Could our issues be dopamine related?


I don’t know yet - maybe some of the ones listed above. Maybe an extended water fast. My point is do you guys think the longer you wait to get the treatment the lower the chances of recovery


I know all of us here have regrets. I can’t believe I listened to doctors and went back on antidepressants after still suffering from lowered libido from coming off them before. It would have been more humane just to put a gun in my mouth. I’ll regret it forever.
That being said I would try something now. It’s been 6 months for me with full PSSD, and about 3 years or more with what in hindsight was mild PSSD. I wasn’t getting better and I figure it’s time to hit this hard now. I understand the hesitation, especially when it comes to meds cause we’ve been burned before (and I’ve been burned with Accutane and antibiotics as well). Plus I’ve got a really bad case and getting worse is relative at this point. If PSSD is gonna be the status quo for my life then I’m over it. I’m willing to take potentially risky steps to get some improvement. I think a water fast is a good place to start. What are your worst symptoms? I mean besides all of them.


My worst symtoms:

Wonky vision - feels like I’m living in a bubble - worst feeling on earth. Disconnected from reality. Haven’t enjoyed being outside since this started. Before I was an avid hiker, climber, and skier.
Shaky vision
Head pressure
Weird confused, lightheaded, loopy, fuzzy feeling in my head
Musscle twitches when trying to sleep

I have many more symtoms but those bother me the most.


Yeah the derealization is bizarre. Seems to be a low, or no, dopamine issue. A dopamine agonist is something to consider when you feel ready.


Do you have the derealization? I will say mine has gotten slightly better. I know this because when this first hit, I was driving and I couldn’t even perceive the distance of the cars around me (now this isn’t the case) it feels more like my head is inflated and I’m in a bubble and something is pushing against the back of my eyes.


I had bad derealization the first few months. Akathisia too. I think TMS may have helped this, though it may have been coincidence. Everything else has just stayed the same or gotten worse.

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Whilst there are a fair few stories on here and other sites of guys proclaiming themselves better or cured (ie near what they were pre pfs) after one year, two years, seven years, there are very few that I’ve seen where someone tries one therapy and is suddenly better. There are several stories of people trying different substances and finding themselves in a worse situation. My own view on this tension between trying something versus doing nothing is that, so little is known about what causes this condition, any therapeutic venture is a complete shot in the dark and therefore not advisable. I’d at least wait until the Baylor study findings are released as they may point in a vague direction.


i have the. same problem?
what did Goldstein prescribe u,appart from Dopamine Agonists?


Right now just the Addyi, Cabergoline, and occasional Adderall. I’m also taking low dose DHEA for my dry skin. And he told me to continue the Halcion and Lyrica that I take for sleep.

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This might sound funny but, could semen retention fix this?


Please keep us updated. If it works well I may try. If I may ask how long have you had pfs?


Hey I have PSSD. Same shit just different drug that kicked off this nightmare. I have had this full syndrome for 7 months now but looking back was suffering from “mild” PSSD for a couple years but didn’t know it. Stupidly took antidepressants again and made it worse. Anyway I started the Cabergoline last week to lower my Prolactin which is high. Haven’t noticed much yet. The Addyi I started 2 nights ago. That will take a few months to work. I got a decent sleep last night taking it with my Halcion and Lyrica. Took a small dose of Adderall today. Hard to tell cause I have NO emotions but I noticed I have some decent energy today. The DHEA is making me break out a little but that’s ok cause I need some oil to help this dry skin. I will keep you updated and try to write a more detailed review of my Goldstein visit. My memory is so shot right now.

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Take your time and be easy with with yourself. Appreciate the update.



Im not singling you out buddy but a lot of people here act like our receptors are like flowers and grow and prosper like flowers. I hear wild things like “heal your receptors”… This is not the case. Nuclear steroid receptors are just intertangled proteins that get put together by the cells in our body. They get degraded then reform. They aren’t like wilting or anything like that from lack of signaling. Hope this makes snede

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So that’s good news lol?


depends if we find out what has caused this dysregulation


i think so too but how can our problem be dopamine related, is dopamine related in AR activity? maybe something like l dopa (mucuna dopa as a supplement) could help us.


This is my first day/ post since ceasing Finasteride back on 4/Jan/2019. I was on the poison for 22 years. I had most of those symptoms in my first crash cycle. I am currently enduring my second crash cycle which but am relieved to report it has been mostly free of muscle twitches, light headedness and hypnopompy - that’s some improvement which keeps the dim light of hope burning.

While i had some symptoms on the drug; low energy, abnormal mood fluctuation, muscle aches and mild ED things are 100 times worse since ceasing. My burning question is should i reinstate the drug as I could at least function while i was on it. Anyone thought the same or tried it?


No, it’s high-risk going by other cases of people attempting the same thing. You are likely to become irreversibly worse off.


Thanks so much for your reply - it echoes my thoughts. Its so confusing what the best move is. What is certain is I cant continue in my current state. I’m trying Saw Palmetto - cant say its given any notable improvement though.

Ive felt for sometime that my Dopamine regulation is off, particularly as i experience akathisia. I am interested in trying a Dopamine agonist though living in Australia means i have very limited options in terms of Doctors who have a clue about this. I wasted $500 on Greg Emerson (the guy hasn’t a clue about PFS and is shamelessly profiting in my view).

I look forward to hearing about the Dopamine agonist results however.