Crashed! Milk thistle? Recovery?

My hair started shedding really quickly in the past few days so I decided to take a [Hair supplement](https://Swisse Beauty Hair Skin Nails+) today which contained milk thistle. I should’ve done the research on the ingredients and I clearly didn’t learn my lesson from my finasteride debacle. I struggled with pfs from 1 finasteride pill which I was able to recover within a few (4) months. But recently my hair was falling off like crazy and I just wanted to do something so I took vitamin d + K2 + a Hair supplement.

An hour or two after, I am experiencing the same symptoms as I did when I took fin. Can’t get an erection and low libido. Anyone else have a crash with milk thistle and how was your recovery? How long did it take for you to get back? I’m not stressing too much since it’s only 1 pill which contains 1g of milk thistle and hoping I’ll recover soon but I guess I’m not that chill since I’m posting here. This forum was really helpful when I was going through it back when I took fin hence why I’m posting here again.

It really sucks cos I just started dating someone who I really like too :frowning: I really hope I recover before we start getting physical.

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Got some mediocre nocturnal erections last night but that’s about it. Still can’t get an erection when I want to.

I was doing so well too man. Just 4 days ago, I was eating healthy, feeling good about my penis, masterbating twice a day (overcoming the anxiety caused by the pfs situation from earlier this year), talking to a girl who I potentially see myself marrying.

Now after taking a stupid supplement you get from the grocery store, I feel like my life is falling apart. I keep telling myself, it was only a small dose, one time, it’ll get better soon but I’m having trouble believing it.

It feels worse than earlier this year with what I went through with fin cos I’ll have to break things off with this girl if this persists and that’s what’s really painful. Luckily we’re long distance but I’m meeting up with her in a month. I pray to God that I’ll recover and feel like a man again so I can make this girl the happiest in the world.

Day 6, Still getting nocturnal erections. I know this because I wake up for a few seconds at night before dozing off again. No morning wood though.

Anxiety creeping in again. I think I might get into some trouble at work since I’ve been slacking, can’t concentrate. Last time this happened the side effects subsided within a week and 2 days which is in 3 days time. I don’t know how I’m gonna handle myself if I don’t see any improvement by then. Really trying to hold it together. Any support is really appreciated guys.

You are going to have to get over this, I’m afraid.

The things that stop hair loss all work pretty much the same way, and your body doesn’t react well too those things. Trying to save your hair might end up killing you, so you can’t save it, sorry.

As for your current situation, you’ve recovered before. This is often a good sign. I’ve spoken to people who’ve recovered from multiple crashes, so take solace in that.

Next, your current condition would to some people be considered a big improvement, so do try to look for the positives rather than the negatives. You can handle this. It’ll likely be a bit of a bumpy ride, but you can do it.

A few people I’ve known from here have said that their condition can worsen with food, perhaps while you’re in this weakened state, take a moment to see if you’re about to eat anything that has caused people problems. A good way to check is to Google for foods that are recommended to help people keep their hair. Don’t eat them.

Now you know how easy it is to make a little mistake with big consequences, would you prefer to hope that it never happens again or would you prefer that your condition was understood and could be treated if something went wrong again?

It would be pretty shit to crash yourself again in 5 or 10 years time because of an accident with a supplement or a meal ingredient and to once again be feeling alone and posting here asking for people to post their support for you and that nothing aside from your age had changed.

So, if you can, please consider how you can help so your own future is more secure:

Keep us posted on how you’re getting on, I’m sure you’ll be fine, as you were before. When you’re feeling better, please look out for other people who are also posting here, scared or worried and going through the same as you, they’d like to hear your experience, I’m sure.


Thanks, I’ll definitely be donating. I’ve returned back to almost baseline. Getting better over time. Now I know to stay away from milk thistle.