-= Corticosteroids Treatments =-

Guys I will need your help to recover all the people with PFS that has had a treatment with corticosteroids successfull or not, I have review more than 3 people that manifest complete recovery I will try to recopile in this thread all the cases.

In order to help just reply this thread with the links needed and your opinion or comments and I will update all the information in this first post, and at the end of the recopiling information phase I will analize all the data (im analyst as career and pretty good).

If you collaborate with multiple case I will end up making a study published in .pdf with all the rebelant information for us.

Im going to put a first case:

Methyl prednisone treatment cured sexual symptoms


I like what you are doing here. This is what is done on the smaller “more elite” forums and useful information can be gathered by doing this. It has the most potential here because there are more people. I will share my experience shortly.

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Prednisone made me feel like shit.

Hydrocortisone at doses of 5mg (stress dose) and up to 30mg (spread out throughout day) definitely has made major improvements in my cognition, energy, blood sugar, stress tolerance, sleep (basically everything except sexual). I only stress dose 5mg from time to time now, but I was on 20-30mg for a few years.

IMO the benefits are from raising cortisol to normal levels and supporting adrenal function rather than anything else. We still likely have androgen silencing and lowered nuerosteroids of sorts.


Have you had Cortisol levels tested and they were? Mine are normally pretty high.

Sorry to report but pred blew me out of the water! Skin dryness and anxiety to a whole new level! That was back in 2013 took a few months for things to drop back to baseline. Not worth the risk in my humble


Can you explain more the tratment and the symptoms?

I also suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and it was prescribed to deal with inflammation! at the time I didn’t know I had pfs but had lots of unexplained symptoms which I didn’t understand. But the pred made them a lot worse. Prior to PFS I had pred and steroid injections which were nothing but positive then! Sorry my experience probably muddies things

I have looked through all of my labs for the last nine years. When I was on clomid with higher testosterone levels my cortisol levels would test in at the higher end of the range.

When I was on CD’s protocol, herb cycling, sprinting my testosterone levels would be in the middle of the range and my cortisol would be in the higher end of the range.

I only had one lab result where my cortisol was not towards the higher end of the range and this was a particular lab where my testosterone was on the low end of the range.

My cortisol goes up too high in response to testosterone. There is something going on at least in my case with cortisol and I think it involves the cortisol receptors.

I blocked my cortisol and progesterone receptors in 2017 with mifepristone and almost recovered. It was the only time that I had an 80 percent recovery in all sexual sides.

My conclusion:

The temporary recovery did not take place until after coming off the mifepristone. The next day after coming off of mifepristone actually. The theory is that the effect that the mifepristone had on my progesterone and cortisol receptors worked in my favor on the snap back.

5 weeks after my recovery I declined back to baseline. I speculate that what ever issue I have going on with cortisol adjusted my cortisol receptors in a negative way in the weeks following my recovery forcing me back to Baseline.

Last week I took licorice extract. Licorice extract increase cortisol. I got worse. Actually I was completely recovered from my shrinkage. Increasing cortisol resulted in shrinkage.

I have lots of mifepristone and plan on doing experiments soon. Somethings up with cortisol receptors and the malfunction appears to effect testosterone levels in my case

I will update this thread with my results of my upcoming experiments with blocking my Cortisol receptors.


You know what after a round of Ella (progesterone antogonist) they days after I left the drug I actually got drunk for first time in years! it was like my first time beers, it was amazing.


We really need more people trying Ella and Mifepristone. That’s why I’m presenting it here.

I want to learn more about blocking the GR and prog receptors and the effect it has on PFS.

RU blocks prog receptors and cortisol receptors.

Ella just prog receptors

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When you say RU do you mean the topical hairloss solution? Because I had used that previously in 2017 and it somewhat gave me a brief recovery for a few days after I discontinued using it

No we are talking about:

mifepristone (RU-486)

What’s in the topical hair loss solution that you took and had a temp recovery ?

We need to tread lightly. They will shut down the thread and ban us for talking about treating hair loss. I’m assuming you took this as an experiment to try to recover from PFS correct ?

No I was a dumbass and my pfs symptoms persisted but hair kept falling out so I tried it to save hair. I’m not mentioning it so that people take it for hair loss, just mentioning what happened when I took it. I’m not sure what the ingredients are but it’s called ru 58841. I would never take it again regardless of my temporary improvement.

Others have experienced temp recoveries on this. I’m not sure of the mechanism. It may have something to do with the prog receptors not sure. Can continue to research it

From what I gather though even if does work improvement will go away as soon as you stop taking it.

The dangers of this have been discussed before

Are corticosteroids anti-androgen?

With something as complicated as PFS in which the mechanism/mechanisms are still unknown yes the risk of exasperating the symptoms/condition with anything that we take is a real risk. Especially when we block receptors. If it did make you worse yes you are looking at the possibility of a more serious version of PFS.

However keep in mind that there is still more that you should know about this. The known mechanism of action of mifepristone is that it blocks the prog and cortisol receptors while you are on it. It’s not perm. That’s why it’s used to induce abortion in females. It blocks the prog receptors until the fetus dies. After a female comes off of mifepristone she can become pregnant again. This suggests it’s not a perm effect.

Another thing, I blocked my prog and Cortisol receptor with Mifepristone for three days at 50MG. As soon as I came off the drug I started to recover. All of the sexual symptoms. The lack of sensitivity started to go away, it would shoot out instead of dribble out, it was thick and white and erections were easier to achieve and maintain. All of my sexual symptoms recovered to about 80 percent over a 5 week period. Than I dropped back to baseline. But I did not get worse…

I got hit one of the hardest with the PFS sexual sides and I can tell you being at 80 percent recovered for that 5 weeks was paradise.

There was one guy who did get worse though from Mifepristone. This was one of about a dozen who tried it. So yes there is a risk.

I believe that it blocked my down regulated
Cortisol receptors causing the receptors to up regulate so they could still work despite being blocked. I also think over the course of the next 5 weeks my Cortisol receptors down regulated again in response to the cortisol. Just a theory I’m not reacting right to cortisol.

I took Mifepristone again after this three more times with No positive results. But still did not get worse. Just minor headaches while on it.

I’m about to try a 200mg run of it for three days. They give females 200mg to induce the abortion. I’m going to try to keep cortisol low before and after my experiment to see if it influences the result.


This is theory not fact

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Very best of luck to you, watching this of course. :slight_smile:

Someone who isn’t me has a TON of it (10g+) and might consider a lengthy run sometime, as this person wrote elsewhere.

Thank you for the kind words. It’s always important to have an open mind and keep the options open. I will be sure to log it in a new thread to help others


I applied topical betamethasone to my scrotum for a few days and seem to have permanently recovered nocturnal erections. Before I never had it and now I’ve had it every morning for a few weeks.

Any ideas on why this helped, what mechanism it was?

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