come creeping in during the end of my work week. My diet and gym schedule are very strict so I wouldn’t think thats a factor. Any tips (creams, foods, vitamins) would be helpful. Im tired of looking tired all the time


I have them as well and I’m assuming it’s just how thin my skin has become after getting hit with this, my skin a lot of places has become more transparent


The skin on the rest of my body seems normal though… There must be a more logical reason since it comes and goes, if it was truly my skin thinning then it wouldn’t disappear sometimes


It’s caused by thinning skin. There’s a lot of small veins under the eye and because of thinned skin blood shimmers through.


How would you interpret the days where the dark circles go away? I don’t imagine the top layer of the skin can fluctuate in thickness this rapidly, if at all?


I would hypothesize that it’s due to lack of quality sleep? Just a guess


I also have these circles since 4 years now. Appeared almost overnight for no reason and never went away again.

My sleep is perfect so thats not the reason in my case.


If you want to get rid of them because of cosmetic reasons try makeup/concealers lol. Get a girl to show you how to do it so it looks normal.


I have always had dark circles , even Pre-Fin, so I rock them everyday with pride :stuck_out_tongue:

Just hope they don’t turn so dark i turn into a raccoon


If that does happen remember to report it if you can :crazy_face:


The color of your circles tells you a lot about whats causing the issue. If your circles are blue and green in color, that is indicative of skin thinning. If your circles are black or brown in color, this usually implies something having to do lifestyle/diet. My circles are definitely blackish brown, the look you get when youre tired. So Im going to try a couple things to try and get rid of my dark circles:

  1. I read through various sources that if your diet is high in salt/sodium, it causes dark circles and puffiness under your eyes because of water retention. For every excess 400mg of sodium in your diet, your body stores an additional 2 pounds of water weight. I just realized that this might be the culprit, because when I’m at work during the week, I basically eat through a whole bag of David’s sunflower seeds everyday (Monday through Friday). Guess my diet isn’t as dialed in as I thought. These bags are extremely high in sodium content, roughly 1550mg per bag. I definitely plan on cutting these out of my diet and seeing if it makes any difference.

  2. Im going to buy a retinol cream and apply it once daily to help with pigmentation.

  3. Im getting back on my “lights out” sleep aid since I didnt have the dark circles when I was taking it. Im leaning towards sleep being the main issue. Even though I wake up feeling rested and Im getting a full 6+ hours every night, I think I need more deep sleep.

  4. Im pretty good about staying hydrated, however this next week Im going to make an effort to drink even more water. This in combination with eating more fiber and iron rich foods, while decreasing sodium should make a big difference.

I’ll keep you guys updated


Allergic reactions to Dairy can also cause dark under eye circles.


On the subject of sleep does anyone else here wake up like 2-3 hours before they are supposed to? It happens to me every night. I used to get up at 8 AM for work and I would awaken at like 5-6 AM but a few months ago I switched schedules and have to be up at 5 for work but I still randomly awaken at 2-3 AM now. I also feel way more alert and awake when this happens (although I’m able to go right back to sleep) compared to when I actually wake up for the day and feel groggy and out of it.


do you have PFS pete ? serious question


What is PFS? Serious question. Like tell me what actually defines someone as being diagnosed with the condition? Once you answer that, I can answer your question.


Disturbed sleep is fairly standard around here, @Lostinaustin.


from what I typically read the most common symptom is insomnia, just wondering if someone has this specific kind of sleep issue because I usually don’t have a problem going to sleep


I wake up multiple times a night and I have tons of dreams. I also feel like I start dreaming before I even fall asleep. It’s strange. I also twitch and sometimes cry out slightly (outloud). Very strange


Ok I pretty much experience the same thing, but usually only wake up once, maybe twice every now and then. Very vivid dreams as well and wake up unrefreshed with eye bags.


I’m often unrefreshed with dark bags as well