Could our issues be dopamine related?


I’ve noticed that I don’t have normal dopamine effects (reward center) and even when drinking coffee (I have a bad response) it feels like an issue with dopamine. This article states that while nocturnal stuff may be controlled by testerone, morning and stimulation comes from dopamine


Of course we have huge dopamine issues. 5AR, the AR and dopamine, its all connected. If we fix our androgen signaling issue, our dopamine related symptoms should be fixed too.


few guys with PSSD have recovered using dopamine drugs
Dopamine Agonists like pramipexole,cabergoline,ropinirole,metergoline…
Dr.Goldstein himself prescribes 2 DA for PSSD


Would Ritalin work for this?


its very hard to come off dopamine agonists… very painful withdrawal in some


i dont think so
ritalin may shrink ur dick though


Yes I think PSSD. PFS. PAS people, certainly the worst affected, have dopamine and hormone issues. Just saw Dr. Goldstein a couple days ago. He prescribed me Cabergoline, Adderall, and Addyi, all of which increase dopamine. Very interesting visit. He also things there is a spinal issue. I have genital scarring as well, which he sees in a lot of PSSD and PFS people. Will write a full detailed review soon.


i agree with invictus.


How its going on with these drugs? Have you seen any positive effects at all?


I’ve tried Requip which is a dopamine agonist. I don’t remember exactly what it did for me but I have impaired orgasmic sensation and I think it helped a little with that. The probably was that I was always just a little nauseous as a side effect so I quit pretty shortly.

I have also tried adderall which is a dopamine reuptake inhibitor and an amphetamine. It generally improves my ability to feel sexual arousal, orgasmic sensation, and probably most importantly mood and motivation. I have suffered from anhedonia where I don’t feel a desire to do anything and adderall can give you a helpful jump start. It is a serious drug with addiction potential so it shouldn’t be taken lightly, but I think it is worth considering especially for those guys who are very despondent.

I am still not able to produce semen at the rate I used to pre-PFS and have never found any medication that will help with that. What I used to be able to produce in 1 day during normal times takes probably 3-4 days now. I also have not found anything that helps with the physical impairment of sensation.


I think someone reported great improvements from microdosing LSD.

Think I will give it a try soon.


Today was my first day on Cabergoline and I’m waiting for the other too to come in the mail from another pharmacy.


Hi! You got any news?


Not yet. Just received my other medications in the mail. Goldstein said to give it a few months to work as it can take awhile for these drugs to get in the brain tissue.


is he serious?
few months for the drugs to get to brain tissue?


With Addyi yes. The people at the pharmacy told me the same thing. We’re not normal people and hopefully those receptors aren’t completely dead but idk. We need to restart our brains and hopefully it works. I suspect CRISPR will be the cure but that’s a long way away I think.


Do you think the receptors die as time goes on after quiting? I quit 7 months ago and I don’t know if I should feel like time is of the essence and I should try things before my receptors “die” or if the damage is already done and there is no harm in waiting. I wanted to wait a year before trying anything crazy


I understand if you wanna wait but it usually doesn’t get significantly better. I do think these genes may have been silenced in some, or all, cases. The lack of response I have to drugs or alcohol is concerning to me. It worries me that things that make sense on paper, like hormones and dopamine agonists, don’t work in this condition.


Yeah I guess my question is do you think there is harm in waiting? Should I be perusing treatment with a sense of urgency? For brain damage they say you need treatment right away. I’m so torn because I want to wait and see what happens “naturally” but if I miss my window of opportunity and treatment would have worked, but I waited too long. Then I made two of the worst decisions of my life. Taking two Propecia pills and not aggressively perusing treatment


What treatments do you plan on trying ?